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If western civilization wasn't collapsing, and there was still a functional society that could provide you a community filled with people that cared about you and loved you, would that help motivate you more to help support that community through work? The kind of work/ jobs that society could provide you, also wouldn't try to push and break your physical and mental health to its limits as the current labour force does now.

I only say this as I feel like this is in part why you guys, and many increasing others have become neets. Because our current corrupt, modern world has given people a rotten society that's not worth providing for at all. Especially for the arrogant, narcissistic, midwit normies that inhabit it.


I mean sure, if we are talking about entirely unrealistic fiction in which the literal laws of the universe are rewritten so that soyciety is replaced by society, and therefore offers men something of actual value then yes, I think more would participate. The appeal of, for instance outrunning cars, training psionic powers, and petting your Kitsune waifu every night would justify a few hours of serious effort a day.
If the subversive elements in soyciety were literally grabbed and beaten down in the street by just average people - men, women, and children instead of said subversive elements running the show, I think men could take some fucking pride in being part of that.
Just friends and family that exist in something other than name would constitute substantial reality revision and would be far more unrealistic than any of the Fantastic Cosmic Power (itty bitty living space) I have just described.
But as far as "real" life goes? The purpose of work is making money, the purpose of money is affording your bread and circuses and as a tool for solving problems and ultimately, WageCucking is by far the least efficient means of earning money. I got an easy hundred just by clicking my mouse a few times at the right time. After taxes and opportunity costs are accounted for, that's an entire day of WageCucking on a six figure income vs... ten seconds, most of which is fucking load times.
For this reason, I disengage with those who physically exist but are fictitious in all other senses, as even literal works of fiction offer more reality (real = genuine) than all these fake ass fucking NPCs pretending they are real humans.
And as for...
>western civilization not collapsing
It wouldn't be any better outside of the west. You'd just have fewer alternatives. Remember, income doesn't matter, expenses matter, so basically you're in the same situation but there is less opportunity for gibs, passive income, and other means of supporting yourself without interacting with soyciety.


No. If I cared about other people caring about me I couldn't handle being a NEET in the first place. Also if they really did care about me, they wouldnt withhold food from me if I chose to spend my time how I please. We live in a world where most jobs are unnecessary and even actively harmful. COVID proved that.


Nobody would ever care about and love me. That's something that won't change. I don't mind work to provide for myself that doesn't treat me like a dog and contributes to a truly better society, but that's rarely if ever been the case historically.


But anon. I love and care about you.


Reminder that everything in the OP is still the sole purview of works of fiction.


If capitalism was overthrown and I woke up into a society, where I wasn't treated as a cog that doesn't fit the machine but as a human being with emotions, needs, wants, etc.
Where I was given the resources and tools necessary to support myself independently and work through my problems and pursue the things I want to do.
Where being a NEET isn't a financial burden for my family.
Where I could get anything I need in walking distance from my house and not have to use a fucking car in order to get anywhere.
Where my work actually benefited the community around me and not the pockets of the bourgeois.
Where automation isn't viewed as a major blow to people's lives but a major boon to their free time.
Where being cold and emotionless and moral-less is grounds for immediate punishment and human decency being the expected standard for any institution.
Where schools were places that made learning fun, taught people how to think and be a human being and not as workers and consumers that only knew how to run the machines and not ask questions, didn't force students to focus on getting a good grade and enough credits to graduate before pressuring them to take up huge amounts of debt that they'll never pay off during or after college.
and where capital does not rise above political authority and the interests of the people.
I could list many more examples but I'll stop there.
I became a NEET because I didn't want to fall into the trap of wageslaving for a society that could care less about how I feel or performed as a autist in a neurotypical world and would throw me away when I'm unable to fulfill their demands.
I think if all or most of these were met I think you would see a significant decrease in the amount of NEETs worldwide.
NEETs are a byproduct of Capitalism unable to care of society's vulnerable members and even if it could it would require viewing them as people who live under bad circumstances and not shaming them as people who were too lazy or a bunch of wusses that need to strap their boots together and exploiting the suffering of people in other countries that are thousands of kilometers away.

>t. Autist who is waiting for the end of capitalism.


Forgot to add this


You're not wrong for the most part, but the problem is Consoomerism. It's a subtle distinction, but an important one. Money isn't evil, it's a tool. Love of money is evil.

Also, I have said it before and I will say it again. Work serves two purposes. One is earning good goyim tokens for your bread and circuses, except it is the least efficient means. The second is one no one talks about because it's been dead longer than you and I have been alive. Community. It doesn't exist. So there is no notion of helping those like you even if it isn't necessarily profitable because there are no others like you. Geographic proximity instead of familiarity.


I have a pc and can play videogames, but it all starts to feel so pointless/plastic. That's why I play in windowed mode, so that I can try to get something of value(the reason why I'm interested in Christian Identity).
I would love to have a job that I'd be able to handle. Something slow-paced, easy and outside. But those kind of "luxury" jobs don't exist and all jobs are being consumed by software and invaders(that are incapable of minimum quality).
I would love to live in a small (all-White)town and go to church picnics and join the local dnd club, etc.
The world is shit only because the people are shit. Most people think they are the chosen one and that others are evil, when in reality: they are the villains. But of course a golem will never see/understand this.
I don't even want much when it comes to physical stuff. Just a small 1 bedroom house with stable internet.
There'd be no mental-health problems if we we managed to get rid of the smallhats(and all the other demons in the world).