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Do you ever feel guilty about being a NEET? What would you do different if you could go back in time?


i d start learning comp sci and cyber security so i can have an good job that i enjoy and have enough money to go back to being an neet in my late 20s


Lift from an early age


Years ago, there wasn't actually a huge demand for cybersecurity people. But yeah, become a master hacker from an early age would be a good thing to have done.


It was inevitable. I am incompetent and worthless.


dont worry, theres a good chance you wouldn't have gotten a job in those fields anyway.



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Why would I feel guilty? Most jobs actively harm the customer, the planet, or the economy. In fact, the most well-paying jobs tend to do the most damage, like petroleum engineer, investment banker, or programmer. Work that actually makes the world a better place is almost always volunteer work because there is no money in helping people. I suppose there are also neutral luck-based entertainer jobs like professional video game or sportsball player, but they are merely on par with NEETs. Every other employed person has to increase net suffering in some way to turn a profit.

Perhaps it's a law of nature: to survive one must inflict suffering. Given how many NEETs seem to hate NEETlife it's clear that rather than inflicting suffering upon the world we turn it on ourselves. We forgo having wealth and we create jobs for the less fortunate by not taking a job ourselves. How could being a martyr make you feel guilty? Shit ain't logical bro


>or programmer
stopped reading, what the fuck?


Most programmers aren't doing it to please God.


You're such a retard, but you're kind of a lovable retard so I forgive you for being retarded.


programmers are bad because they take peoples jobs away with robots

>inb4 UBI
never going to happen, or if it does it's going to be means tested to death and it won't be livable.


You had the foresight to realize it's a solvable problem and then removed the solution just because it's too early for adoption. It will be the end result.
In the future there will be UBI, and it will not be rich, and those 10-50% willing to work things that aren't yet automated will be treated like kings and get very wealthy. The reality is that in 500 years everything will be automated and UBI will not be "tested to death" at that point, it will simply just be reality and something people don't question. of course I'm not stupid enough to think it would play out well if tried today, but people are working hard to create a more advanced future where it will become reality and I think you know it will too, and if you don't you need to check your brain because the world is more than what exists, and the future while not approachable yet has obvious end results.

You are thinking of a solution that will exist in hundreds of years and dismissing it as "will never work" by comparing it with current conditions. Surely you realize how insane that is?


I’m not the first reply, and you have no idea.

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I think normies should feel guilty for turning me into a hikki, but who cares it's their loss in tax dollars and my gain in NEETBux!


I'm a programmer and a NEET. robots will just make jobs obsolete.


>programmers are bad
Yet somehow we lack the bad-boy menace required to get chicks. Anyway, nobody will be happier than me if robots wipe out humanity.


Minions aren’t sexy.


>destroy other people's ability to live a middle class life through machine learning algorithms
>create apps/games with the sole goal of making it as addictive as possible (rather than fun or useful)
>provide totalitarians with the means to make 1984 real life
>create trading algorithms and altcoins that for all intents and purposes are just legal theft

I have nothing against programmers. My brother is a programmer and he's actually who explained all this to me. My point is that nearly all jobs but ESPECIALLY the most well-paying cause the most damage. Doesn't matter if you're a bartender feeding someone's addiction or a facebook programmer feeding someone's addiction. Hell, I think doctors are one of the most harmful jobs there is. Can you think of any jobs that don't cause more harm than they generate? Don't forget to include the carbon footprint!

I lold



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Lets not forget the free software developers trying to make the world a better place.


I do
But I wouldn't know what to do if I could go back2


Did you know there exists a group of people who still use proprietary software?

I believe they're called "faggots".




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>”Money doesn’t interest me”
Money might not, but fame sure does. Power is out of reach.


Fame can be easily transmuted into money and transmuted into power with a bit more effort.


This is only true if you’re a woman

If you’re a famous woman you can start an OF and make an ez $1m per year

Consider all the famous politicians with net worths that are not at all proportionate to their fame


Not at all, especially now where anyone investing effort in soyciety at all is subsidizing their own destruction. I definitely could have optimized things a lot better and hit full on retirement around 20 instead of 30 though. But I was figuring everything out on my own and others were less than useless so it's a wonder I did as well as I had.


No but I'm not exactly proud of myself either


onlyfans delenda est!


I only feel stressed.
I hope my "brother" will still let me live with him when my "mother" dies. Because we don't ever speak, and I don't think he'll still have a strong enough connection to me to let me live/freeload off him.
I can't even afford a gun to off myself.
I hope that people show messages like these to others, so that they can see what will happen if they're retarded enough to have children. I hope only the worse for those that breed, and that the child makes it through life, and hopefully dies young - I wish I do too.


praise KEK, I'll send some screenshots to my estranged family members to promote antinatalism