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NEET Literature No.907

What are some good books written by or about NEETs? Preferably something funny. Pic related.


A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole is very NEET-ish in my opinion. The main character definitely hates wageslavery and the book has comedic vibes.


Have you read this book? Is it any good? I'm wondering because It's not very popular, as there is one post about it from the author on reddit with 0 replies. Could you be the author himself or somebody that knows the author?


John Kennedy Toole died in 1969.
The Magic Mountain.


Seems interesting. I might have to give this one a read. Do you happen to have a download link or is it possibly on the internet archive?


Disregard that question, ">>2078". I ended up finding a copy. I'll read it either whenever I have the time or possibly after I finish my next meal here in a couple of hours. Granted you even still come by this thread or this imageboard these days.


Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is relatable.


My parents are kind to me right now but that's because they want me to recover. Just like in the Metamorphosis they'll soon get tired and start to hate me.