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Can alcohol help you kill yourself? Let's say you're having one of those suicidal episodes where the urge to kill yourself is really strong, but not strong enough to actually go through with it. Could getting drunk lower your inhibition and survival instinct enough to make you actually do it?


Idk, I tried smoking spice back in 2013 and I was freaking out. I was prepared to kill myself right there. It was my first ever panic attack. So maybe try that

However I’ve heard that due to bans on certain synthetic cannabinoids, they’ve had to switch around the chemicals and the new shit sucks ass. So YMMV

DXM 3rd plat might help too. Use the calculator in the DXM subreddit’s discord.


Tbh if you’re already suicidal, alcohol would probably help you not give a shit about going through with it. Depending on your tolerance you would probably need to consume a lot of it to reach that state.


That's true, I know that well


Yes. Just drink with friends though and you'll be fine tho


>social drinking


it wont help.
you are a histrionic parasite who will make a play out of alcohol to feel better about himself.

it can work if you are normal. you aren't.


and you don't deserve any pity whatsoever


if anything, try to drink with those who cared about you before making a play, maybe it will help them to lose touch with you.


I'm considering getting drunk once I find a way to end it. It'd just be to hopefully not make it so painful if I use a method like hanging.


I tried to do this once. I fell asleep instead. You're gonna die soon anyway anon. What's the rush? You've procrastinated and failed at everything else in life, you may as well procrastinate suicide as well.