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How you can be a Christian and be a NEET? No.6009

It says right in the bible that you have to make Jews rich by slaving away at some drudgery. Stop being a hypocrite, otherwise I'll see you in hell.


Yes, i'm sure this will produce riveting discussions.

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Sometimes these painful conversations are necessary to get people to let go of god.


I want a hide thread function for all the recent religion and politic threads.


threads about 3DPD as well.


be a lapsed christian, that's how
now fuck off out of here.


Christian morality isn't about being a good person, it's about fear of consequences. Just blame your successes and failures on others, it's fine!


Good point. Just blame god for testing you out the devil for making you do it! Maybe you christians aren't so bad after all


This isn’t mentioned in the 10 commandments.

Even if it was, redemption is achieved not by living a sinless life, but through faith:


"Do not rape children" is not mentioned in the 10 commandments. Does that mean it's okay?


It's indirectly mentioned, and is addressed more specifically in certain scriptures.

nothing in the bible says you need to be employed. It only warns against "voluntary inactivity". Basically you should be making an attempt to contribute. It's possible to work without being employed, for example through volunteering


throw the bible out, god is just a meme!

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What the fuck? I looked it up and you're right, the Bible is okay with being a NEET so long as you contribute a reasonable amount:

Given technological advancements, you shouldn't have to do more than keep the close clean as a NEET. So then why are so many christians such wagecucks?


Christians are cucks all together as are all people who have a religion.


They feel soyciety (a rotten corpse) is worth preserving.


this is now a Dawkins appreciation thread

I still think it's hilarious how he got kicked out of the "atheist community" for making this tweet. It's such a reasonable thing to say. He really exposed the trans cult for being a cult.


when sensible gay men hate the LGBTQetc. movement you can tell there's a problem with that movement.


I know a lot of otherwise normal gay/bi men have practically gone back into the closet just to not be associated with these outspoken alphabet rainbow faggots.


It's like I said before. There's a lot of things that are individual and personal beliefs, so you don't need a community for them. But very often, the community will be cucked beyond redemption anyways because NPCs cannot comprehend humanity.

The basic concept is you make the public face of a group retards, so NPCs assume anyone part of that group is also a retard. In reality it's cucked, controlled opposition, but the goal is making NPCs not identify with the group.

This happened with atheism because the Christian morality of outsourcing successes and failures and just existing, being tortured, and playing the victim is entirely indistinguishable from the soyboy NPC script except that soyboys are more competent and masculine. This is useful for them, even if Yahweh himself is not.

This also happened with a number of other groups, including anime, antiwork, MGTOW, hikki, and others. Notice the extreme soy, and in the case of the last one in particular the anger and hatred that really shouldn't be there if someone is living free all day.

Fact is, you can like what you want and if the communities are shit, it either means you avoid the lamestream or just don't talk about it. But NPCs cannot comprehend humanity because they can't understand that someone would think, adapt, and choose on their own. They can't understand maintaining your beliefs even without constant external validation.


I'm a hikki and I'm not angry, I just hate my family!


Captain Kirk said "What does god need with a spaceship"

quoting the bible's not going to get you anywhere