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I can't remember the last time I was outside


I can’t remember the last time I was inside a NEET gf


>he doesn't have an adorable loving NEET gf


I only go outside for a few minutes every monday (to put out the garbage bin).
It always feels so uncomfortably/painfully warm outside and my eyes hurt, but don't stop hurting until I go back inside. Sometimes when my "mother" and her new bf go on a trip, I sometimes eat breakfast(just a sandwich) outside. It does feel uncomfortable, even being in the backyard, since they put up cameras all around the house. They keep wasting money on useless garbage, instead of saving it up so I can have an inheritance. But I guess that doesn't matter, since they think that I'll be able to sort myself out, and that I'm no longer their problem when they're dead. People never seem to pay for their own mistakes. If a person made the mistake of having a child, and they're capable of living off of their wages, then they should forfeit their right to any inheritance, and should be forced to place a certain percentage of their income into an account for the kid that they made.


The last time I went outside was 5 weeks ago.
I have barely moved around in our house.
This is usually how it ends up during winter, at least during summer I'll have a little bit of short walks every couple weeks to not completely rot inside.

I have never been inside a woman (or had a gf for that matter).
Don't particularly want to either though. I'd prefer having a friend over someone who would inevitably dump me for being a loser.

I hate to say it anon, but you should live with the expectation that you get zero inheritance whatsoever. Even if they want to leave something for you, most elderly end up very poor at the end of their lifespan as they use up all their money at enjoying what little they have left of their lives by eating good food and drinking wine. Can't blame them for that though, when death is near it is natural to want to soothe your anxieties and being pensioned isn't exactly easy either when it comes to finances.
I do think that they should've put more care into making sure their children would have an easier time when they're gone though. Even a small inheritance will help greatly in improving people's lives. The thing is though, in the event that you get nothing, you should still have a plan. Not that I'd have one...


I have to go outside every day (buy bread and other things)
I can't remember the last time I was happy for more than a day


i don't even know what my street looks like, and i don't want to find out!


me neither anon, haven't been out in months now
hell i forget what most of my relatives look like now except my mom, dad and the three nieces that we mind most of the day


You people are so lucky


I would only leave my dungeon for this!


>implying friends can't ditch you if you're not sufficiently cool enough just as coldly as women monkey-branch


You just need to be cool. If you’re not cool, you won’t even be able to enjoy your own company.


God why couldn't this be reality?


transhumanism can make it reality!