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Fat neets No.7696

Are you overweight? I am because I eat food to escape my feelings of inadequacy and being a disappointment to my parents


I lost a ton of weight when I had a job, but that was 10+ years ago. I'm somewhat overweight now. I don't have the motivation to lose weight, and I just don't like adrenaline/exercise. I just want to live in peace and be left alone. But god wants to torture me some more.


I'm technically overweight but the BMI is kinda bullshit if you're not a ~6ft male, because that is really the only type of person it was originally designed for. Happy to post a hot topless pic of myself if anyone cares to see


Also if you're really just eating to deal with inadequacy, replace food with running and failing that, amphetamines


I am, but only because of gluttony
Sometimes I feel so hungry


I'm 5'10".
I'm about 3 times the size that I should be.
I don't go out into the sun.
My hair is falling out. I have constant dandruff. I have "rashes" all over my body because of lack of sunlight.
My eyesight is so bad, that I had to get glasses 3(or 4. I can't remember) times.
Have my teeth are gone, including the front ones.
I will never be able to meet the "presentable" requirements of any job.
My genes and environment are complete shit. But unfortunately I can't find any (cowardly)way to end my life.


I eat to help me cope with my feelings whenever I feel bad, and I almost always feel bad.

I didn't actually get really fat until I had my first full time job and started binge eating to cope with the stress. Then I became a neet, but my binge eating habit didn't go away.

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based. according to the BMI this guy is overweight, and muscle is has more mass than fat


Ich habe keine lust!


Fat NEET=Happy NEET.