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Escaping NEETdom No.614

For some of the anons here who have been NEETs for longer amounts of time, if you had a window to get out of the lifestyle if you could?
I've been a neet for 3 years and have a small window with an acceptance to a university but I doubt I will have this chance if I pass this up after acceptance. What would you do?
Is the end game of NEET/hikki suicide, homelessness or living in public housing?
I know many here enjoy the lifestyle but apprehension about the future.


depends on what you want in life, depends on how well you can deal with change. i had a window to get out and i took it, sometimes i mope about how much i miss the NEET life but more often than not i feel that the time i spend out of the house working makes the times i get to lay around like a hikki all the more fun, especially because now i have お金 to play around with.

I think the end goal should be to find yourself some source of income and your own place to live, you wont be a NEET but youll still get to enjoy your hikkimori life. staying at home with mom and dad any longer would have just been depressing and probably leads to an early grave. This all being said, choose wisely about what path you take out of NEETdom


I feel an utter sense of being trapped constantly. I have been suicidal more times than I can count, coming closer and closer in recent years. Ultimately I believe that is going to be my exit plan. I've been a NEET for 12 years. Hikki for almost 5.


I am in the same boat as you,i am mostly going to escape NEETdom for a few years to find economic stability and hopefully a few passive income streams since my country does not give out neetbux, i miss intensive shitposting and playing vidya all day


Same here
I am going into the military for right now, since I have no other skill or anything to live off, and neetbux arent happening.
Hoping I can invest a fair amount of money during my time in, since living expenses will be almost nil while I am in.
If everything goes right I will get out and have money to live off for a while.


>I am going into the military for right now
explain further. depending on the branch i can give you some advice, if you want