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NEETbux No.657

How many people here are on NEETbux?
How many people aren't?
Are you on the verge of homelessness?
What's your current situation in terms of having any money or living accommodations?

Right now I'm broke with no NEETbux but I do get monthly food benefits that's probably my main survival for the Winter months. But my living situation is getting dire once Spring comes around. I honestly wish I could get on NEETbux but I'm not exactly sure where to start other than seeing a therapist. I tried going to one over the Summer and early parts of the Fall. But she never listened to what I had to say then kept messing up my scheduling until I just stopped going plus I didn't have a ride because I can't drive. I also live somewhere where there's no public transportation and I can't afford to call a "taxi van" and I don't even know if there's uber in my area yet or not. Either way I don't use a cell phone. I completely refuse to. What's the best course of action I could do right now my fellow NEETs?


Also, I want to add I don't live with family or have any family that I could possibly live with I also don't really have friends except my roommate that is very generous but that's only going to last so long until things start to get bad.


German NEET here. I get autism/depression/disability/poorfag bux . Guess I'm lucky since Germany is one of the few NEET-friendly places in this world.