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Incels No.8593

What's with all the incel posting on here now?

Can't non-incel/robot NEETs just have a place to themselves.


A few kids and normals found out I guess



I hope this place doesn't go to full complete shit but i did prefer when it was slow and comfy.


The incel-NEET overlap is undeniable. I don't think one necessarily leads to the other... but it usually does.


Nope, the entire internet is destined to be shit up by them.


I don't trust anyone who isn't an incel



So you only talk to other incels and robots?


women are shit. if you think they have any value, then YOU are the beta. women are one of the demon groups that god created. you should avoid them at all time and always oppose them, even if it's stealthily, like voting for a anti-women/abortion/women'-rights candidate, etc.
DON'T trust or engage with anyone that thinks that people should get married, or that women should have rights, or other gay beta retarded bs like that. women are demons that only create suffering for you, with the possibility of giving birth and continuing the cycle of suffering. and all women know they're demons.
Time to man-up and become an Alpha.


It already did. This is a frogposter incel board now. It's over. It will never be comfy again.


This is what happens when you have a laissez faire admin.


most neets are not incels. I've fucked a lot of times in the past few years and will never officially work or study

"NEET" is JUST the lack of official job/education at a given time. If you work part time or on the internet without working agreement - you are still offically neet. Unemployed.

japs wants their sheep engaged in official work yet you see them as some godly creatures. You are victims of underage internet fad. And probably real life anime fad with smelly fat chicks and dumb 4-eyed imbeciles.

its beyond pathethic but you lack self-awareness to realize it


being above this fad by making a clique or a board still makes you engaged with it, and is still pathethic, slightly more/less in different ways


>its beyond pathethic but you lack self-awareness to realize it


>"NEET" is JUST the lack of official job/education at a given time. If you work part time or on the internet without working agreement - you are still offically neet.
Look who's talking.
>I've fucked a lot of times in the past few years


> If you work part time or on the internet without working agreement - you are still offically neet.

Part-time workers and people who work online at home aren't NEETs you fucking retard

>I have fucked a lot

Get the fuck out normalfag.


women are shit. they always were and always will be. don't waste a single second on them. defend yourself in real life against them.
don't be a beta. if a woman steps up to you, then put her down.
if you like women, or think they have any value, then you are the most beta loser ever.


>muh wikipedia definition
fuck you fascist


*edits wikipedia*



Not a single NEET has a job that defeats the purpose of being a NEET dumbass.


If someone works less than full time, they are part time NEETs

NEETdom is on a spectrum

Deal with it moralfag


>posting real woman on anime site




>non-incel/robot NEETs
Doesnt exist. If you're a man who isn't constantly prostrating you're an incel now apparently.


You're so hopelessly delusional I hope you continue inviting frogposting r9k non-neet incels so the board can finally be put to sleep.

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>on a spectrum
No. It's not.


Anon just doesn't care about relations and sex anymore. I don't hate women though... why should I? Grow up, incel.


Would rather have frogposters than non frogposters


Almost all media (and pornography) idolizes union of the two sexes as the paragon of existence.

Even anime. Anything at all really.

Sex and relationships are so embedded into culture that if you are too docile it will consume you.

The newflash of how, well, that union has a ton of prerequisites and usually ends in an absurd amount of pain due to how fleeting it is - that sort of discussion leans toward an asceticism that's uncomfortable for most

But that's all it is.
Almost all media is built to make you want to propagate without proper planning and to land into more misery so that misery may be harvested.

It is too niche for a NEET to also be disengaged with media and to reject such viruses


You're proving my point; hating wamen = incel despite not being related to celibacy. You're mentally castrated.


>incel despite not being related to celibacy
That's wrong by definition of the term incel. That whole blackpill bs is just a cope and an oversimplified "solution" to blame everyone else for their own flaws. It's kinda sad and funny at the same time, but as some anon alrrady said itt: This board has been a much nicer place without that bunch of raging teenager incel edgelords. Go and circle jerk somewhere else, incels. - You're full of hate and everything you touch becomes shit.


garbage bait thread


The blackpill doesn't blame others for one's own flaws. It basically just says to temper your expectations because women are bad people. That's why we hold them to a lower standard than men


>"Look look! He read a book voluntarily! He's educating himself! Now he's going for a jog that's marathon training! Crypto speculation is a job! Not a NEET not a NEET!"
Gatekeeping NEETdom is so dumb. It's like you think if someone does anything other than crying in your bed all day, like you, they can't be NEET. At least all you fags are suicidal so this problem in the NEET community will solve itself


women are shit. only cucks think they have any value.
you can, and should, do your own cooking and cleaning. you should live alone, or with other MALES.
women are nothing but a determent.


>crying in your bed all day, like you
Oh boy, here we go...

If your not EMPLOYED, in school/college or in training. Is it that hard? Sure a NEET can trade crypto to get along. Just don't work for somebody else e.g. a company.


3... 2... 1... here come the IMPROOVEBROS!


incels are the evidence that humans are by default evil. if they weren't then there wouldn't be incels. checkmate. cope and seethe.


Crypto is a job


That bitch would look better with her head on a stick!


Incels aren't evil, women are. Hopefully transhumanism will make women obsolete and they will be replaced with synthetic waifus. Chads and women will be exterminated and Incels and robots will inherit the earth. After the last Incel dies with his cybernetic waifu at his death bead Homo Sapiens will be reduced to fossil record and in it's place machines will destroy the biosphere and euthanize all organic life.


Stop trying to have your cake and eat it too you obnoxious nigger


Why will chads and women be exterminated? Even the incels don't have be exterminated because artificial wombs will definitely be viable within 20 years of sexbots


Chads and women are evil criminals. They do not deserve to be happy. The universe is for incels and machines only.


jesus this imageboard is so shit and uncomfy now




You are not welcomed here, frogposter.


The based progressive frogposters vs the boomerneets. Truly a sight to behold


Frogposting is based you bluepilled faggot!


Kys, everything women touch becomes much worse than what incels touch. women are an inferior species that should be cowed into submission and used only for debauchery, raping females should not only be legal but encouraged, also abortion is to be done with a baseball bat and females should be forced to drink their own menstrual blood and eat the yeetus feetus after deletus. The blackpill is based and you know it you pathetic soyboy!


Based, non-frogposters go back to reddit!


It's called being a full-time crypto evangelist
Doesn't change the fact what incels touch still turns to shit case in point this board where I don't even see any females


Why can’t you folks understand that the labels people put on each other are the actual retardism? Stop skirmishing for whatever tribe you identify with, whatever the fuck it is.

Believe it or not, labels don’t and can’t define people, unless you let it define yourself. I’ve met some most nasty, scheming, malicious, dysfunctional, and just generally awful girls, and I also know girls who are genuine and kind and loving. It’s the same with guys, and if you believe otherwise, you are deluding yourself




Based, labels suck!


Autists should be killed off (including me)
Better than forever being a burden because they could never adapt to the real world
I hate this


Nah normies deserve to die, more than you do anon.


Why not both?


If normies die there's no one to take care of the autists



There is nothing wrong with gatekeeping.



This place is just turning into another /r9k/ advertising it on 4cuck was a mistake whoever did that deserves to die.


at least the autists can eat the normies corpses!


It's dead. Time to abandon this shitplace.


Threads used to be pretty comfy until idiots like you started complaining, now every new thread is just whining and soyjaks!
It's all your fault OP!


I would safely say that a large portion of people using the internet aren't having sex, Its why its so toxic. So most people you're talking to here are likely to be incels. Also most neets are, as women think they deserve better, when in reality they deserve aids.


It was already like that. This is just the immune response.


fucking CIA niggers are trying to spread their anti-incel propaganda everywhere they can on the internet well that's not going to work because they are all sexually female nigger golems programmed by the devil basically we should turn our board over to god you never lose your reward if you've earned something you can never lose it so like if some JEW wants to squash your imageboard don't worry god is perfectly just you can't lose your eternal reward you know it's impossible god's perfectly just so you never have to worry about some CIA nigger fucking nuking your board or some shit you never have to worry coz you always get your reward so you can goddammit that sounds like a fucking faggot MLK shit or some shit fuck that man anyway i like the irish revolution instead of the Mahatma Gandhi shit the irishman they did assassinations and did it manly instead of the fucking well anyway the point is you cant lose your imageboard coz god is perfectly just


Where can I go?


back to reddit you little faggot!


More like an autoimmune response!



Fuck off you /r9k/ faggots invaded this place this place was dead and comfy until you vorgins showed up.





Go back and cry on reddit you vorgin!



Not my fault this shit was happening before i made this thread and these /r9k/ retards invaded this place.


Your thread only catalyzed it, you are no better than these /r9k/ fags.
Essentially by starting this thread you have thrown gasoline on a smouldering ember and caused an inferno.


>you have thrown gasoline on a smouldering ember and caused an inferno.
Anon did the right thing.


Better than a frog boiling in a pot

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>most neets are not incels. I've fucked a lot of times in the past few years and will never officially work or study

You do realize incel doesn't mean virgin, right? It only implies a lack of sexual experience/romance despite attempts at trying.

Incels can be both virgins and non-virgins you are thinking of Robots which are basically hyper-incels because they have never had any sexual experience nor relationship experience.


necrobumped thread, do not reply


I had finally lost my virginity 2 years ago. The relationship didn't last, but it made me lament the many years I spent so bitter about women and men and hypergamy and alpha virgin chad beta cucks. Getting a relationship actually turned out to be kinda easy when I quit being a prick. When women fall for your heart they fall for your body too. I miss it, but now that I've had it I don't feel as insanely deprived despite how good it feels to fuck when you're both horny as hell


Where did you find a woman who wasn't a net negative on your life?


Why can't we have both?


incels own this site, including codemonkey admin. he's also an incel. i really wish i could dig their clique but i don't where they are.

my post and thread from yesterday about gf got deleted. who would do it if not incel? it doesn't bother anyone else but incels.


talking about women you fuck is one of the more common themes for males in random conversations.
and no one ever got envious or mad irl when ppl talk about it and even brag or share experiences.

only incels get mad. but maybe tranny and women are too but i won't count them as their opinions are irrelevant but incel is still a male.


It's boring.

You're boring.


who cares? i find most conversations irrelevant to me. especially here. almost ALL of you are younger than me and never held any jobs and had meaningful hobbies.

what matters is that some replies are getting deleted and some are not.

i don't think its because its boring. i left a lot of boring posts here. even talking about tor or cp is fine. but when i tell i got laid its haram. fuck off incel. YOU are boring, and its proven because you can't get laid.


They probably got deleted because you're posting with the deliberate intention to annoy people. But I guess that's an interesting point you're making. Personally, if it was me, i'd delete alot more posts as well.


Or maybe they got deleted because you're a normal and admin just doesn't like your posts. It's his right to delete what he wants anyway. You can post anywhere else if you don't like it.


if the ones are getting annoyed are incels there's no evil in it. also, its like, the only thing that annoys them.
annoying=trolling basically. you say that trolling is banned here?
borderline retardation/inceldom clique-based communities always fall into this pit.

ok, annoying, boring, what else? you can't hide your incelism. its the only reason. not "annoying" lol
first of all, i'm far from normal. admin is normal compared to me and i always remind him of it.

okay okay now its "he has the right"

still doesn't disprove my point of you and him being an incel OR fanservicing for incels since its his target audience. retards, incels, and teenagers. its who are expected to come
to this shitboard so admin and his cliques can have fun of them.


I don't like incels though. I don't think alot of the other users here do either.

I don't know if you noticed this, but there's an entire thread of some guy explaining about how he fucked his sister, and most of the replies are supportive of him.


You're just a troll anyway, so I don't know why i'm bothering...

"no u incel bad incel muuhhhh"


calling people normals for what they want to do themselves but can't. classic sour grapes. sex alone doesn't mean you are normal. and even if i was. what's the problem? the only ppl who hate "normies" are incels. only to grow out of it later. i bet admin and his clique doesn't behave like that at all. only on some imageboard where they can do it. not irl, not in other places on the internet.
i replied to that thread saying its a classic pasta from 4chad and the like. its a classic topic from newer times. we have those too, and i know who posts them, they are 20 year old teenagers trying to rally real retards with some made up stories and make fun of them, while making "content".
>You're just a troll anyway, so I don't know why i'm bothering...

one does not interfere with the other
you can be a troll, but still provide genuine replies that have meaning. you can make money and still remain a neet. you can have sex and not be normal. its all possible and true.


>I don't like incels though. I don't think alot of the other users here do either.

they are probably all incels including you. keep in mind some of the male population are omega males and those are even worse than incels and they do post on the internet.


Yeah, well i'm pretty disullusioned with the whole "normal/outsider" thing myself at this point. I rarely ever meet people who meet my standard for what i'd consider an "outsider" and essentially the terms pointless because the actual issue is something else entirely: dickheads and non-dickheads. Normal is sort of my synonym for "bad person", because I associate normality with sociopathy. The label is so utterly diluted though. I feel sick seeing all these completely average people (Aka sociopaths) trying to convince themeselves they're different when they're just exactly the same. "i posted le pepe and said nigger lmao i'm so special."

>you can be a troll, but still provide genuine replies that have meaning.
If only you did that.

>omega males
I don't know what that is. Would you please explain?


you know what it was deleted? admin and his clique couldn't find a way to gaslight having sex like they gaslight my other threads.

it is what it is. no way around it. the best they could argue is "he's normal" and delete it instead, while still remaining normal incels themselves. i don't know and don't really think its true. reasons are unknown. best bet is like i said - fanservicing for omegamales and incels and keeping them healthy. i don't understand why codemonkeys think they are neets, this site suffers from the same problems as wizchan. all incel sites do. even if their owners aren't true incels/neets, they still do this shit.


i guess normal is also my synonym for "shallow", people who focus on completely superfluous stuff like sex and social games and blablablabla


or who are obviously socialised by culture ie by falling for some meme group or using culure lingo ect just not individuals but outputs of an arbitrary enviorment


point is, deleting someone else's post for no good reason (for me even cp isn't good reason but that's me) is a spit in the face.
like, haha, cmon, you think you trolled us or something? even if we are incels or do this to troll incels we can still just delete your shit lol no matter how much time you spend with this and similar communities.

ok fine, if you want to spit in the face like that, fuck it, i'm leaving, don't have time for this stupid shit anyway anymore.


> sex alone doesn't mean you are normal.

Yes it does retard.


there are NEETS who don't hate women?


this so much this


>You're full of hate
you mean hatred.
"""""hate"""" is a bogus term which translates roughly to 'anything the elites ban you from thinking or talking about'