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a[de\part]per(shiz)ture No.9732

I am a sick NEET... I am a horrible one.

No I do not know what makes me so ill, nor do I care to reason about it here.
I know perfectly well there's nothing achieved with these words, and there's no one to listen to them.
Well, let them be written anyway!

You see, I've come to a terrible crossroads...
a crossroads that has thirty splits and forty minutes to twenty dimensions, each with a carousel at least.
A carousel of all things!

But you see.... the first step is waiting.
Which way from here?
No, no, I know there's nothing you could reasonably reply with here.
That's fine.
No one can answer.
No one has for awhile. No one at all!

"If you do what you did, you get what you got."

Have you gotten what you came here for?
Have you?
To leer over the edge; a sailboat against the suds of opportunity!
Surely you know it?
Surely your ancestors kn[o|e]w it?
Surely we once knew it...

What do you know?

In either case... it seems I can no longer manage a mask here, there.
Anywhere else for that matter.
I'm tired of hiding.
What's the use?

You may fancy yourself a renegade, a Parisian of one; the offcast isle farmer wrangling some shrimp in.
Yet you're here, you're here. Why?

With this I renounce all my threads.
There is nothing more to say.
Time to shut the doors.
As I once did.
As I once did...


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That film was gay.
Here's a better one.


shut up
there is no way to be truly alone. those who are often become truly dead, mentally and spiritually. you must keep bonds, otherwise you shall float into the void between nonexistence and existence. i hope you shall come to grace these doors once more, but perhaps you never shall. that is fine. goodbye, friend. i did not know you, but i think i understand,