sweetescape.jpg (255.76 KiB, 1000x1502) google saucenao

this is such a small corner of the internet, im thinking about making a thread here to be my personal blog because writing things down in my diary just isnt doing it for me anymore


When do you plan on starting?


He’s never coming back, is he?


I don't think so, maybe he already "necked" himself.


I'll start at some point.. now is good I guess. i dont write every day, usually only when the feeling hits me.

today has been alright, I'm going to try to sleep at a reasonable time. I've fallen into this horrible habit of staying up until early morning, then sleeping all day. I used to get up early because I like to fit as much as I can into a day. Its the same reason why I have such a hard time falling asleep, im always thinking "have I fit in as much as I can into today? Did i waste too much time? Could I be doing more" and at that point sleeping becomes a massive waste of time that would be better spent doing anything else. I dont even have anything pressing or important to do, I'm just too anxious to lay there and fall asleep. I set an alarm for an hour or two later so I can get back up and be productive but I'll sleep through it and wake up at noon, and then realizing that I've wasted half the day I'll stay up late again. Need to break this cycle soon, because its starting to affect my eating habits as well and lately I've had a constant headache. I think this is a side effect of my main problem of having a lack of purpose; I do everything trying to find something fulfilling and am still dissatisfied and empty in the end, anxiety and indecision bubbling up within me
Oh well, maybe a good nights sleep will help calm me down

goodnight /neet/


on second thought maybe i wont make this my personal blog, i get nervous about releasing too much information about myself online. this really just highlights my indecisiveness


it was a good read, I used to do the same thing before I started learning jp and watching seasonal anime again if that helps /blog


Still here. Still awake. Thinkin a lot, maybe gonna make a long post tomorrow night. Also been working on a short story thing I’m gonna post. Don’t know if I can actually call it a story though


There has to be something else. I sit and lie awake here at night waiting for something, hoping for something. For what? I have no idea, but something is missing and it leaves me feeling unsatisfied, like whatever i am currently doing at the moment is not important and just killing time until i finally get to go do "it", whatever "it" is but that time never comes. The days blur together, i remmeber when i was a kid days had a definite separation between them which was night/going to sleep, but now going to sleep is just another thing on a never ending schedule.

I was restless the other night and felt the need to talk to somebody, so i hunted through my phone until i found the number of someone who wouldnt think its weird if i text them out of the blue after years of no contact. i sent them something small and inane as a conversation started but all i got back was the "omg ikr smh so true". i felt sad that she devolved to the point where thats all she can say and decided that there was nothing more to gain from this interaction so i didnt reply, now i just feel kind of dumb.

I have to get up in 3 hours but after this i will have a small break from the daily grind, i will try to work some more on this short "story" thing im writing, im unhappy with it after reading over it several times so im still working on it. i shouldnt put in this much effort because it doesnt matter so long as it makes sense to me and gives me a bit of catharsis, but i still want to share it with at least one other person. hopefully tomorrow will be a good day

goodnight /neet/


its hard to put feelings into words. its hard being alone. most of the time youre ok but some nights it drags you down more than others. you dont want to feel it so you spend the day running away from these feelings, and you run and you run and you run and you run until running is the only thing you know how to do anymore, and then night comes and youre alone again, pacing and waiting and not willing to sleep and trying to distract yourself from these thoughts. everything else feels like youre sitting and waiting and resting until you have the energy to get up and run again in the morning. maybe this time youll outrun those bad feelings and thoughts. you'd like somebody to talk to but nobody hears you. you find somebody who hears you but they dont listen. you finally find somebody who listens but they just tell you to stop talking. and so you stop talking, you try to stop caring, you try to stop thinking and feeling and all you do is run and run and run. its been so long that you dont even know what youre feeling anymore or whats real and whats fake. you cant tell if the you that feels is real or if the you that is unfeeling is real. sometimes you think that youre both and sometimes you think that youre neither. but theres no time to think, you have to go run

im so tired, ive run so far

goodnight /neet/


I have been struggling to come up with a follow on post for 4 months now. i want to say something but i have nothing to say. my passion for anything and everything has all but died out and i am going through the motions, i just want to feel something genuine


You alright mate?


Oh crap, sorry to hear that. It sounds painfully familiar and I hope you feel better soon!


thank you, its good to know people are reading this and im not writing in vain. i dont know if i would say that im doing alright but i am here

well actually... to tell you the truth i will be leaving for some time now, so i wont be here much longer. i stopped by here just to give my farewells. i do not know how long ill be gone for, there is a (small) chance i may be able to visit here but i cant say for sure. and.. i wanted to tell you all since i have nobody else to say it to.

I am scared. I am very scared. I pretend not to be but when i am home and alone and by myself i cant help but feel small and powerless and terrified. sometimes i wish i was somebody else so i could be free. i wish i had somebody i could hold and cry into and have them tell me that everything will be all right. but i have nobody, nobody to lean on, nobody to share my worries and fear with. it is all on me and me alone, and that thought in and of itself.. its terrifying

Goodbye everyone, i will try to be back as soon as i can. you all are wonderful people and have been very nice to me, i wish you luck in your endeavors and hope that we can all post together on this comfy little image board again soon



Godspeed anon! Hope to read you soon.


but anon you can't leave, ever, you need to stay here and keep posting forever, bc I love you. This is the nicest and most intimate thing I've ever heard someone share, pls don't stop, I need to get to know you better
come back anon


I'm serious anon, you better come back the moment you see this, and I want weekly updates when you get back too


Don't pressure him, guys.




This. Guess we just have to wait and send luck. I hope that OP is OP have a good time and won't forget us.


So many errors... I'm sorry. Please forgive.




No, not OP. I'm waiting for him to return just like you.


I kinda want him all to myself tho
but I guess we can share


NEET harem


Hello again. OP here

Firstly, thank you all for your support. It means the world to me. Noone knows how it good it feels to know that there are people out there reading this and supporting me.I am strong because of my friends here

I have been using azusa as an avatar but i cannot anymore simply because no picture i find can express the amount of anguish i feel. innfact, no picutre in general can express the state i am in right now.

If there are two things i can tell you all, it is that
1. you will never be able to outrun your sins. you must confront them head on if you wish to live

2. you must move forward. to stop is to die. to pause is to die. to waver is to die. there is no choice but forward

you may think this post different from my previous ones, more morbid and to the point. thats because it is. i have no time to waste running circles around the point. i need to thank you all again for your love and support. i would have given up a long time ago if not for you all. i fight for myself and for you. i will see you all at the end, please take care of yourself until then

4666575.jpg (458.89 KiB, 1165x1703) google saucenao

This has potential.

Good to see you, OP. I hope your situation improves soon and you have a comfy place to access the wired on a regular.


Here's hoping this won't be your last post.


hello. OP here. I am very sorry for my last post, i had an outburst and wrote all of that on an emotional whim and it is very embarrassing. I would delete it if i could

I'm not doing so well. Every day is a losing battle, never have I had it proven to me so thoroughly what a massive failure I am. It is all I can do to keep a tough face on and when I get home i collapse. I wish I had somebody to hold and to cry into but I can't show that part of me to anyone. There is nothing I can do but prepare for tomorrow's failure as well. I am feeling very small, very scared, and very alone.

If you think this is me whining and crying for attention, its because I am. This is me crying for help, wishing somebody could come down and fix all my troubles because apparently I sure can't. I don't even want my troubles fixed, I want to be far far away from here somewhere where I can be myself and can escape. This is me coming home and falling flat into my bed and trying not to cry into my pillow. This is me sitting in the shower letting the hot water wash over me as I try not to thing about today's blunder. This is me voicing the absolute dread I feel when waking up in the morning and I'm selfishly hoping somebody can come and make me happy and make everything good again to where i dont walk on that edge every single day.

I'm sorry, thats a lot. I am not around much anymore but I think of you as my best friends. I hope everyone is doing well and we can all post together again someday and i can listen to your worries and troubles. Thank you for listening


I'm sorry that you're sorry, and I hope one day we can all post in a better state of mind.


I am so happy to read you again.

>I'm not doing so well. Every day is a losing battle, never have I had it proven to me so thoroughly what a massive failure I am

You are here, that shows that you haven't lost.
Believe me, I've been where you are many times in my life, at least when it comes to despair, depression and suicidal stuff. I still am from now and then. I know for sure that you anon, are one of my best friends. I'll make a banner out of the picture you posted so you're always visible here. I love you anon, please take care.




a little less colorful


Love you OP.... ganbatte ne....


>This is me crying for help, wishing somebody could come down and fix all my troubles because apparently I sure can't. I don't even want my troubles fixed, I want to be far far away from here somewhere where I can be myself and can escape.
This part hit too close to home. Honestly, all I can do is wish your situation to get better, somehow.


me on the left, op on the right


Me in the back, secretly wanting to join YuiAzu


Hello again friends

not much to say right now. I just came here to cry a little. I will post something longer later this week, hopefully. Hope youre all doing well, good night


licking OP's tears!


Hi op, felling a little down as well. Thanks for the update


I am so close friends so close so close so close the end of the dream is in sight the long night will be over. I’m so close I can feel it I can almost see it and taste it I’m so close so dangerously close that it almost makes you want to quit early because you think you’re already there but I can’t stop I can’t stop now. I have to keep going I have to keep climbing I have to keep crawling my way up this god forsaken mountain of mine.

I’m going to do it. I want to do it. I have been so lost and so dejected and crushed and beaten and pushed down and broken but somehow I am still here moving forward. I want to finish, I want to win, I want to prove to everyone and to myself that I’m not a loser. I want to conquer my fears. I want to rise to challenges and eat them. I want to prove that I can do it and that I can win and I can be strong too. Only a little longer. I will see you all on the other side.

Stay safe friends, if all goes well I’ll be home for Christmas


Do your best, OP! Keep going! You can do it and we're all here cheering for you!


Good idea OP, I'm saying hello


Hope all is well and you're having a merry christmas OP, hang in there!


Hello again everybody, it is OP here. A very important update

I did it. I finally did it everyone. I finally won. We finally won.

I.. I don't even know where to begin. My mind is all over the place. The feeling of relief is indescribable. People talk about a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders but actually its the opposite. You have been so used to standing tall and staying strong for so long that when you finally realize that its over, all the strength leaves your body and you feel heavier than ever. There is nobody there to welcome you, nobody there to hug you and comfort you or cry with you, to welcome you home and share in your pain, soothe you when it gets hard. It is just you, alone, at 2 am in the airport quietly crying to yourself as you realize that its over.

To say that I did this alone would be wrong. I did it with all of your help, all of your support when there was nobody else. And this wasn't just for me, it was all to prove a point.

This is for you Anonymous. I know you can't see it and I know that you can't feel it but this was all for you. Think of every time you have lost in life. Think of every time you have been looked down on, ridiculed, laughed at, every time anybody assumed that you were useless or worthless just because of how you looked or what you were into. I want you, Anonymous, to know that they're wrong. They're wrong, they have always been wrong, and they will always be wrong.

You, Anonymous, are useful.

You, Anonymous, are fun to be around.

You, Anonymous, are strong.

And you, Anonymous, have the ability to get wherever you want in life. You are stronger than you think. You are more capable than you think. You will get there so long as you don't stop. I will be there to catch you when you fall, I will be there to help you back up and get you on your way. It's the least I can do, after all you have done for me.

There will be more hardships along the way, much worse than anything we've seen so far. But if we're together we can get through anything. Merry Christmas /neet/, I'm coming home



951624.png (760.04 KiB, 713x890) google saucenao

Thats wonderful anon! I knew you'd succeed. You're wonderful.


Contratulations on your victory, OP! I wish I saw your post on Christmas, so I could say merry christmas.


Time never seems to end, does it? Seconds, minutes, hours, the days fly by. I can't stop it, but if you can then by all means. If only we could get off of this train and spend those neet like days together forever.

There is still a long long long ways to go before i finally rest. I'll do my best to make you all proud of me. I hope youre all doing well, /neet/


We're in this together anon. I'll try my best but if I do fail, I'm sorry, I did try my best.


that old feeling of fear is coming back.. i thought i was over this. i have nowhere to turn but you, /neet/. will it ever change? will i ever change? i guess deep down, i am still that small scared little kid wanting to be held, to sleep softly and soundly. i will talk to you all again shortly, please wish me luck


Good luck anon! <3


Good luck, man.


I hope you succeed once more, anon. I think you can since you did once before. You can change if you try hard enough. Keep going, we're all here for you!
Thank you for this image of Amber's delicious feet and legs


Hello OP, I read your posts. I've thought about making a thread like this myself but I'm far too afraid of it being boring and cringy, so I admire your confidence in doing something like this. I hope you are doing well!


I’m so sorry /neet/, I haven’t forgotten you I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve just forgotten how to talk to my friends, and every time I try I choke up. I don’t know what’s happening, please just wait for me


>I’ve just forgotten how to talk to my friends, and every time I try I choke up.
I feel you, anon. It's nice that you posted nonetheless. Take your time to heal, anon will be here <3


I think the board just ate my pic...


Anon , are you good? I’m worried

4.jpg (196.91 KiB, 869x1237) google saucenao

if by good you mean alive, then yes. don't worry /neet/ im not going to kill myself. its just i have ups and downs and downs and downs. its hard to put how i feel into words, that and i only come here to post when i am at my lowest. i worry sometimes that you all think that all i do is cry about how sad i am which would leads to a "boy who cried wolf" situation. i do cry a lot, i wont go into detail but i promise you /neet/ this isnt just for show. please dont think worse of me or else i truly will have nobody

ive been trying to post here again for two weeks now, but the words just wont flow. instead, i offer you a small excerpt from an ongoing self insert fanfiction i work on from time to time to help relieve stress. i removed any names, but on the off chance that i missed one then admin or mods or whoever has the power please nuke this thread because ill die of embarrassment

i hope everyone is doing well, im glad to talk to you all again. still dreaming of those carefree days we will be able to spend together


Muddy and worn, his gear clanked muffledly as he trodded down the dark streets. Surely nobidy would be awake at this hour, as he made his way through the slumbering village. Nobody to see the weary warrior scrape his way home, nobody to see the complete mess of a man stumble brokenly over himself as he drunkenly sought his house. Nobody to see the pinnacle of a man he pretended to be beaten down and defeated, head hung low and lost in his own thoughts. After what seemed like an entire night of wandering through the dark, he reached a familiar heavy wooden door that felt all but welcoming in the murky gloom. More muscle memory than thought process, he unlocked the door and stepped inside. He stood just inside the threshhold for a moment, taking in the fact that he was now safe. No sooner rustic door swung shut and latched behind him, than he fell back against it and sunk to the ground with a loud and ungraceful thunk. He rested his forearms on top of his knees and sat hunched with his head hanging limply between his leg, letting out a long and exhasperated sigh. There was still much to do before he could finally collapse in his bed and sleep, but "please," he thought. "Just give me a minute to rest". Only a few minutes had passed when he heard noises from within the bowels of the house. Soft footsteps growing louder as they approached. He raised his head and peered into the darkness, hand drifting to the two handed sword strapped to his back. From down the hallway a soft candlelight shone stronger and stronger until it rounded the corner. Right behind it followed the girl holding it, clad in a nightgown that fell just past her hips and covered in a robe hastily thrown on over. She approached the front door slowly, allowing the candle to illuminate the entryway.
"...Anon? Is that you?" she called out, still slowly approaching.
"What are you doing here?" he answered back meekly.
Having confirmed his identity, she strode over to his side where she set the candle down and knelt, bringing her eyes level with his.
"I knew you would be coming back tonight, I wanted to be here when you did," she replied.
"You should have stayed the night there. Being here alone isn't the safest."
"Nonsense, being where you are is the safest," she corrected him. She reached her arms around him and unbuckled his sword, then began to shift his weight onto her as she pulled him up from where he sat.
"Come on, let's get you cleaned up."
She helped him rise to his feet, allowing him to lean on her as he gingerly found his footing. Picking up her source of light, the pair moved deeper into the house.

His cloak and armor now shed and piled lazily in the corner of the room to be cleaned up later, he sat on a stool as the girl sat on the bed.
"Alright, lift your arms."
He raised his arms and the girl pulled his shirt off over his head, stiffening as she braced herself for what she would see. A quick glance over his now exposed midriff and she breathed a sigh of relief.
"Ah, good. No stitches this time," she chirped, audibly more relaxed now that she had confirmed he wasn't injured. He turned around so she could examine his back.
"No stitches here either, have you finally decided to take care of yourself?"
"I had to, or else a certain somebody would have given me even worse scars when i got home," he replied with a slight chuckle.
Unsatisfied with his answer, she frowned, puffing out her cheeks.
"It shouldn't have to take me asking you for you to actually do it!! If I don't look out for you then who will? Honestly, have you thought of what would happen if you didn't come back?"
This only elicited more soft laughter from him as he rocked in his stool.
"Hmph!" she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind, embracing him and burying her face into his back.
"Thank you for listening," she said softly. "I was scared you wouldn't come back. I'm always scared to think that you won't come back."
He leaned his head back and rested it on her.
"I'll always come back for you," he said. As those words hung in the air, the couple fell silent and sat just enjoying each others company.
"Alright!" the girl said, breaking the silence. "Lets get you cleaned up!"
He leaned forward and the girl began to dress the cuts and scrapes on his back, cleaning away any dirt or grime that remained. Although it was the dead of night, she cheerfully talked while she worked, informing him of her work while he was gone or recounting small anecdotes. It was talking without purpose, talking for talking's sake, talking because she was just so happy to see him after so long.

"Ok, im all finished," she said as she secured the last bandage. She pulled out a clean shirt and carefully helped him put it on. "I know you're restless, but try your best not to move around too much or those will rip off."
"Got it," he replied, knowing full well that he had no intention of taking it easy and would most likely have to fix most of the gauze the next day. He pulled his shirt the rest of the way on and turned around to face the girl kneeling on the bed. Smiling, she stretched out her arms and invited him in.
He gratefully accepted, and fell forward off the stool into her arms, burying his face in her. She wrapped her arms around him and gently stroked his hair.
"Thank you," he said, his voice rising up from somewhere around her midrif. "Thank you for being here, I wanted to see you so badly. All I could think about every day was coming home and seeing you"
She said nothing, just nodded and continued to hold him, conveying her feelings towards him.
"I.. it.. I hated..." he began, not knowing where to begin or what he was trying to say.
"Was it hard?" she asked.
"....yeah. It was hard. It was really really hard." She sat on the bed as the man half sat on the stool half laid on the bed with his arms around her, face still buried into her soft body.
"Did you do well?" she asked.
"I.. everybody said, that I did well. That I've been doing a good job. That I'm the best. But.. I don't feel proud. I don't feel happy. I don't feel like the best," he replied, wrapping his arms more tightly around her with every word, burying his face deeper as if he was trying to escape.
"I feel awful. I feel horrible every time we go out, I dread it, I feel it in my core. But, I can't let them see that. I can't let them see how weak I really am." Tears began to roll down his cheek.
"Everybody thinks I'm somebody I'm not. Everybody is expecting me to be strong. And I have to. I have to be there for them, I have to be the strength for everyone. Everything is resting on me and if I don't bear that load or if I break then it'll all come down. It hurts. It hurts so much, to have everyone dump their weight on you. To have to save everybody. I want to scream, I want to stop, I want to run away, but I can't. I can't do it because then everyone will hurt, every one will suffer, everyone but me."
The tears flowed now, and his voice became louder and more erratic. She continued to sit and hold him, stroking his hair and letting him pour out his troubles onto her.
"I'm living a lie. Whoever I am out there, its not me. Its the only way to survive. I'm not sleeping anymore, I'm not feeling anymore, I'm not happy anymore. I don't know who I am most of the day. Nothing feels real. I feel so weak, I come home and I feel so weak (her name), I feel like if I take another step I'll break down."
"I know. I know. I know it hurts," she whispered to him.
"You've done so much. And you've come so far. I know you think nobody sees you, or knows you." She held him, gently, not tightly, doing her best to console him and give meaning to her words as she bent down and whispered into his ear.
"I know you. I see you. I see every day how hard you work, how dedicated you are. I see how kind you can be and how much you love life. I see all the effort put in and how much you sacrifice. I can even see things you can't see, I can see just how strong you are. I see how strong you are, and even if you go on thinking that you aren't strong I want you to know that I think you're strong. I want you to know that even if everybody else can't, that I can see you. And that I know you. And all of this is why I will always love you."


Welcome back! Really Glad to read you again. I'll write a more detailed post later.


Painful pic, beautiful story. I hope you're doing well, anon. You deserve the supportive girl you wrote about.


wonder if he took the rope already


Hey OP, so this is the more detailed post.

>its just i have ups and downs and downs and downs.
Feeling you. Sometimes, things need time i guess. Depression is a bitch. Sorry anon, I'm still lost in the depths of apathy but you should know that you're not forgotten.


So much has happened, so much hasn’t happened. I’m very tired of waking up at airport terminals and eating nothing but overpriced convenience store food. This place is packed but I’ve never felt more lonely. All I want to do is bury my face into someone and have them hold me as I cry into their chest


It's has been fun periodically coming here over the last 2 years reading the updates so I'm hoping for your prosperity and well-being. If I were a cute girl I'd let you cry on my chest for new years anon.


hah. thank you. nice digits. im glad somebody is at least enjoying this.

sorry i havent been writing much, its hard to keep up. its not just this blog, its everything. its hard to keep up with anything anymore. i have so little time to do anything anymore, any personal life that i have has gradually evaporated. over the past 2 years ive spent less than a quarter of the time living "at home", so much so that my room feels alien. it feels like i dont belong. i never have time to myself to have hobbies, to pursue any interests i have, to play games or watch anime or waste away time idly.

the part that really, truly hurts me is that turning my life into work is that it has eroded away any sort of interests i had or relationships i kept. any sort of project i was working on, book i was reading, game i was playing or anime i was watching has been dropped long ago. my life has become so transient that i lack the motivation to attempt to start or continue anything.
why play any games? youre just going to have to stop midway
why watch any anime? you dont have time to sit down and finish the series
why work on anything? youll just come to a grinding halt and forget where you were then have to start all over again

truly, i cant enjoy anything anymore. i cant stop or take time to delve into anything because im just going to stop and forget everything. its quite the painful mindset to break, im even having a hard time typing this post.

the absolute worst is that i dont belong anywhere any more. any boards i posted on beforehand feel alien. any friend groups i have im just... not a part of any more. theyve been together having fun, sharing jokes and getting to know each other for the past few years, and where have i been? not there. somewhere else. both of us forgetting about the other. ive tried to come back in the past but it just... doesnt work. its always me taking it on myself to join their games, i never get an invite. i know this is probably because ive been unavailable so many times in the past and nobody know my schedule so theyve just given up, assuming that i wont be able to, and i know thats not their fault but it still hurts and feels like theyve forgotten me. whenever i join or try to talk to anybody, it feels awakward like i dont fit in, as if somebody is politely talking to me but in their head theyre thinking (why the hell is this guy talking to me? ugh, i guess ill humor him). new people keep joining the friend group, and i always get the "who the heck is this guy" or "youre new so heres how we do things" treatment since nobody knows me any more. ill buy a game to play with everyone but since its my first time playing whatever rts/fighting/puzzle game im usually pretty bad, whereas theyve been playing for years and always destroy me. if they dont, then i spend the whole game being patronized and that feels even worse. it feels like im making them waste their time babysitting me when they could be off enjoying themselves. any time i try to reenter it always ends in abject failure, and i cant help but feel it to my core that i just dont belong any more. the worst part is i cant even talk to any of them about this, or post about it anywhere, because who would even care. im just going to leave again anyways.........

sorry, this post is not as articulate as it should be and probably doesnt follow a set train of thought, many of the topics should be talked about in greater detail but like i said before im having a hard time investing in anything (this blog included) so i really just want to get the post out there already and maybe ill feel better and type more in a bit. thanks for reading, /neet/


>ive tried to come back in the past but it just... doesnt work
well you have a comrade in that regard. Alienation, wooo!!

I found a passage with some needed perspective. It elucidated what was
so troubling to express, when one no longer can "return"

the quote:

We did a homework assignment; we asked people what the most important
thing was to them. Very few responded with principles. Most people
responded with say that “people” or “the family” was the number one
response. The familial connection was more important to them than
principles. Now when people hear me say that's backwards, they’ll
say, “how cold are you? That’s so cold.” What I'm telling you is that
the familial connection, no matter what it is: between a mother and a
son, mother and a daughter, father and a son, father and a daughter,
husband and wife, it doesn't matter, as much as principles. I'm not
telling you that they don't matter at all. I'm telling you, you have
to put principles first, otherwise those relationships are just
meaningless. They don't really have any real value unless they’re
based upon principles first, which is why so many relationships are
dysfunctional. Principles have to come first before you can even build
a solid relationship with another human being.

so, what are your principles neatle?


I should define Principle!

A most important thing in your life.

Principle derives from Principia in latin, which means:
first, foremost, leading, chief, or most necessary.

What makes your kingdom neatle?!


When I was 12 I had a crush on Azunyan.


do you have a discord ill be your girlfirend


ah, hm, principles huh? my kingdom? im not sure if i really know anymore. i used to have a lot of ideals and principles that i stood for but nowadays ive crushed them down and buried there somewhere deep to the point where i forget what i even stood for. at this point i think im just trying to survive each day without collapsing back in my bed feeling as though my heart and soul have been crushed. if i can go a day without feeling wasted and hopeless, then that is a win for me in my book.

it is not all bad, i think i am slowly, bit by bit, fighting back. one grain of sand at a time, it is excruciatingly difficult but ive been forcing myself to just sit for a time every now and then and calm down. if i can make it past the initial panic, i get a mellow, stable sort of feeling where i can focus for a while. unfortunately soon after i will catch sight of a clock and the dread and anxiety wash back over me once again.

i think the only thing keeping me grounded right now is physical activity. stepping out to exercise feels like a tangible goal that i can physically work towards so i try to stay consistent and it keeps my spirits up, gives me the placebo effect at least of making a difference. in contrast, it is extremely difficult for me to relax on any day i miss exercising which doesnt much help my mood.

ohhh at this point i feel that i am just lost and spinning, spinning, spinning around without any real direction in life, waiting to come to a grinding halt so i can dust myself off and continue on on this lonesome journey. lonesome.... thats a problem unto itself. isolation is never fun, sometimes i wish i had somebody to share my problems with or that i could just collapse on at the end of the day. i suppose ill go write some more to get my thoughts down, see if i can achieve that feeling of catharsis

i appreciate the offer but with the poor track record that discord and e relationships have i will have to decline. thank you though


I want to post but i dont even know what to say. despite the flashes of misery and anger that pass after a second or two, i am completely numb. i have no friends. i have no hobbies. i have no passions. i have no emotions. i have no interests. i just work now. it has been thoroughly ground into me that i dont have the time to enjoy life, maybe when i am dead. i cant enjoy anything anymore, if i ever have the time to do anything. when i /am/ able to go home, all i do is eat, jo, maybe exercise if i have the time, stay up far too late attempting to enjoy something or play a videogame because sleeping feels like i am wasting valuable time. any videogames i play i go through the motions and dont enjoy, i will launch one and play for 5 minutes until i realize that i have a million and 1 things i have to accomplish and i am not accomplishing them by playing this one videogame. i close the game, open another, rinse and repeat. i feel no enjoyment from playing anything, i endlessly cycle through everything searching for something that will make me feel /something/. the same thing happens with anime, manga, vns, youtube. i cant post anywhere on the internet, i dont belong here anymore. everyone is off moving on and having fun without me, and i am just stuck, consumed, chain to where i am. even if i was able to go to where everyone else is, id just be alone. we're too different now, i can never fit in anywhere. im going to sleep


>I want to post but i dont even know what to say. despite the flashes of misery and anger that pass after a second or two, i am completely numb. i have no friends. i have no hobbies. i have no passions. i have no emotions. i have no interests.
I know the feel. I'm just in a constant state of wanting to vent myself and ramble on about whatever I can, while not having any real hobbies or anything anymore. I try to show emotion in text, but in real life, I barely feel anything.
>i cant enjoy anything anymore, if i ever have the time to do anything. stay up far too late attempting to enjoy something or play a videogame because sleeping feels like i am wasting valuable time. any videogames i play i go through the motions and dont enjoy, i will launch one and play for 5 minutes until i realize that i have a million and 1 things i have to accomplish and i am not accomplishing them by playing this one videogame. i close the game, open another, rinse and repeat.
I know that too. I just open a game and play for 10 minutes before getting bored and going back to doing nothing. I've also forced myself to stay awake entire days straight because of the not wanting to waste time thing.
> i endlessly cycle through everything searching for something that will make me feel /something/. the same thing happens with anime, manga, vns, youtube. i cant post anywhere on the internet, i dont belong here anymore. everyone is off moving on and having fun without me, and i am just stuck, consumed, chain to where i am. even if i was able to go to where everyone else is, id just be alone. we're too different now, i can never fit in anywhere. im going to sleep
I also just can't find anything that I enjoy, lately, all I do is post, I can't find anywhere that I really fit in and be myself, either. And yeah, everybody moving on and having fun, and I'm scared of missing out on it, I feel like that's why I still come to imageboards and ramble on everyday. Hope you're having a nice sleep, sweet dreams. I'm tired myself, so I can't write much, sorry, but I do share a good part of those feelings. Probably will still be here when you wake up.


I recently picked up the manga Ageku No Hate No Kanon. It is sci fi set in the not so distant future, but the main premise of it isnt important. the part that caught my attention was that in the manga, if somebody gets injured and say loses and eye or loses a limb, they are able to replace that body part. however, when part of them is replaced, a person begins to change. their likes and dislikes, habits, opinions, preferences. thats how i feel now. like ive slowly been picked apart over the years and completely changed. it has been gradual, but now its at the point where i dont even recognize myself anymore. if you asked me if i liked or disliked something, i couldnt give an honest answer. most of the time i just feel nothing

does any body else feel like this?


>does any body else feel like this?
I don't feel like i've been picked apart, but I do relate to the part about not recognizing myself. i dont really know my thoughts on things that well either
what you're talking about reminds me of the ship of theseus or lockes socks


I have no place anymore. There is nowhere that I belong. I have no one who cares for me, no one who thinks of me, no one I can confide in or cry to. I have no friends, no lovers, no one who understands me. Even on the internet I am alone. It hurts. It hurts me to think that I can’t post here anymore either, the place that was supposed to be my refuge. I don’t know if anybody is around anymore. Sometimes.. sometimes I just want to disappear


Why exactly can't you post here?


>I have no place anymore. There is nowhere that I belong.
Good! If you belonged anywhere in this cucked up world, it'd be an indication that something is deeply wrong with you.
>I have no one who cares for me, no one who thinks of me, no one I can confide in or cry to.
Not sure why you need someone else to watch you cry (is that a kink?) but please confide to us here in this thread.
>I have no friends, no lovers, no one who understands me. Even on the internet I am alone.
You're definitely not alone. We're all just people in our rooms. If you want us to understand you, tell us more.
>It hurts. It hurts me to think that I can’t post here anymore either, the place that was supposed to be my refuge.
Uh, you're clearly not banned. Post away bro!
>I don’t know if anybody is around anymore.
I know for sure that I am here.
>Sometimes.. sometimes I just want to disappear
You're in luck! Everyone no matter how much they succeed or fail at life dies eventually. Just sit tight for a few years and you'll be disappeared before you know it!


It’s not the same. It’s not the sleepy corner of the internet that it once was. I don’t feel safe here, I don’t feel safe to write my thoughts here as I once did


>Not sure why you need someone else to watch you cry (is that a kink?) but please confide to us here in this thread.
This isn't necessarily the most well worded encouragement :-)


So what will you do now?
Believe it or not - if you are the OP - I've replied to you from over 8 months ago


I am OP, though there’s no way to prove it really. If you really have been here and reading this thread.. well thank you. I don’t know why it means so much to me to know that somebody is reading this, but it gives me a little hope. As for what to do next? Long term, I have no idea. Short term, I am going to take a nap and try to wake up less pessimistic


Okay, hope you have a nice rest.
Something to do:
If you make a neocities account I'll follow you

Until next time


Are you there, /neet/?


Always on duty.


cc or julie?


Ugh. I don't get why you wizchan fags can't keep your autism on your own site.


Because frankly the concept of going to a completely different site and then making some in joke from somewhere else that only your clique will get is just gross.


That trait among a few others is why they don't get laid. Unpleasant and bitter people that can't even stand themselves. Pathetic. And sad.


Oh, and they're ugly. :3


Glad to see that you’re still here

I am currently far, far away from home and from my friends. Last night I had a post I wanted to make, but passed out drunk before I could write it out. It’s a little hard to remember everything, what with the emotion and the passion of the moment gone.

I’ve been making some very uncharacteristic choices lately; I blame it on the environment I’m in. It’s changing me, and I can only consider it for the worse. I remember a long time ago, I heard a story about a soldier who went off to fight in a distant land. He had left his family, his wife and kids, his house and everything he owned. Although they wrote letters and kept in touch, he missed them all dearly and longed to return. When the time came for him to go home, he was unable to due to the fighting. As time progressed, he kept fighting and fighting, and the letters from home slowly decreased. Eventually, with no contact from his family, with no end of the war in sight, no idea when he would return to his homeland, he accepted that everything he cared about was gone and that he was staying there for the rest of his life. He found a new wife, started a family, and found a new home in this foreign land. A few years later the opportunity arose for him to finally return home, but when given the chance he realized that he no longer wanted to return. He had replaced everything he valued with something new, something different, and his past life no longer mattered

That is what terrifies me, that I will be away from home and stuck in this environment for so long that I will fundamentally change and lose everything I had. I won’t be the same. It’s already started, I have already seen it. Most notably, I’ve broken my one rule of never talking to women, and started (and ended) talking to somebody. But I’ll talk about that in a different post.....

I miss you, /neet/

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Anon is glad to see you too, man. There are few of us left and tbh i rarely come back here to check on old threads because of underage edgelord wojaks and lack of administration. It was good to read and update and see that you're alive, even if it wasn't the happy end I hope to read one day yet. One advice: don't let booze become a habit, it just worsens every situation. - Anon needed to waste 15 years of his life to understand that. Please take care, don't lose yourself and please - stay alive. Anon believes in you.
**Ganbatte kudasai!**


Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with the woes of alcohol. I would not be drinking tonight, given the choice, but i currently do not have access to my drug of choice so alcohol it is. I have been very conscientious of my health lately so I haven't consumed enough to ruin me, just to warm me and muddle my actions for a bit. Fret not, anonymous, I wont fall down that path again. I am sorry to hear that you had such a long battle with alcohol, but hopefully you are past that phase of your life as of now

That all being said, It is always quite tempting to slip into the sweet comfort that alcohol brings; muddled thinking and disordered thoughts; the perfect drug for escapism.

How did I even end up where I am currently. I feel like I've even drifted away from the main purpose of me keeping this blog. At the time I was dealing with a lot of challenges; I guess right now, I'm dealing with challenges in a different way. To put it succinctly, for those of you who have gone hiking, it is akin to false peaks. You get to what you think is the top, only for a new, even higher peak to come into view, a new challenge to rise to.

aah, its all so tiresome. I wish I was a kid again. I wish i was more active online. I I was closer to my friends. Tonight is a rare occasion where I will be here for some time, I hope some of you are lurking as well.


that chapter of my life is over, it gave me nothing in the end. That feeling you described very clearly wasn't any more and all I got was the side effects and blackouts of several days and such. Guess the body had enough of it and started to make it a pain in the ass... and at some point my brain understood it too.
>I hope some of you are lurking as well.
Sure, anon is a big fan of your blog.


>aah, its all so tiresome. I wish I was a kid again. I wish i was more active online. I I was closer to my friends.
Yes, no, I wish you'd be more active online too, sad ;_;


>does any body else feel like this?
Yes. And what you describe sounds like a severe depressive episode to me. Life can be cruel and everyone has limits of how much shit they can take before feeling like that. You might have just had enough and need a break ... or better yet a change in your life. Or your meds. Sorry for the burst posting today, it's hard to quote since I'm using a phone.