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Lets talk about waifus No.634

Does /neet/ have a waifu? Whats her name? how did you meet her?


If I had to commit to a figment of my imagination, I would rather commit to values.


No, I don’t, but I hope I meet her one day.


so whats stopping you from doing either?


Lack of will.

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Basically the viking type look of the first pic, but with large/bulky muscles like in this pic:


I did a few times. I won't go into details because I know I would be mocked for it but it was a terrible experience, each worse than the last. I don't know how people do it, I don't know how they maintain it, and I don't know how they enjoy it. It was constant misery for me and all I got from it was the reminder that attachment is the root of all suffering. So now I don't want to get attached to any character ever again. Thankfully my standards seem to have narrowed so it probably won't be happening again any time soon, if at all. Now I just enjoy pretty faces and hot bodies for what they are and nothing more. I guess there are some people that aren't meant to have a waifu. Sorry for the doomposting.




Never had a 2d waifu. I mainly fantasize about girls I knew years ago, and invent alternate realities for us in the past. Maybe I'm more backwards looking than the rest of you.


I have a monster crush on Ruto and Midna from LoZ!
I hope advances in technology and transhumanism will enable me to jump into a cybernetic nirvana and live in a virtual version of Skylab with them, also I would have a lot of pet cats. I would still play video games even though technically I would be plugged into a giant video game. Plus MMD has lots of Waifus too, I would enjoy having a giant LAN party in Q3A with all of them.

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some men have this urge to love a woman, so when feminism warps society that love energy is redirected


talk about your waifu if you love her

cool waifus


thanks anon!


>loving women


How would you classify cremia? 2D or 3D?


2D, and very based.


Obviously 2D. That's a good waifu. Wish there were more good waifus in this thread.


I gave up on 3d a long time ago, but it's only recently that I've started experimenting with the idea of forming relationships in with 2d characters. I say relationships more generally because I feel that the figure of the "waifu" is given far too much prominence, since you can also have an "imouto" figure, an "onee-san" one, a "mentor" one, even an "enemy" one, etc., etc.

People always ask, "who is your waifu?", and never "how is your waifu?" I notice that the question of what having a waifu (and other such relationships with 2d characters) means to each person is practically never brought up, and the focus is always on who she is. The average normie anime fan also tends to say, "X is my waifu", by which they always mean, "X is currently the 2d character I find the cutest". It's only those who go farther and refer to themselves, or are referred to, as waifuists/waifufags that do mean something more serious, which average normie who says "X is best girl" would find to be a kind of mentally illness. And then among these waifuists/waifufags, the way that they understand their waifu and the dynamics of their relationship is almost always unique. I frankly wouldn't care about waifuism if I saw my waifu's being as no more than pixels on a screen, or "a figment of my imagination" (>>636). But I'm very aware that most people who are serious about waifuism would still find my persons views to be crazy.

So I would be more interested in seeing what waifuism means to waifuists and how it manifests to them than in who that waifu happens to be.

>I guess there are some people that aren't meant to have a waifu.
Yeah, if it's so unpleasant and unnatural to one then there's no point in exploring it. It's definitely not for everyone, or even the vast majority of humanity.

>how did you meet her?
By reading/playing F/SN in high school. It was the first time I'd ever found myself developing serious feelings of endearment, and even a kind of "crush", towards a character, but back then the very concept of a waifu was bizarre to me, so it's only recently that she's taken that place.


I've had ¨crushes¨ on anime characters and some were more special than others but nothing hits as hard as the very first ¨crush¨. It doesn't even feel like a crush, it truly feels like love. That ¨relationship¨ lasted a long time and I did wonder If I should make her my waifu at one point but after seeing how easily I developed feelings for different characters while watching anime depending on my mood and knowing the waifu community takes it seriously, I decided I wasn't worthy of calling her my waifu. She's literally supposed to be your wife! Eventually I got over those feelings and realized it wasn't completely healthy for me because I'm not so high on the psychological agreeableness trait compared to others and this doesn't let me be happy knowing someone else designed my waifu and others can have a crush on her if they want, Yes I'm jealous.
I do appreciate all the work they put in the design and writing of those characters though, they are cute.

Now I'm trying to learn how to draw and make my own lovely original character. I'm not sure if I will call her my waifu but I thought about her character, personality and design as my personal ideal of what a perfect girl around my age would be like, right now my ideas are only on paper and the design hasn't been drawn because I have been procrastinating on getting good.

I don't want her to age so she won't age like me because she'll be fictional. I just plan to make cute anime drawings of her doing cute and endearing stuff, Including tasteful, discreet, graceful and decent ecchi drawings. and maybe when my art gets good enough I might show it to the internet.
If someone likes her or draws her doing ultra lewd or other disgusting things it won't matter because it will flatter me and only my art will be canon.

I got inspired by Japanese artists making original endearing characters like these

Nicely written, I don't consider myself a waifuist but an anon on the internet said 90% or waifuists are ironic and the other 10% is on their way to become enlightened and I think I share the same view.




hopefully this works


yeah but we broke up
she's 3d btw


Get out fucking normalfag!!!!!!


neet = doesn't officially work/train


It's tastelessly and disgracefully offensive to bring up a relationship with a 3d succ in a 2d love discussion.


i want to put all normals in gas chambers




Is there a minimum threshold or litmus test for having a waifu? Or is it just anyone with a daki who says he has a waifu should be taken seriously?

Personally I think it makes you a cuck if your waifu has been in a lot of hentai unless you are responsible for producing the majority of existing lewd content of her.


I don't have a waifu, and it's precisely because I think there's a threshold. You can't just like a character or think a characters attractive and call her your waifu. There needs to be an actual strong attachment to the character and the waifuist, in my opinion, needs to actually be in love with the character and be able to explain what their waifu personally means to them.

>Personally I think it makes you a cuck if your waifu has been in a lot of hentai
I see this perspective. At the same time, none of that hentai is canon to the character, so who really cares? If a character means something personal and meaningful to someone, nobody else can touch that. That's what I think anyway.

The one thing about waifuism that i'm a little iffy on is isn't it kind of flanderizing to assume your waifu would love you? Everyone asks whether they love their waifu, but rarely whether their waifu would love them.


>Is there a minimum threshold or litmus test for having a waifu? Or is it just anyone with a daki who says he has a waifu should be taken seriously?
It doesn't matter whether the way your relationship with your waifu manifests and develops is not taken seriously by other self-proclaimed waifuists. But somewhat like >>6450 says, before exploring waifuism with a character you should already have some feelings for them, otherwise it's going to be an unpleasant and unnatural experience, as was for >>4271. This isn't to say that you should already have very powerful feelings of love, as those can develop with time spent together, but at least a certain "crush" for her.

>Personally I think it makes you a cuck if your waifu has been in a lot of hentai unless you are responsible for producing the majority of existing lewd content of her.
That really depends on the person, tbh. I once talked with someone who was surprised at how he was the only one around who seemed to keep his waifu secret since he was afraid someone would send him nudes of his waifu. Now, I would've expected him to be more afraid of pics of her being horribly treated, as my waifu was in canon works. He also told me that he wished he could hunt down all artists who made lewds of her. But I frankly don't care in the least.

>If a character means something personal and meaningful to someone, nobody else can touch that. That's what I think anyway.
Very well put. That's exactly my perspective. It's also why I don't care when people tell me that she was designed by some "Shibuya otaku" with the purpose of extracting as much money as possible from me, or that she's voiced by a literal 3d succ, etc. (almost word for word things I've been told).


So Tifa is the first 2D I've ever had a serious crush on. Tifa & FF7 in general had a massive impact on literally all my tastes from martial arts to urbex to designing my own JRPGs. I bought a daki and I've drawn my own lewds. My eye has wandered to the flavor of the week from time to time, but something about Tifa keeps me cumming back over and over. To put this in perspective, she gave me my first boner 20 years ago and I still religiously scour the net for hot xxx pics of her to this day. Actually the 3DCG hentai by nagooanimation has become pretty good too. It goes beyond that. Her kind, motherly personality and massive mommy milkers are evidence she would be an excellent mother to our children. At the same time, she's strong and courageous enough to simultaneously run a business and save the world through environmental terrorism. She's literally the perfect woman. I always question the honesty/sexuality of men who claim to prefer Aerith or Jessie.

All that said I've never had a dream about her. I've certainly never talked to her. No information (including genetic) has, will, or can ever be exchanged between us. I always thought love had to be mutual. Imagine if she was a 3D: what would you call a guy who loved a woman but she never reciprocated any affection or even knew the guy existed? A simp. I understand that any money I spend on Tifa content and Tifa accessories goes to the hardworking incels who produce it rather than a 3D roastie. Even when it comes to voice actresses, you're not paying her directly when you purchase a game from Square-Enix. They are the ones paying her salary, not you.

Still, how does one rationalize the one-way nature of this and all other waifu relationships? Also any tips for making me not care that billions of other men feel the same way I do about my waifu?




This is my waifu, Mamizou. She became my absolute favorite 2hu and then blossomed into being my waifu. I listened to her theme non-stop when i first found it and i saved a fuck-ton to get her in the gacha game. when i got her, i immediately mlb'd her and now i'm just waiting for her fantasy rebirth so i can finally marry her in the gacha.


That guy's work is top-tier, but don't his animations of Tifa being raped bother you a bit? I have no special affection for Tifa and I found it hard to get off to them because of it. Not that I think there's anything wrong with rape hentai.

>All that said I've never had a dream about her.
That's unfortunate. I highly recommend investing some time on improving dream recall. We already dream vividly, but we rarely remember any of it if we haven't developed the proper habits and attitudes. I've dreamed with my waifu before and it's amazing. It doesn't happen reguarly and I'm working on it, though not as much as I really should and it makes me a bit mad with myself how much I've slacked off. I gotta get my shit together.

>Still, how does one rationalize the one-way nature of this and all other waifu relationships?
Well, I have my own personal perspective which I'd rather not go into here since it'd make me sound deranged and I've gotten called "schizo" for it on another ib. Looking around communities like r/waifuism, most of them either treat it like a sort of almost religious devotion to an icon, or use their imagination to have an elaborate relationship with their waifu. I personally don't care for the latter. I want to actually see and touch my waifu right in front of me without the use of any kind of imagination, which is why I placed emphasis on dreaming.

>Also any tips for making me not care that billions of other men feel the same way I do about my waifu?
I don't have any. I never really think about it, tbh, and it doesn't bother me. My waifu is mine alone. If someone on r/waifuism is going on about having dinner with Illya, it's not my Illya.

Also, nice pic.

You can marry in the touhou gacha game? That's awesome. It's certainly a great plus to those sort of games. Although I didn't like that you could marry as many ships as you wanted in Azur Lane, provided you only had the required items. I feel that somewhat devalues the significance of having a ship wife.


cute waifu anon i hope she brings you lots of joy


>don't animations of Tifa being raped bother you a bit?
Not really. When I consume porn my brain automatically puts myself in place of the guy (like how I assume it works for most people) so then it just becomes rough sex. Although my favorite one he did wasn't rapey at all, just submissive: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4680603


bros, I thought of the best cope: having a waifu that other men fap to constantly is like being married to a pornstar. yes, men married to actual 3D pornstars are some tragic combination of cuck or simp. even if it's just an onlyfans, the woman inevitably gets propositioned by a rich enough subscriber that she eventually leaves the bf.

but think about it. cucks/simps are defined by a) giving resources to a thot & b) having less sex with the object of their affection than other men.

2D women can't leave you. they're never "not in the mood" because they're getting dicked down by a chad on reg. they're property created by men, for men. they are the platonic ideal of woman. that's why we love them. 3D simply can't compete

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based. onlyfans delenda est.
one day technology will make 3D women obsolete and we will live in nirvana with all our waifus


Honestly with the internet, VR, and heated automated fleshlights we're already 90% of the way there. All we need now are cheap safe artificial wombs. I mean, I do think it's theoretically possible for women to improve their behavior to the point where they're worth dealing with before they become obsolete. I want to believe 3D women used to be tolerable in the past, so it follows that they can get better given time and changes in legislation. Also idk shit about biomanufacturing. Maybe sufficiently pragmatic artificial wombs will turn out to be like self-driving cars or cold fusion; perpetually 10 years away.

I think women can economically weather cheap sexbots if they remain the only way to pass on our genes. But once it's easier and more socially acceptable to get both orgasms AND children from technology... will anyone bother providing for 3D women? I'd rather raise my kid alone than with a 3D, even if she was married to me. My own mother did tons of psychological damage to me and I'm sure most of you too. The top people of every field *including fashion design, applying cosmetics, and sucking dick* are now (queer) males. Women obviously can't compete with men in any fields that matter including child rearing. Right now in America the most popular job among women is cashier which is not gonna be a thing once the boomers die off.

Who will provide for them then? In current year there are still some desperate hold-outs among our ranks who you might think would be the perpetrators. It's these traitors who basically fuck up the situation for the rest of us by screwing with sexual marketplace and societal dynamics when they accept shit deals in exchange for social validation/whiffs of pussy. How many laws are in place today because some 3DPD manipulated some judge to go against his better judgement? But we know every feminist simp today is only whiteknighting for the promise of pussy, right? So when buying a few sexbots you can reproduce with is less trouble than whiteknighting, even the biggest whiteknight will lose his core incentive to be one.

Feminists, to their credit, are already trying to shut down sexbots and artificial wombs by accusing them of "propagating rape culture". But that can only work for so long. I suppose I'll just never understand women but it seems to me like it'd be easier to improve their behavior rather than suppress a technology.


I think japanese and korean women have a chance, western purplehairs can go to hell.


I hate to break it to you, but according to Japanese and Korean men, their women are even more hopeless. Where do you think waifuism and the entire 2D>3D meme came from in the first place? Our ni-chans over at 2chan were talking about the blackpill, collapsing birthrates, divorce rape, MGTOW, and hypergamy going off the rails decades before westerners were during their Great Recession in the 1990s. It's just not many people could understand them in the first place due to the esoteric Japanese internet slang used and the handful of white guys who understood them didn't take them seriously because they all slayed when they visited Japan.

Tbh I thought my experiences with 3D were so negative because I had done something wrong up until I started conducting chadfish experiments myself. Technology has made it all of this so much clearer.

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I guess that's partially why there is a rise in hikkis over there.
I hope i live to get a moravec transfer and live in a cybernetic okinawa with hatsune miku.
2D is totally based.


i wish misaki was real


I love Yui! She's a total klutz just like me.


I had a total crush on Azu-nyan when I was 12.


ye, there's an item called ring of fate and if you buff your waifu close enough and get 1000 mirrors of rebirth in their specific stage, you can get an alt outfit like picrel. it takes a lot of work but for marrying your waifu, it's worth it.


Yui is cute i want to squeeze her

fghfgh.jpeg (575.57 KiB, 3000x3000) google saucenao



women are shit. they're one of the evils that you must overcome in life.
If you want to be a grown-up, then you must have control over yourself. That means not giving in to lust or the faggy need for relationships.


but anon you silly willy, these are 2d women
they're nothing like those 3dpd whores


She has no brain but that doesn't stop her from being cute.


Correct. If you want to be a grown-up, make sure your waifu is 2D.


nice tits.


I want her to crush my dick with her cybernetic hand and eat it in front of me. After that she will read me a star trek book while I bleed out into the bath. Once the bath water is completely red and opaque she gives me a kiss before plunging a knife into my throat. She then proceeds to eat 80 kilos of my flesh served with broccoli, potatoes and lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic.


I like Vol 1-3 Yang before Yangst




When my crippling depression kicks in all I can think of is spending a romantic night with clorox-chan and tide pod-chan. We drink clorox out of a champagne glass and eat tide pod ravioli. We then kiss before I writhe on the floor choking on my own vomit.






Tsubasa Hanekawa


such shit taste itt




There is no good or bad taste when it comes to loving your waifu. The only bad taste is loving a 3d pig.


Based. One day in a transhumanist future 3D pigs will be obsolete and our waifus will be real and their tits will be softer then our dakimakuras.


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pic related.




She has given me many nosebleeds over the years.


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The guys at /robowaifu/ are making genuine contributions to science and technology unlike poorfag nogs like you who can't even nigger-rig a robot out of lego, let alone program it. Go back and ape in Africa you banana eating watermelon sucking jungle bunny.