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How long have you been NEET No.66

3 years and going strong


5 years

I beg for the NEETbux well to never deplete


7 years, fuckin nice


just under 2 years




7 years or so


forever god kill me please


3 years here, with no signs of stopping


12 years.


4 years


Around two years.


Almost 3 years. I feel pretty good. I can't imagine myself doing anything but watching anime and lurking the internetz all day.


technically over 10 years


about 36 hours. damn it, coming to a close again..


3.5 years and counting


12 years


6 years and living it to the fullest!


3 or 2 years, I don't remember


nearly 8 years it is just life for me now.


3 years, it’s fucking great


The first few years usually are and then you develop all sorts of psychological problems or exacerbate existing ones and you realize just how utterly fucked you are.


14 years. Parents dead, living in a tiny apartment off of NeetBux and some extra money for commissions.

I hate my life.


3 years
mom was gonna kick me out last year but covid happened. next year maybe


5 years. its going to come to an end soon though. my parents gave me an ultimatum. i need to find a job by the end of this year


how hard of a neet are we talking about? cuz i work 16 hours a week to feed my self and pay bills. but that's it


10 years


nine years. I hated school so much I decided to block out the outside world entirely for a long time after it was over just so I could recover. never went to college, but I suspect those cries of "college is better" would have been lies anyway (I have a hunch the people here will agree with me on that)


2 and I am at my limit. I'll try to get out.




why are women beautiful yet unattainable


>you unironically used reddit, and you unironically gave him an upvote


11 or 12 years


that post is one of those "beautiful untruths" people say to make themselves feel better about how unfair the world really is. it's already been proven multiple times that your looks factor into how people see you as a person, see "the halo effect": https://www.simplypsychology.org/halo-effect.html basically, if you're attractive , then people will, on average, be more inclined to see the best in you and then will retroactively make up excuses for why that is since they don't even realize that they did that.


although I should mention on a more positive note that this same phenomenon is why you're more likely to stick around if someone's ugly if you get emotionally involved with them first, and then see their face. the halo effect takes over because of whatever positive attributes you've already learned about them. obviously there's a cap on that, but it does help.


i saved it to a sad folder off of 4chins a while back
yeah makes sense, I've heard of people getting their teeth fixed and people reacted better to seeing or meeting them, same with sculpting your body in the gym.


14 years this year.
My brothers own their own homes and have multiple cars and have secured their pensions.
I have no money, live with my "mother" and her newest bf.
I wish I lived in a small town where I would be guaranteed employment in a job with no interactions.
I don't think I'd want a gf or anything like that. My time belongs to me.
Hopefully the world will end soon, so I won't have to worry about being older and having to find a job. Or at least I'd like to die before my "mother".


Technically only about 2 years, since the start of covid, but I've been in and out of terrible part time jobs and failing educational courses for decades.

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4 years and counting


20 years soon.


Oh wise sage, you must have much wisdom to impart!


I would want a friendly phone, I'm obsessed with my phone but I don't use it to talk with anyone anymore
I have never been able to visit anyone


Oh, I have plenty. I found this board after seeing some so called professional NEET talk that quite honestly was at a very low level, like it was extolled as a virtue but these are problems I worked past years ago. So now I am seeing if people can learn from my mistakes.


14 years this year.
I don't think I'd be one if I lived in a small town in the countryside.
Without anonymity, people would treat others a bit better because they don't want others in their small community to hate them.
I'd like an easy job that's only a few(maybe 3) days a week.
I wouldn't mind, and would prefer, to live in a very small house, maybe by a lake. It'd be easier to maintain and clean and it'd be less scary.
But I am stuck in a terrible country in a life that god forced on me. he better kill me soon and apologize to me.


Triggering take - the Internet is the only reality.

The reason for this is very simple and straightforward. Christianity is dead, no matter how much delusional boomers with a complex over drawn girls pretend otherwise. But Christian morality (read: fear of consequences instead of actually being a good person) is still the dominant viewpoint regardless of which, or how many deities you believe in. Remember, they must be specifically commanded that they not steal, commit adultery, murder, etc because they don't understand on their own functioning civilizations cannot work at any level if your literal next door neighbor is your enemy. This is stage 1/6 of the morality scale, on par with a very young child.

Anyways, because of this, the only way you can see who someone truly is is when they can get away with it. And that means the Internet, specifically anonymous portions of the Internet. Astute readers will also note just who, and how many oppose anonymity. This is not a coincidence. The NPCs claim this makes the problem go away. The reality is it causes the problem because it means you can only see the fakeness until their true nature comes out some other way.

Pick any subject matter you want, say the whole genociding one's own children because they are mildly inconvenient meme. If they couldn't talk about it, they'd still want it and they would still do it. They wouldn't suddenly say "Oh well gotta be a good mother now!" That's not how it works.

If you want genuine interactions with others, you need the anonymous Internet. If you just want LARPing where each person is showing the other what they think they wanna see, you go anywhere names are attached.


A strange thread to post this in, but I suppose I could say that about alot that gets posted here.

Is it really so triggering? I'd call it a bit of an open secret. Everyone in the real world is mutually dishonest, and they know it. I don't even really think people are honest online, either. At least, not a large portion of us.


Have you literally never held any sort of job or attempted any education in that time?


I suppose if you are a hyper autist you can count building or otherwise working with computers for less than 10 hours a month as work and likewise watching jewtube instructional videos as education, but aside from the dealing with others part which is work I'd have done that anyways.
And even then, I only needed 30k in starting capital which is trivial when retarded boomers will pay 180 dollars for a 40 dollar hard drive installed. And that's a 2 minute job if you can't find the screwdriver.
I could have skipped this and gibs only would have paid all my bills but then I'd have no error tolerance and a low level of comfy.


also praise kek!