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(world) NEETdom(ination) No.5809

As of 2020 the global NEET rate is estimated to have increased to 22.4%. And we ain't stopping there:

This paper might be bullshit though because it also claims that 2 out of 3 NEETs are female.


It's probably talking about housewives.


2 of 3 neets females? wtf that is bullshit lmfao


I suspect these numbers are heavily underreported for men in the same way unemployment statistics are.

See, unemployment has a very specific meaning. Someone looking for work for a set period of time. Someone who has been searching longer than that, or someone who is not searching doesn't count as unemployed, even though they are.

Add in those coasting through life doing the minimum possible and the numbers get much higher even though those aren't NEETs if they are working.


Ah yeah that explains it


And if you really think about it, it explains a whole lot of other things.

Consider, historically how have men been domesticated and controlled? By slaving away for the wife and one or more additional children. Because of various Thot Question elements, that isn't even a consideration anymore. So you're left with a lot of men coasting, and more directly having a lot of free time.

Why does wagecucking exist in the first place? So you don't have free time. After 8 hours, more like 10-12 after breaks and commuting you're pretty much done for the day.

What happens when men do have free time? Revolts. This hasn't been a problem yet, but only because of bread and circuses (which are also under attack). Bread and circuses are literally the only things separating western from Middle Eastern countries right now.

All the talk about incel terrorists, White Supreme Pizza being the most deadly threat, and whatever the fuck? That's not just prime bullshit with a side of buzzword soup. It's predictive programming.

They're afraid. All the shit that is anti NEET or MGTOW or lying flat or hikko or any of the other many groups that just won't subsidize gynocentric soyciety is a fear response > self-fulfilling prophecy combo.

Trouble is, they can't even use the used car salesman approach, aka exaggerating or lying about positive features because there's not any. All they have is guilt and shame, which fail against Real Men.


>All they have is guilt and shame, which fail against Real Men.
I'm happy to be included in the group you consider Real Men. However, I find it a bit hypocritical that you're using the same sort of shaming tactics you're decrying e.g "real men get a job!", "real men don't need a prenup!", "real men don't succumb to shaming tactics!"

It is certainly true that some men are more susceptible to shaming tactics than others. Because you and I were blessed with thick skin, it's our responsibility to help our less fortunate bros see the light


It's because it's counting women from shithole muslim countries where they couldn't be employed even if they wanted to retard. not hard to infer if you even skimmed the data distribution in the linked pdf


Am I? Do tell, when have I ever advocated for pro work, prenups being worth anything, etc?

Because the fact of the matter is emotional manipulation is a feminine tactic and so it only works on females and the feminine minded. Everyone else will just let them say whatever they want and then do what they were gonna do anyways. It's a statement of fact, not shaming (and if it were shaming, it'd also fail against you).

As for fixing the problem, absolutely anything simpanzee related is self correcting. Either the simp behavior will die or the simp themselves will. In either case, exposure will cure them which is why this general disengagement from soyciety is accelerating at a quadratic rate.


Maybe you don't intend to shame men who succumb to shame tactics by saying "Real Men don't succumb to shame tactics" but that's what you're doing and there must be a better way to convey your message. Have you ever seen "Real Men" rhetoric wielded in a non-shit way? Even saying "strong men" would be better imo, though not by much.

Regardless, this is just a minor nitpick. We might be on different paragraphs but we're definitely on the same page.


You... do realize I am very extensively aware of Thot Question related matters, NPC feelset related matters, and that words have very specific meanings right? I knew exactly what I was doing, and the correct reaction was no reaction.

Anyways, this is an economic thing, but since females are 85% of consumer spending and subsidizing females is a large part of full time wagecucking they are also a large part of the discussion.

On another note, this is also why male exclusive/dominant hobbies are becoming considerably more expensive. A good example is gaming, specifically graphics cards. And no, it's not crypto miners - some cards are specifically gimped for mining crypto and still sell for substantially more than the mid and high end graphics cards of earlier generations.


Please don’t talk about females.


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