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my life is over No.6200

i cant find joy in anything when i wake up its hard to get out of bed, i literally did nothing but sleep all day the past weeks, i cant find joy in anything not watching animes, playing vidya etc, i think my dopamine receptors are fucked is there an way out of this?


Dopamine detox. Get off the internet, stop playing vidya (some people will say you can play some games as long as you have to genuinely work hard in them, but imo it’s a slippery slope and it’s better off cutting it off fully). Come back in a week or two, and start building habits that are conducive to a good internet experience.


> i cant find joy in anything not watching animes, playing vidya etc,

Cool. I can't be happy even with them.


Iktf. I dunno though. Meds? Definitely stay away from the internet though - that's the one thing I know isn't doing anyone any favours.

I think that's what OP was saying as well.


i am a neet, what am i gonna do in this time ? just sleep all day ? because its like i dont have any chores to do


thats what im saying


Read books, start drawing, take walks, do exercise etc. These things are great for your mind and body, and they help cultivate routines that will benefit you till you die.


im 20 yo.. my life is over.


^ get a load of these improvebrahs


Those can help. Although I guess it'd be an easier gateway into them if you listened to the audiobooks of whatever you're interested.
Like for example, I listen to audiobooks of the bible and also podcasts/teachings on yt.
It's nice to find a stream/video of someone talking about God's teachings, preferably a video that's a few hours long, while I play a game where I can help others, like healing them, etc.
Improving myself is all that I have left of life. It's a good thing too, since doing things like masturbating is similar to rolling around in mud - it's a messy/filthy activity that only those that are beastial do. We should move away from being beasts/of the flesh, and move towards being able to make choices, and that requires that you look into and understand why certain things are bad, and the bible can help with that.


thats very cringe and bluepill i will stay as neet shut in that didnt helped at all




The good news is you're not permanently fucked. Up til 15 years ago, the consensus among neuroscientists was that your brain can't regenerate past age 25. That's not true. Adult neurogenesis is a proven thing and all you have to do to activate it is experience novel things, eat right, and exercise. Though even that isn't strictly necessary: https://inflammregen.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s41232-020-00122-x