sexy grasshopper.jpg (5.48 KiB, 256x256) google saucenao
Posting styles No.8775

>burst poster
This is what I do and what I've noticed a few other people do too. Basically once a day you bump like 10 threads within an hour of each other, then maybe create one proper thread. In my case it's usually when I walk to the store, but maybe it's when you're shitting or just when you do your morning drugs. Then I pretty much don't check anything until the next day.
>thirst poster
The type who posts indiscriminately at regular intervals and constantly refreshes the page. Need a better name for this one because they're actually necessary to keep a board functioning.
>activist poster
Someone notorious for shilling a very specific thing. One example we have around here is the serial-killer-in-training guy constantly posting headless women. It could also be a communist or MAP ally who derails every single thread into their favorite thing to talk about.
>avatar poster
Someone who plays a character and constantly attaches their posts to 1 of their 10,000 reaction pics of their chosen character. Some people super-hate this and many imageboards have criminalized this particular posting style but I think it's cool. I'm not the type of person who can pull off good avatar posting myself; I just really enjoy the vibe it brings to the board. It makes it using these places feel more like the VR forums in Serial Experiments Lain.
>blog poster
Someone who doesn't necessarily derail any threads, but does constantly post about unrelated personal stuff in threads where it's not appropriate. Perhaps also include schizo posters in this category.


Only now found this board. I like. Thanks for the run down and what not to do Chief.


Serial-killer-in-training anon here, I wouldn't call what I do activist posting, It's just plain shitposting.


>effort poster
The type who puts an unnecessarily large amount of time into their content because this is their main outlet for expression

golems.png (115.99 KiB, 640x480) google saucenao

>golem poster
a subset of the schizo poster who is a devout christcuck that rambles on about golems.


I see. Then, how exactly would you define shitposting? The connotation I have for "shitposting" is a verb for general imageboard use i.e. all posting without a purpose is technically shitposting. Posting something for advertisement would be shillposting, not shitposting.
>effort poster
>golem poster
Rejected. That targets a specific individual, so while it's technically a subset, that's not a useful categorization.


I define shitposting as making a funny, edgy, or provocative post with maximum effect using the least effort possible.
I'm not advertising headless women. I'm just stating an opinion. Personally I think thotty sluts would look better with their heads chopped off, I just find them less annoying that way, but others prefer the dead body intact, and others even prefer it alive.


Constantly posting Pepe the meme frog.


Defiling our beloved boards with CP


Cringe??!! Is that all you shitposting fucks cay say?! Durr based based based cringe cringe Based Based Cringe Cringe Based Cringe I Feel Like I’m In a Fucking asylum Full of dementia Ridden old people That can do nothing but repeat the same fucking words on loop Like a fucking broken record Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe based based Onions Onions Snoyy Onions Lol Onions Cringe Boomer Le zoomer I am Boomer Go Zoom Zoom Zoomies Zoomer Going Zoomies NNGAAAHHH I Fucking Hate The Internet so God Damn Much Fuck Shitposting Honest To God Fucking Hope your mother chokes on her own feces In hell You Cocksucker But OHHHHHHHHHH I know my post is cringe isn’t it Cringe Cringe Cringy cringe Based Cringe Based Reddit Cringe Based Cringe Zoom Cringe Onions Cringe Based REDDIT BASED AHHHHHHHHHHH


Posting while drunk, high or otherwise intoxicated.


>I'm not advertising headless women. I'm just stating an opinion.
My bad bro. I'm probably just projecting my own views on women.
>frog posters
Approved, as a subset of avatar posters. Alternative name: pepe posters.
>pedo posters
Tentative approval, but needs to distinguish between lolicons and pedo website shill posters.
>cringe posters
Rejected. No explanation necessary.


On pedo posters I'm referring to those who spam our boards with CP links,
Loli is perfectly fine and does not fall into this category.


>thot posters
People who post thotty 3D;PD w*man pics!


I always laugh when the communists come and derail threads to spew their edgy tankie nonsense!

F5E.gif (134.78 KiB, 640x480) google saucenao

>desu posters
Fat autistic weeaboos who end every post with desu.


cope some more faggot.
you don't understand how things truly work, so you just think you're a cool guy that stands around insulting others.
There's nothing "schizo" about reality. It's not rambling.
I guess you are one of those betas that still gives in to peer-pressure as an adult.
It's time for YOU to grow up and start seeing things for how they are.
You're not cool for not putting in any effort into posting or for remaining "neutral". There is only good and bad. "neutral" falls into the category of bad.
I'm done with this site and no-iq nogs like you. Enjoy being a no-iq homo.

Cope and Seethe, you beta homo.

asimov.png (237.26 KiB, 399x305) google saucenao

Wow you are such a cry baby. If you can't stand criticism get off the internet.

anakin.gif (891.32 KiB, 245x150) google saucenao

You do realize concepts such as good and evil are childish themselves and being so black-and-white about it just proves your immaturity even more.
There is no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil. some real world examples.
During the Yugoslav wars:
For Serbian kids, Croats are evil.
For Croatian kids, Serbs are evil.
In Ireland:
Protestant says taigs evil queen good.
Catholic says prods evil pope good
In the cold war:
The USA says: The soviet union are authoritarian godless communists.
The USSR says: America are the corrupt bourgeois exploiters of the proletariat.
If you saw Star Wars you can see this very concept when Anankin proclaims that the Jedi were evil. The Sith were much worse, but the Jedi Order was far from perfect.
Take your meds, anon!


glowies in the dark


>necro poster
Constantly necros threads. A few of these are helpful in any imageboard ecosystem, but too many or too active necro posters get annoying fast.


cool necromancer, bro!


>bro poster
A friendly poster who calls everyone bro and gives compliments.


You got me bro, I hope you're doing well, anon!


>vent poster


Time to make a retarded MBTI test for post style

We need four categories.

Rough draft:
Conformist <-> Individualist
Aggressive <-> Passive
Principled <-> Funny
Masked <-> Unified

The last quadrant means whether you post under multiple personalities/false personality or are consistent with one

So, for example
>activist poster
Conformist, Aggressive, Principled, Unified
>thirst poster
Conformist, Passive, Funny, Unified
>avatar poster
Individualist, Aggressive, Funny, Unified
>blog poster
Individualist, Passive, Principled, Unified
>effort poster
Individualist, Aggressive, Principled, Unified
>necro poster
Individualist, Passive, Funny, Masked
>drunk poster
Conformist, Aggressive, Funny, Masked
>vent poster
Individualist, Aggressive, Funny, Masked
>frog poster
Conformist, Passive, Funny, Masked

this textbox is too small to see if there are accidental overlaps. But you get the idea.


Another category may be "Dedicated" <-> "Indifferent"
This helps distinguish between an Aggressive type that calls you a shithead and leaves vs an aggressive type that stays in thread to argue.
Same with passive types.
It basically measures the amount of time you spend on the board


Was this metaposting really necessary?

aaf.png (183.38 KiB, 771x804) google saucenao


163.png (642.82 KiB, 881x983) google saucenao

posting style that describes a posting style.

id.jpg (322.54 KiB, 1737x1152) google saucenao

>id poster
Always accompanies his posts with screenshots of early FPS games, mostly those made by ID software and friends.


>trek poster
Accompanies his posts with Star Trek pics or talks about Star Trek.

supbra.png (1.21 MiB, 1902x1076) google saucenao

❌ Fortunately, I don't think those "people" are common enough to warrant an entire category.
❌ too specific and simultaneously difficult to discern without access to a webcam
🉑 means "acceptable" which now is the stamp you get for "approved"
🉑 I urge you to all strongly emotionally reinforce broposters, as they will be our greatest strength in the battles ahead
🉑 good call this type actually is quite distinct from a blogposter and I doubt most people realize that
>4 axes of post style categorization
🉑 🉑 🉑 I love it!
who represents?... (spoiler for my top picks)
Conformist, Aggressive, Principled, Masked: tankie
Conformist, Aggressive, Funny, Unified: tripfag B-type
Conformist, Passive, Principled, Unified: glowie
Conformist, Passive, Principled, Masked: doomposter
Individualist, Passive, Principled, Masked: wizard
Individualist, Passive, Funny, Unified: tripfag A-type
Individualist, Aggressive, Principled, Masked: I got nothing chief
🉑 though it's really hard to tell how common these guys are. There can't be that many of them, but that name is just too cool.
❌ too specific
tentative ❌ so I can evaluate people's reaction to a rejection of trekkie culture here. It's big on some other sites and I suppose technically would an avatarposter subclass but nowhere near as a big as pepeposting lets be real


>I urge you to all strongly emotionally reinforce broposters, as they will be our greatest strength in the battles ahead
thanks bro!


Enjoyable post.

I'm a mix between burst and triste poster.


Based desu.


Where do broposters fit in on these 4 axes?


Posting pictures of Elliot Rodger and talking about incel topics.




Someone who starts new threads complaining about how this board has been defiled by Incels/r9k edgelords.
Also has a tendency to post a retarded gif of a hypnotized Suiseiseki.


>mugwump poster
A person who acts independently or remains neutral, especially in politics.


Should we have terms to distinguish between posters who diligently post images with each post and posters who only post text? Also:
Posting mainly from your phone. This is indicated by repetitive image usage, autocorrected spelling errors, and typically short posts


I'm a boomer who hates cellphones with a passion but i still like to include an image as much as I possibly can.
I don't know how anyone could be so masochist as to post using a toy cellphone, even resizing the browser window on my 4:3 boomervision monitor causes the responsive layout to be unusable! OK for reading, but actually posting is infuriating!

>Some boomer rants about cellphones:


also checked



7f8.gif (835.46 KiB, 500x375) google saucenao

Phone-posters are more likely to insert certain utf-8 characters of a nature that is unspeakably evil!


Describing lewd/perverted fantasies involving the poster and his (or someone else's) waifu!


A subset of horny posting, involving graphic sexual acts (mostly rape, but not always) involving black people. This is a quick and easy way to troll/offend sensitive people who are easily butthurt with edgy racist rhetoric. Sane people just laugh at this nonsense in all its retardation.


tentative 🉑 unless someone objects to hornyposting. If we're gonna have hornyposting we gotta have rapeposting and this anon is correct that many quality rape scenes are black on white or asian. I personally like to keep my erotic and meme sites separate tbh tho. is where I come AFTER I cum.
I'm no prude and it IS a real phenomenon seen in the wild, so tentative 🉑 but I see how this could get out of hand and annoying real fast. Perhaps we shouldn't encourage this behavior by giving it a label at all. Ditto for the last one. Memes have an impact on reality. Wield with caution.
🉑 I see no reason why not. Double p always looks nice. Oh wait you meant about image posters. Hmmm... how about we call guys who don't post pictures diligently:
>mugwump poster
🉑 but I prefer radical centrist tbh
🉑 but I prefer to call it bitching or faggotry tbh
❌ unfortunately based/cringe is passe already. Like, they use these terms on mainstream TV now. I know, total bummer, I liked saying it too...
❌ are that many people really obsessed with this guy to the point we need a term? Incelposting and blackpilling are already more than sufficient as descriptive terminology. His manifesto was kinda funny but he wasted his killing spree on some random nobodies like a loser, his K/I/D wasn't even impressive, & I'm pretty sure he killed more men than women.
fuck there was word for engaging in this autistic celebration of pretty numbers... it's not checkposting... what was it?


That anime sucks shit out of my ass and licks my butthole clean.


Christianity is gay!


Normie TV ruins everything! I cancelled my cable long ago.

b.gif (17.72 KiB, 152x168) google saucenao

Bumping competition with dancing letter gifs, funny but gets annoying fast!
Except as a last resort to defile cringe threads that either don't belong or are retarded and pointless, but restrict your dancing derogatory dissing to that single thread, we don't want good threads polluted
sage'd so the underage autismo squad don't immediately become aware and go full retard ITT!