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Anyone else sometimes a shameful neet? like you don't do shit all day but it feels good. Yet you still feel bad for not helping out at all?


Yes. It’s kind of like growing up poor; you are always afraid of being wasteful.


definitely . did your parents also tell you that you sucked even though you did well in school as well as helped out around the house?


Not quite, but it sucks when they compare you to others even if those are your lessers. I was top of my class up through high school and never did a single chore or worked.


I did everything growing up and worked a lot in the past. Nothing beats being a neet now. How old are you (have long have you been a neet)?


I’m 23 turning 24 this year. Been NEET since 2015 with an interlude as a part-timer.


what made you decide to not go to college since you did so well in high school?


I did, briefly. I’m just a burnt out hs valedictorian. The burnt out uni valedictorians become monastics. Anyway there are always those unfortunates who peak in high school even the captain of the football team. Life and people move on.