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Being NEET in 2020 No.668

How do you feel like the /NEET/ life will go during the 2020s?


Sadly i'll have to live Neetdom. Not that i wanna do it, i'm actually being obligated by my parents.
At least i'm gonna study in the night, so hopefully there's less people.
After that i'll probably try to live as a neet again.

And you OP, how do you think it'll be your 2020s regarding /NEET/ism?


Parents will probably force me to get a job this year


I'm currently in a situation where I either need to find a job or attempt to try to get on NEETbux. Sadly my area sucks with work, I don't find it worth shit to work with the general public or do something degrading such as fast food. I'd rather shove sharpies in my asshole on Pornhub with a Patreon account.

Are they boomers?


>Are they boomers?



I wish UBI would become more commonplace.


I'll start looking for a job soon


Did anyone ever imagine that the world would turn /NEET/ in 2020?


being a need in 2020 is like being a need all the time .. I wonder if people realize being a need is actually the true way of life


No, and I couldn't be happier about it: https://neetpride.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/mandatory-neetdom/


If everyone's a NEET, no one is.


I am 34 very soon, live with my mother and sister.
As a NEET wizard I receive welfare.

No hobbies, no skills, no passion, have died a long time ago.


Never lose your passion, anon. がんばっれください!


Post that again when you're 34.


I'm on the verge of becoming homeless, I have no idea what to do. 2020 was supposed to be looking up for NEETs with UBI and government gibs. Why am I being threatened with being on the streets!???


I only know of selling your blood plasma as mentioned on here before or feigning disability.


No idea where to go to sell plasma in my area. Also wouldn't getting on disability for NEETbux during the pandemic be damn near impossible right now? Besides I've heard the waiting time is roughly a year or longer.


It reminds me vaguely of being NEET in 2019. It's comfy and full of animu.


Codvid is a blessing i get to be a hikikomori just a little bit longer.


same old. new to this place but been a NEET since 2013. either being in a psychiatric hospital or in whatever place that's paid for. they will actually double my bucks soon. 2020 doesn't seem remarkable


How'd you get here, if you don't mind me asking?