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How significant is porn/hentai/erotica in your life?


I jerk off sometimes when i'm bored.




I use it medicinally. I've realized it's something I have to do to not care about girls, so I make sure to do it at least once a day. Even if I don't feel like it. It's like popping a cyst. Over the years I have amassed a collection of kinks and material that can reliably get me to orgasm and I use a heated fleshlight.

By "caring about girls" I mean anything from dwelling over what the female cashier thought of me to dwelling on an argument with my mom. A great example is when I was watching a Vtuber embarrassingly recently. I spent 3 hours trying to say interesting/useful enough things to get her to respond to my chat message without a superchat. Pic related, it was Kiara Takanashi. The amount of dopamine it gave me was equal to about $100. The second it happened, I realized I hadn't fapped for the past few days.

I can't afford to let anyone (especially random e-girls) have that much power over me ever again, therefore I must consume hentai daily. When I've mentioned this to other bros most of them deny it or call me an addict, but I know I'm not alone because I've been in Vtuber chats. If you try to start a convo with other fans in the chat they will ignore you 100% of the time. They are solely trying to say something to get the e-girl to react, just like I was. Most everyone has witnessed how introducing a girl to a friend group destroys the dynamic. That doesn't happen if all the guys sufficiently drained of their caring-about-mating juice.

The reality is humans aren't that special. We evolved to do 4 things: eat, sleep, shit, and orgasm. All other traits we have are in service of reaching those goals. Abstaining from fapping is as bad for your health as abstaining from shitting. Even if you're a chad with a live-in gf it's simply not pragmatic to fuck whenever you feel like it, so God gave us porn. Use it.


bro where is my porn


A lot of high achieving cultures (eg, the 19th century Victorian British) thought that porn and masturbation were bad for you. We tend to think it's harmless fun, but here we are, a bunch of unemployed losers posting all day on anonymous imageboards.


I use to be a nofap ideologue but over time I just stopped

It didnt really change anything, I’m still a loser 6 years later

I think perhaps i saw it as an easy way out without having to actually put in the work to improve myself


I don’t think I was being clear enough in this post

I’m saying that nofap didn’t really do much for me

That said my maximum streak over 4 fucking years was only 2 weeks lmao even though I tried hard to stop


You must not be very educated on Victorian culture. They generated and consumed an at-the-time unprecedented amount of porn: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorian_erotica

It got so bad, people from that era started mutilating their genitals for the sole purpose of curbing their insane masturbation addiction. Imagine getting circumcised against your will as a child.

I get that people can be addicted to anything including porn, but 90% of the people who claim to have a problem actually are just ashamed of whatever gay shit you got aroused by so you deflect the blame to the porn itself. Let go of that cognitive dissonance bud


You haven't addressed his core argument though. We think that watching porn is harmless, yet we're losers that can't hold down a job.


The point was that not that the victorians never produced or consumed porn, but that they thought it was bad rather than allowing it an unlimited influence
>Imagine getting circumcised against your will as a child.
Jews have been doing that for thousands of years, and they're high achievers. Maybe it's just another coincidence.


Who's we? Speak for yourself.
They're also schizos.


>who’s we
Most people here are prevented from working due to some mental issue, though I’m sure you’re the exception lmao


I don't watch porn or masturbate often. I am still a loser.


Did you read what you said?




fiddling kiddle for a day keeps coronavirus away


Porn (as in the most common kind) a little bit, there isn't a lot of variety, the acted ones are trash, amateur vids are ok, unless it's some idiot posting it as an ad for you to pay for the full vid
animations aren't as fluid yet but "2d" is more to my liking, I'm mostly into furry stuff, if I want humans I just look for regular porn, for some reason most drawn humans are really ugly to me


I coom every day


i do that too but my other practice is to avoid content with attractive females in it, typically asmr i watch only the males, same goes for streamers.


I'm currently on day 12 of semen retention. Whenever I tried this in the past I would get an overwhelming urge on day four, but this time it's been smooth sailing. Feel pretty good right now


Very significant. I do it almost everyday.


>I'm mostly into furry stuff, if I want humans I just look for regular porn, for some reason most drawn humans are really ugly to me
It's because your eye is finely tuned to detect imperfections in the human form. Drawing accurately proportioned figures is hard so when you're trying to draw humans it gets uncanny valley really fast. It's easier to draw furry art that looks good because your brain won't care if a wolfman's arm bends just a little bit too far or if his facial proportions aren't perfect


I'm more prevented from working because I really, really, really don't want to. Although maybe having enough reallys counts as a mental issue.


that bitch would look better with her head on a stick.


I think you are right, sometimes I'm not so picky with that
Another reason is that I'm just weird


but what about t. swift?


I think being uninhibited enough to actually fap to it is weird. However, the reason why furry porn is so prevalent in the first place is at least partially because it's so much easier to draw stuff that looks okay


Yes, some creatures don't have proper hands and/or feet, from what I heard is that hands are very difficult to get right

5.jpg (872.7 KiB, 1063x10039) google saucenao

I can confirm that. Fortunately there are ways around it. This Glim guy came up with a pretty elegant solution to never have to draw hands. Pretty much all his stuff has female characters in hand-covering bondage.


At that point it's just ridiculous


nah it's actually pretty rational. I personally am only interested in drawing boobies and faces. hands are not particularly interesting. if there's a way around drawing hands, that's what you ought to do, and that's what many hentai artists in fact do. another trick I've started noticing is how hentai artists frame their picture so the hands and/or feet are conveniently out of frame


yeah she would also look much better with her head on a stick

also a fun game I can imagine is drilling a hole through their skulls attaching ropes to them and playing conkers with their severed heads!

anyone wanna draw a picture of two anons playing conkers with the decapitaed heads of taylor swift and ariana grande?


The funny thing about guro is that the most rabid consumers of it are actually women. Women love to be choked and watch serial killer documentaries. They'll become infatuated with mass murderers due to hybristophilia which is precisely so many incels these days decide the best course of action is to shoot up a supermarket.

Women are truly odd creatures.


I don't think they're especially odd.


They want to be killed in a sexual way though. I understand wanting to have sex, and even wanting to kill others to some extent. But wanting to be killed seems diametrically opposed to rational natural human behavior


i laughed at what big ed did to his mother and i also think irumatio with a severed head is funny.
who's that bitch supposed to be? aoc?


Kek maybe all women are secretly suicidal.


moar fun for the necrophiliacs!


i think it's ironic because that's the type of bitch that makes me sympathize with the serial killers more than their "victims". ed kemper had problems with his mother and the women he killed were surrogates. he said it himself the only time he killed people was when he had a row with his bitch of a mother, if i was still living with my mother i would have probably murdered her and hung her shrunken head from my rear view mirror like a pair of fluffy dice. there are plenty of stacies and beckies that would be much better stuffed like norma bates!


there, sorted that bitch out!


Debbie Grayson. Top-tier Asian toon mom