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Remember: Ignore wojak and pepe threads No.9445



Ignore loli threads


Ignore this!

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>wojak and pepe
You implied soyjak is okay


Based. Touché OP!


nothing better than a troon soyjak hanging itself!


A pic for you fren




Yes the pic also implies soyjak is funnier


I would be willing to create an alternate neet imageboard that bans common culture like pepe, wojak, incel posting, etc.

Just a place for mostly unplugged NEETs.
Anyone interested?


I would need help with moderation though.


could ban images altogether...


Just go to


Was aware of the site but felt like I didn't fit in. Oh well, I'll try once more.

Officially leaving for
Farewell... neets...


And miss out on cute pictures?


This site feels so fake





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baded desu!



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You probably won't see this, but I would be in.


Banning Incels from NEET boards is just stupid and a board that has such a policy is destined to fail.


Based. It's all bluepilled failures and fuck-ups trying to create an artificial safe space to circle-jerk in a cloud cuckoo lander care bear world!


Shut up


>N-nOOOOOO! Y-YOU Can't just BAN ME!!


I don't remember high school kids in summer vacation being considered as NEET.


thinking of alternatives.

want to get away from all topics pertaining to
>incel/social hierarchies/women/porn
>memes/pepe/wojak/commonly posted meme images like back2reddit
>meme terminology i.e. 'based'
>relationships and friends
>"""""mental illness"""""; general psychology is ok but no "diagnosis" \\\ labels in general
>advertising/discord in any manner whatsoever

it's like these people are infected. you can tell they're just a node in the hivemind

I don't understand why the above is so interesting
passé for the ascending NEET

may just make it so


>want to get away from all topics pertaining to
>meme terminology i.e. 'based'


You will never get NEETbux!


Just what is wrong with porn, may I ask???


You can ban incel discussion while allowing incels themselves. Not everyone wants or needs to have the blackpill drilled into them. It already happens 24/7 thanks to reality. Imageboards are supposed to be an escape from that


I have an idea to appease both the incels and those who are sick of them, create a new containment board called /incel/ it will essentially be the NEET equivalent of /pol/ while still being less retarded. incels can ventpost all they want on /incel/ and /neet/ becomes less polluted. I doubt it will do anything against frogposters and wojak/soyjak threads, but the best thing to do is not complain so loudly since your whining is just giving these shitposters what they want.


I sincerely doubt incels want to have the bluepill forced down their throats either. I have seen some people make some severely cringy bluepilled claims on this board.


There is a reality where you do not watch porn. And to describe that reality to someone entrenched in porn will only result in scoffs.
Maybe this could be a time for you to reflect on what sincere benefits you get from porn; spoiler alert: there aren't any, the same as an alcoholic
Useful suggestion, but I think the admin is generally MIA
The issue with incels is that they worship sex the very same as "chads" or "stacies" and it gets old
There are a lot more things that are interesting in life than sex or dealing with women


But I also agree with your sentiment; I think the blackpill has merit and seeing bluepill stuff gets old too.
That's why it's better to ban relationship discussion altogether and autistically talk about invested interests


It's not like the terminology itself, it's just a great litmus test for someone who is an urchin
It requires some self-definition and restraint to be able to use "based" sparingly and effectively

But using "based" and "cringe" every post is cringe. Shows a lack of integrity and values.


>The issue with incels is that they worship sex the very same as "chads" or "stacies" and it gets old
I don't, personally i think sex is just a meme, what i want is genuine companionship a lucoa-style hug does more for my feels than an orgasm ever could.


Sure, but the reason it may not be worth wanting such things is the amount of difficulties in sustaining that idyllic life with another person

Most people are volatile; women even more so.
You may enjoy that hug for a week or two and then a year passes and the shackles are felt around your neck


Cringe??!! Is that all you shitposting fucks can say?! Durr based based based cringe cringe Based Based Cringe Cringe Based Cringe I Feel Like I’m In a Fucking asylum Full of dementia Ridden old people That can do nothing but repeat the same fucking words on loop Like a fucking broken record Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe Cringe based based Onions Onions Snoyy Onions Lol Onions Cringe Boomer Le zoomer I am Boomer Go Zoom Zoom Zoomies Zoomer Going Zoomies NNGAAAHHH I Fucking Hate The Internet so God Damn Much Fuck Shitposting Honest To God Fucking Hope your mother chokes on her own feces In hell You Cocksucker But OHHHHHHHHHH I know my post is cringe isn’t it Cringe Cringe Cringy cringe Based Cringe Based Reddit Cringe Based Cringe Zoom Cringe Onions Cringe Based REDDIT BASED AHHHHHHHHHHH


I ought to modify my original text to say "worship relationships"


I'm okay with not banning copypastas though :^)


Thanks anon, i just couldn't resist posting that.


Shame women can't be reprogrammed.
But good news everyone, these guys are working on a solution to this problem.




I'm not in favor of banning anything because free speech not only protects the right of the speaker but also the listener/reader. to paraphrase Hitch

>When someone is denied the right to speak then I am also denied the right to hear them.

While I can't stand chirstcucks and their bible bullshit, censoring them wouldn't do me any good since it would deprive me the enjoyment of pissing them off with logic and facts and watching them sperg out in an inept attempt to defend their imaginary friend's non-existent feelings.


Free speech is a spook.
If you openly say something taboo people will ostracize you regardless.

"Free speech" is a convenient euphemism for conformism, for most people.
You cannot override human nature.

"Free speech" implies a free society, which is not the case.

Denying the right to discuss topics already known allows new possibilities, novelties; the reason one BROWSES an imageboard in the first place.

The ones not allowed to be talked about are listed right there.

There's nothing wrong with basic SOCIAL CONTRACTS where I do not have to deal with retarded people and their dumb fucking opinions. I want to hear about what you DO with those dumb fucking opinions, not WHINE about POLITICS, INCEL SHIT, RELATIONSHIP SHIT, with MEME SHIT as a SHITTY MASK for a SAD PERSON.

NEET.MOE is a PRODUCT, and I want a fucking BETTER PRODUCT

And I can BUY your ASS, and I would buy your "free speech" institutions of MOST MEDIA OUTLETS if they weren't already CONTROLLED by people WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU

>The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind


The fact that you get enjoyment out of pissing people off... there are more entertaining things to do


OK, Max Stirner.

nigger.jpg (132.66 KiB, 974x580) google saucenao

>If you openly say something taboo people will ostracize you regardless.
That's why imageboards implemented something called anonymity. We don't know anything about each other but we can freely relish in the joy of calling each-other "nigger" something that is impossible on any site with mods acting as a thought police. If you want a place where you're not allow to say anything controversial, I can point you in the right direction, it's called reddit.


t. butthurt christcuck.


Someone who gets it.


True anonymity is only achieved through a concept of "don't use the internet"


There's the best alt-chan that bans all of this shit and is super comfy. I spend lot of time there nowadays. It starts with an H. Go search for it, you know where to lurk. When you get in, lurk and READ THE RULES. You don't want to ruin one of the few comfy places left, don't you? So try your best once you're in.


H for Himitsu!


H for Hentai


Is it six letters long and sounds like a greeting?


Rules are gay.


I hate to disillusion you fellas but frogposters have been with us since the very beginning and it's quite likely they're here to stay, Just fucking cope. Stop complaining about something as trivial as a stupid meme and add to the more comfier threads.


Fucking CIA Niggers!


The problem with that site is it's affiliated with ***.




Thing is comfy means different things to different people. I also haven’t kept up with alt-chans in a while.


you are right for butthurt soyboys comfy boards are saturated with rules and mods to rival or even surpass reddit in cancer. for the freethinking anarchist comfy means the only rule is there are no rules and everything is permitted as long as it's not CP. pedoposters can go to hell!


>[...] anarchist [...] everthing is permitted as long as it's not

You can't have your cake and eat it too neostatist-kun


You don't need a police force to oust pedos any person with a sense of righteousness and respect for their kids would lynch the first pedo that touched them.
Take this cake-eating-tan!


Go and nofap with Gary Wilson then.
I'll keep enjoying myself with my waifu.
Wanking is good for you and porn makes it easier.