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Do you, as a NEET, support abortion?


If only I had never been born


I support anything that annoys evangelicals who use the bible to claim a moral righteousness while the bible itself states the opposite.


no because women took a few off me


Yes, but I admit that it's literally baby murder. The net positives are just too great because most people suck at using birth control and parenting.

Also the tradcon incel cope that women will suddenly become responsible and lower their standards if you threaten them with forced birth is clearly not real.


The world will come undone, "supporting" or not, views and mental structures are droplets in an ocean.
whether it's emotional, or psychological, the people who support abortion are just as pathetic as moralist pussies.


>Yes, but I admit that it's literally baby murder. >The net positives are just too great because most people suck at using birth control and parenting.
Reasonable pov.


shit thread


I support aborting op for making this thread

(sorry op I couldn't resist)


It's none of my business what other people outside of family get up to. It's too late for me anyways.


i don't care


totally in favor though i have to agree with cristfags that abstinence is the better solution, but denying contraception to those who need it and spreading lies about masturbation is worse than kicking a pregger in the uterus


based. human life is a mistake


Imagine still having the mind of a "rebelling" child. It's time to grow up and gain some morals.


you christfags bitch about AI takeover but fail to see it in the form of your own kids. you don't deserve children and if you have made the mistake of procreating i hope they divorce you like the shitty parent you are.


Yes because fuck them kids and fuck christfags who whinge about "BUT MUH TRADITIONS, YOU NEED LITTLE BASTARD CROTCH-GOBLINS".


my cat seems to looooove clawing my crotch when i sit at the desk, is he a goblin anon?


Aw! He sees how happy you make yourself by touching your dick, so he tries to too! My cat-daughter does the same thing. She also licks my feet while I'm jacking off 😊


You sir are a role-model and an example to the younger neets.


I have morals but they are not rooted in fear of imaginary men


you know what i meant, anon


indeed i do. abortion is based.


Yes, I wish I had been aborted


>Be a neet
>care about something
Choose one.


If there is a good reason to perform the abortion such as medical concerns, malformed baby, rape baby et cetera then obviously it should be performed.
If the reason is the sort of frivolous degeneracy that conservatards like to point to in these discussions, then the abortion should be performed since the mother is genetic trash and would be better off not passing on her genes or raising children.


You guys watching the news today? The Supreme Court abortion decision dropped. Riots are expected in all major metropolitan areas this weekend: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/24/roe-v-wade-overturned-by-supreme-court-ending-federal-abortion-rights.html

No matter how bored you feel, we live in exciting times.


How can I participate? I want to feel alive for once.


Simple, just drive to an urban center, buy some facemasks, and riot

Fuck rioting though. I'm getting too old for that shit.


I think it's hilarious. I obviously don't give a shit about abortion, just enjoy watching the chaos.



These neets have the right idea

All in good fun

Abortion can stop unwanted people from coming into the world, sparing them a lifetime of suffering, so I support it.

On the other hand, abortion, along with contraception and a few other things have destroyed our previously monogamous culture. Without abortion, many of the incels here might have wives/gfs.


I want something beyond that.
I want EVERY hospital to be forced to have a no-requirements euthanasia. The only requirement being that you are over 25 years old and pay for the service.
If the wealthy want to get rid of the middle-class and all intellectuals, then this would be a good route, since the non-whites that they're importing have no intellect or wealth(they all only destroy and steal, because that's the nature of the negative-golem(demon)).
But of course nothing will happen(move) unless someone takes action(start going out to those that can create/pass these laws).
We are stuck here and will have to find jobs and someone to leech off of(if you're lucky to have someone that you have positive/favor with).


i have a better solution for no requirements euthanasia you must be over the age of consent (16) and it is free, also oldfags have their pensions axed and spent on science and research and neetbux. hospitals should charge anyone over the age of retirement 50% more for treatment and the financial security of the oldfag is the families responsibility and the family can have him put to sleep at any time for free should he become a liability.


>Without abortion, many of the incels here might have wives/gfs.
To spawn more incels with right? But you say now they’re not incels because they have access. Yeah marcels/nearcels, big difference.


No, it's evil


Age of consent is 18 you pedo scum


not in my country you bluepilled cuck


>claims to not be a pedo
>posts the dragon loli


It’s been firmly established that this is a pedoweeb board


it's not


Age of consent is 16 is vast majority of the world. Being attracted to a big breasted teenager is not being a pedophile you illiterate american.


it's ironic you cringeworthy faggot


big boobs are based.


Enjoy ur saggy cowtits


It's ultimately not us that have any say in anything.
Big company owners own the world. They want MORE people, and not depopulation.
They want the world to be flooded with cheap mud-races.
But I guess it's for the best, because why would you want to bring a Son of God into a world that has niggers and ricefaggots.


capitalism cannot survive the declining rate of profit. hopefully these corporations will see their assets collectivized and their bourgies gulagged


Miles O'Brien the reluctant pedoweeb


Procreation is evil, you failed abortion! If you ever get your way I hope you get a karma strike in the form of an ectopic pregnancy that kills a woman close to you. A fetus is no different than a parasite that warps it's host's body and mind. If only we were all monotremes and laid eggs like any sane animal does.