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Da lonely No.7087

Tell me about how lonely you are.

...If you want to. It's not like I'm interested or anything, b-baka.


It's so lonely to be so far away from my waifu.


I'm a hikki.


I have no original ruminations of my own to offer up so I leave you with this classic.


I'm not. I have internet friends.


I don't have internet friends. I go out and feed pigeons in the morning at least once a week. Thats how lonely I am.
good for you


that's cool you're like a cool anime character


What is it like to have friends?
You just know if someone is a friend, right?


it's much better than having a family! family can abuse you no matter how they like because they are deluded in the myth of unconditional love but friends know that friendship must be maintained like a well oiled diesel engine if you don't keep it oiled it'll rust. if you go beyond boundaries you'll derail. my parents were always pushing boundaries and belittling me so when I moved into my hikki dungeon I divorced them.


Also, I'm curious if anyone's ever tried having an imaginary friend? I've been dabbling in trying It, and it does actually help a little bit, although it's really exhausting to maintain


It's all so confusing..........


I've noticed that because I'm so isolated, I tend to imitate fictional characters speech patterns subconsciously. I assume socialites imitate the speech patterns of people around them... alot of the patterns of how I think and write and speak are subconsciously taken from game characters


Any specific ones?


most people have an imaginary friend it's called a god


I have never been friends with anyone then


i want to murder socialites, the world would be a lot better without them. after exterminating them i would use their ludicrous wealth to create a fusion reactor to power a NEET nirvana where waifus are real and 3D;PD is obsolete and in the trash can of natural history only to be dug up 30 000 yeas later and have their fossils displayed in a natural history museum with a sign that says homo sapiens, female, extinct, disgustang!


You want to murder socialites or sociopaths?


>when I have to "talk to myself" because no one else will


Not lonely, but I probably would be if I suddenly lost access to drugs and the internet:


I have no friends. Never had any. I sat alone and out of the way during my school years.
Everyone just wants others to use for their own pleasures/entertainment.
I do talk to God, but I'm starting to not do that much lately. He doesn't seem to want to talk to me.
I wish I die soon.

It would be kind of neat to have been born in a small town. You can leave work a bit early and go to a friends house to play games/watch movies/shows.

Hopefully God comes soon.


Imagine your life revolving around screeching that there's no God, instead of just living your own life - unless you don't have one, or any interests.


>don't have one
Do you know where you are?


both haha!


thank you, I never thought of it that way but some people keep staring at me when I'm there because usually only lonely old people feed pigeons at the park. Cool anime characters are lonely I guess.


I am completely by myself. I don't even have invisible internet friends. Not even god speaks to me. I just go online to vent about negative bs.
People want pleasures. I can't and won't entertain others.