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Why this once beautiful board turned into a steaming pile of poop: underage edgelords/incels

If you are an underage incel edgelord, please stop posting immediately. Thank you.


Shit thread. kys.


Which is better: a complainer or a shitposter?

The case for a shitposter is, no matter how regurgitated their posts are - unoriginal par excellence - they still are painting the world they want to see.

They want to smear shit all over an imageboard.
And so their deeds bring them closer to that reality.
They revel in delight; satisfied and blanket-rolled.

A complainer has some dissonance at hand:
although they vaguely want to return to "older times" do their deeds bring them closer to that reality?
That doesn't seem to be the case.

The complainer instead stares at their desired reality without taking steps toward it.
How they sigh about how it once was rather than do something about it!

The largest irony is that they support the rot; at times their posts mesh with the shitposter; lukewarm contentions about something that needs to be done.
The wife with a rolled knuckle on the waist asking for the tire to be fixed and sighing even when attempted, for another issue seizes her mind.
The catalog tacks on another post of, ultimately, filler - just more of a cotton candy kind. The shitposter's thread may be rock solid manure, but it still is a solid block toward their desired end goal: a shitty board.
The cotton candy thread may seem like an improvement - a shift in sentiment is at hand! - and yet take a bite to find it all condense into air, to have it scatter.
We find ourselves still at square one.

In short, it is better to be the shitposter, because of the congruence between desires and actions as well as the satisfaction thereafter.


You sir speak the truth. Cope and seethe whineposters. Edgelords Wojak and Frogs are here to stay. At least Shitposters in all their retarded autism still have the ability to make you laugh!

Whining takes all the fun out of an imageboard, if you want to go back to the old ways instead of complaining


why not start a thread that is interesting and worth peoples time, or necro some of the older threads that are good, Wouldn't you prefer to talk about how hot your waifu is? What cool drug you managed to buy on some onion site and its effects, or how may Cats you have adopted.

True, you may be disappointed by the next
>I'm Big Buck Bunny and I'll make your asshole feel funny.
Shitpost of a thread but no matter how retarded the posts in the thread may be at least they have the potential to put an unwanted smile on your face. Whenever I see a thread that says

>this board is shit now incels ruined it!


>frogposters go back to r9k, you too wojak!

I instantly say to myself not another one! I am starting to believe that folks like you are nothing more than a false flag setting up bait for the frogposters and the incels to debauch our board. I too agree that this board has become far less comfy recently than it was a few months ago but in all honesty I would prefer the shock value and /pol/ level retardation of some edgelord pretending to be a lot younger than he really is making a scene on the internet than the ineffectual and pathetic moping and longing for the past, yet doing nothing but encouraging edgelords and trolls who see you as an easy target to spread their cancer even further.
You want to return to the old days, I understand, but so far you have done nothing but make your problems worse.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


It's a copy of 4chan now




this tbh. kthxbye


Bye Bye!


Complainers are mourning the loss of a board.
It's the right thing to do.


This board isn't lost, There are still good threads to add to. Stop being a cry baby talk about something interesting.
Prove that you are better than these edgelord shtposters.
Don't let your memes be dreams.


Probably got posted to 4chan or something.

Anyway, mourn the loss and then get out now OP. Preserve your sanity.


Also, complainer posting is based. Why would anyone bother trying to salvage a shit board if they can just move onto a better one? May as well just complain about it and then leave


>If you are an underage incel edgelord, please stop posting immediately. Thank you.

only after you animecel

ppl who you are complain about are older than u


last time i've checked 4channers think of as a shameless fed honeypot and any r9k long-regular knows all those boards anyway


>shameless fed honeypot
Honestly what does this even mean


some kind of false drama is going on
this board had almost no posts just earlier this year
now it's a punching bag of some chan clique. it was funny seeing "desu desu desu" knowing the dude wasn't even probably born at the time it was posted..




Whats the chan clique


But yeah i stopped using this place a while and within like a month theres a massive activity spike so something mustve happened maybe

Whos the gaytards own up sista!


>Implying more posts = good

I prefer a dead board than a shitty one


I prefer shitposters tan whineposters.

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but of course nothing beats bro posters!


your effort will be in vain, there's no community to begin with


A way to hide threads would solve this problem. Lets contact the admin


Oldcels don't get any respect
The admin plainly doesn't care


Write a userscript, it's not like programming in opcodes.

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Alright complainercucks every time i see a whinethread at the top of the board I will necropost a thread with a frog or a wojak
>you have been warned!
If you want to talk here, or any other mope filled thread, fine but remember to type sage in the key field


speeding up the death of the board would be a good thing.


frogposters needs to be shot on sight.


whineposters too.




This so much!