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NEET Blog No.9578

Hello NEETs.

Recently our board has been afflicted.
They're among us.
They're here right now.

Fear not, for we may overcome them.
And so we begin to overcome them: how?
Well, by not paying them mind and instead paying our mind to things worth the time.

So initiates this thread.
As soon as this thread is over, that's it.
The enemy wins.

They're been winning for ages.
You've been here for ages.
We are even our own enemy.

Fear not, for we began this thread.
This thread has been already written, and so it appears once more as it always has.
You will remember with time what happened last loop.

Do not be deterred by the growing mass of shitposting that will fester below.
Dung balls will cake in on replies; quicksand out of sludgy brown liquid.
So they come, and so they glue together whatever sludge is left to break your will.
Don't let them break your will.

You are here for some reason, and so this thread was created. It's a bridge. It's a haven. [It's a tumor. It's futile.] It's [not] a sanctuary.

Until next time.

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Hello NEETs.

This thread will be blogish until something more interesting presents itself.

There's no difference in writing a long series of words vs posting porn and two words: "based" or "cringe". People like to think there's a tangible difference, but difference toward _what_?

It depends on how you think about karma; yet even within karma here there's not much repercussion. What tangible difference does it make? I reckon not a whole lot. Whoever reads this will continue their ways, and I continue mine, and we both wasted a couple of minutes (or less, if you too disengaged to bother looking beyond images.)

Of course it'll influence who you are. What you read: you're feeding your mind. Be angrier with every argument and a tad cannibalistic with every porn click. Render your entire worldview into flesh-walkers and fuck them or toy with them until you are the one toyed with (as you've always been)

Well, as I've repeated again and again: there's NO REASON to write this much. Likewise there's NO REASON NOT TO write this much.

For a closing, there are two things on my mind to share with you, which pertains to the general theme of this second blog post.


I called on Dr. Johnson one morning, when Mrs. Williams, the blind lady, was conversing with him. She was telling him where she had dined the day before. "There were several gentlemen there," said she, "and when some of them came to the tea-table, I found that there had been a good deal of hard drinking." She closed this observation with a common and trite moral reflection; which, indeed, is very ill-founded, and does great injustice to animals -- "I wonder what pleasure men can take in making beasts of themselves." "I wonder, Madam," replied the Doctor, "that you have not penetration to see the strong inducement to this excess; for he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."


Karma is just a meme.


Karma will be defined as the law of consequences.
Karma, in this case, is just another word for cause and effect.

The cause and effect here is still minimal, yet nevertheless there. That's the partial point, really.


Then why not use a more reasonable term like (in)determinism? That not only explains cause and effect better but also exposes the meme of free will as just being yet another meme.


Karma is a cute word.


Still a forced meme though.


there is no such thing as a forced meme if we are to be quite honest with ourselves. most memes, from 2009 at least, were pushed by a small group of posters or originated from a single thread, and went on to influence the entirety of the internet, and this is doubly true for real world memes,
the idea of a "forced" meme was popularized in the /qa/ soyjak era wherein a few raiders constantly used soyjaks on boards where they were unwanted. not so much "forced" (as many memes in the past relied on a few anons spamming them) as pushed onto those who did not want them. quite simply, this is not applicable to karma,


just because it's an IRL meme doesen't mean it's less annoying than frog/wojak. Karma spammed just as much by newage nuts as pepe the frog is spammed by 4cucks.


Newage rhymes with sewage.


There's a big difference between getting frustrated with a term and getting frustrated with a term that has been coerced into meaning something far different than what it does in the source text.

Akin to the word "gay" which has been co-opted into sodomy. The case of "gay" is far different than "based", for example - based has no precedence.

The reason I use the words I do is because I like them. Words point to things, they do not exist in themselves.

That's what the language game is. Language is not absolute.

You have an object. Karma vaguely points to that object. So does in-determinism. So does cause and effect.

We can choose any of these words to point to the same object. Would I have been better off using something explicit like "cause and effect"? Likely, and I agree. Because while Karma points to that object, unfortunately it also points to other objects like low level morality, "other lives" and so on.

The reason I still use Karma is because the original word, undefiled, is cause and effect. It's succinct, simple, and holds the connotation of metaphysical consequences, not just material.

And I believe it's important to keep the metaphysical in mind.

And just because people have taken a simple word and defiled it does not mean I need to bow down and no longer use it the way it ought to be used. "Ought" in this context is within my sole discretion, and that discretion is backed by the original texts that talk of Karma.

Metaphysical in this context would just mean the rules that govern our reality, or the superset of perception. The Great Unknowns.

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You are right, that is why I always refer to black people as niggers. Not to cause offense, not because I think they are inferior. I just like the sound of the word nigger better than the term "African American." Since all humans come from Africa everyone in America is technically African American. But if you have high amounts of melanin and are immune to sunburn, you should feel honored when I dub thee: nigger.


Sure, not using nigger is another example of bowing down to people.

Since the precedence of nigger has always been one of looking-down toward another, I don't see how it could contribute positively to my life by using it though.

The words you use have an effect on your life, even if you are alone.

This isn't about nigger in particular, but all cuss words. Even using cuss words to come off as "more effective" instead detracts from the point and shows instead a troglodyte behind the keyboard.

It is hard to think of a case where words with clear negative intent: shit, fuck, asshole, cunt, etc - have a positive effect on reality. Insulting people rarely changes them; labeling them is no different.

If I had to use these words to "fit in" with a crowd or to show "I'm one of you" I would feel pathetic for acquiescing.

So, in the same vein, using the word "nigger" online is the same way one avoids the word "nigger" in reality.
That same elbow nudge:
>Am I cool?
>Don't I get it? I'm not afraid to use the word!
>Am I accepted?

You may not be afraid, but it's still an exhibition of conformist behavior and that's boring.

You still are either
A. seeking approval from others
B. cornered into a masked expression of ironic dissonance due to an inability to construct anything more than shitposts.

So, in short, you may do these things, but I don't think it supports you in any manner whatsoever

If B is sincerely the case, there's nothing wrong with that either. All posts are useless, and to pretend otherwise is pathetic


Shitposting forever nigger!
Troglodyte keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


>They live!
>They are among us!
>They glow in the dark!
Fucking CIA niggers!


Hello NEETs.

I sit here sifting through some pistachios, as I decide what next to relay to you. So prominent politicians come to mind. Rehearsing their bad news into a rally for change, for expression, for a future.

No, I will not self-appoint myself as the head of neet.moe nor does neet.moe need any such thing. Rather we're here in this assembly room and waiting for the talent show to commence. We whisper to one another wondering if they'll slip when they come on the stage. We secretly hope they don't.

It is with this sentiment that I finish my pistachios and witness the ensemble, let them paint the air with their coordinated tune.
May I bring out a harmonica and match the chorus.

But I'll pocket that and instead wonder what to do with this thread. I am open to suggestions.

Every thread needs its journey... and we've still yet to select a location.



Trump is a nigger!