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Like learning math, solving puzzles? No.7503

Or discussing steganography, image/video compression, privacy, software verification, etc.?

I wrote the board software myself. It doesn't require you to run Javascript, or make you solve any captchas unless there's an active spam wave. Any type of file can be uploaded, and many types have thumbnail support, including SVG, AVIF, and JPEG XL. Multiple files per post are supported too. The moderation is designed around moving posts if possible rather than deleting them.


Wow, this is really cool anon! I love math puzzles, thank you for making this :)


Mathchan has competition


My site was around first. That said, it would be good to see Mathchan used more too. Given the admin of Mathchan wants it to be more of a content dumping site rather than a discussion site, maybe we could fill complementary niches.


If you'd like a more populated edgier board with the same themes, I recommend https://lainchan.org

Your site looks cool too OP, but onion links are always such a pain to use. If I'm not doing anything illegal, what's the point? I don't want to see tons of CP all the time anyway, and all free speech darknet forums inevitably turn into CP heaven


Well one advantage is that someone can't spam it with CP and then report it to the registrar and host. But the main reason is that I'm running it on my home PC and I'm not in a situation where I can set up port forwarding.

As for CP, I see more of it on the clearnet. A few times someone has spammed the site and I just clean it up, whereas the clearnet has ongoing spammers for profit who target every site.

It's possible to set up your ordinary web browser to view .onion links by having it request them through Tor's proxy interface. This can be convenient if your use case doesn't require the privacy Tor Browser would provide.


>As for CP
I should have specified "unwelcome CP." There are darknet sites that are okay with that, but mine isn't one of them.


Why make it an onion link then? You can still use your PC as a server.

Also want to be interviewed for NEETpride Magazine? You just have to identify as a NEET and have done something you're proud of.


Like I said, not in a situation where I can port forward, and the privacy is nice too. You could use something like
if you want to reach it over the clearnet, although that means whoever operates onion.pet can read your posts and which pages you view, plus these things aren't particularly reliable. As far as the second thing goes, I'm a freeter rather than a NEET.

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Freeter is basically a subclass of NEET. But yeah it took like 5 whole seconds for that link you provided to load which is enough to dissuade most people from using the site. Anyway, if you want to be interviewed, collaborate, or advertise your new imageboard in NEETpride Magazine contact me through this: https://neetpride.wordpress.com/contact/


>Like learning math, solving puzzles
>Or discussing steganography, image/video compression, privacy, software verification, etc.?
bumping anyways because it seems cool


I hate math.


i reckon you're saying that because of experiences in school.

school math is basically just taught so you can be a good wagie (i.e., the bare minimum for physics, engineering etc)

real math is creative, artistic, and beautiful. it's much more akin to the arts: functionally useless, but aesthetically profound.


Are you going to say that about life next? Not everyone is able to behold beauty.


That's why I have a computer to do it.


>not everyone is able to behold beauty
only golems and retards cannot behold beauty. if you unironically can't see the beauty in things, then start trying, otherwise your life is over,


If you like solving puzzles you'll probably enjoy getting back into math even if you didn't like it in school.

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Take your meds, goiemposter!


I love meth!


not him, just like the words that he used,


idk I think people are compromised at a hardware level so onion protocol doesn't do that much but maybe just lazy

in either case what area of math have you been exploring


Sorry bro, force of habit.
Abrahamics are the real golems here!




>he thinks it isn’t over
Where do you think you are?
Better buy Power 9 from Raptor Engineering while you still can.


Learning about the completeness theorem in logic and basic model theory. I want to understand the limitations of formal logic a bit better and how they came up with non-standard analysis.


Okay site. I don't like the moderation style, which is both loose and biased, and I can tell you aren't interested in the the same things as me, which isn't surprising given you enjoy doing math.

I don't think decent conversation outside of sterile technical discussions will ever flourish there.


Can you explain what you mean by biased?


You put stuff you dislike in /trash/, but that doesn't include people being assholes, or totally off-topic shit posts except the ones in math threads, which are kept pristine.


You mean like the guy posting "into the trash" and garbage trucks everywhere? He's just not posting that in the math threads, for whatever reason.


>You mean like the guy posting "into the trash"
One example.
>He's just not posting that in the math threads
Okay. So you wouldn't move them if he did?


Someone made a rude reply like that in a math thread at least once:
I didn't move it. I'm just less inclined to do moderation like that at the level of replies to threads. Although I might start if there's a demand for it, or a sufficient number of rude replies that it's hard to use the thread for its original purpose.


>thinking he wants decent conversation outside of sterile technical discussions




Traffic has picked up a lot in the past few weeks.