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neet.moe is over No.6180

mods please delete the fucking CP, there’s fucking CP everywhere, delete this shit. I miss back when this website was good.


I was like "Where's the cp?" then I realized it was those links posted in random threads

Why do these faggots do this anyway?


is admin dead?


I’m alive, I delete the spam when I see it or from reported posts. It’s annoying. I don’t want to add a captcha. There’s techniques that could be implemented to reduce some of the spam, but wouldn’t be likely to catch everything.



One of the links that have been spammed has been the same link for literally months, something/unymf or something. Filtering that one, and all those wapka or whatever domains as a minimum would probably help, even if only for a while.


Filter all new spam links people post. It’s that simple, not sure why you haven’t done it yet.


lol there's not a isngle cp pic
just some jailbait to adv doorway sites


you deserve it tbh
site is shit with anime pictures


Hey admin, maybe it's time to take on a mod who really hates CP. It's not like you have to pay him. Just make an official thread soliciting applications and do interviews to vet the applicants to the best of your ability. I'm not entirely sure how they would delete stuff or what you do. Hopefully you're not, like, manually sending delete requests to the database every time you need to delete a post.

The truth is free speech absolutism has never worked.


Remove the bait threads too.
Like the faggot racemixing one.


Gatekeep against fags like this while you're at it.


But that’s fair tbh. This isn’t /pol/.


There's been plenty actual.

Anime is the best genre.


>Anime is the best genre.
Anime is literally just a medium comprised of adaptions of superior source materials.


Ah yes, the superior source material of Evangelion


Manga is boring
No colors and no animation


every rule has exceptions
seriously though most anime is trash. anyone with good taste already moved onto manga and visual novels except from occasionally when a good anime is actually released


I like Romance manga better than romance anime. You choose your pacing. There's more content, more niche.
I like action/isekai anime better than manga, it feels different.

I read manga 24/7 and watch a couple anime a year. It's unfortunate, most anime is normified and gradually getting more and more so.


some retard posted links in the daily programming thread on /g/ thankfully it got removed. I don't understand why those fags even post it and in /g/ of all places.


Visual novels these days kinda suck too, though. There was a sort of golden age of them from about 2005-2012 and they've been declining ever since.