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cool dungeon bro.


I'm curious what's behind that sci-fi door?
Is it an air-lock?


you WILL live in the pod


the capsule hotel has an aesthetic that is difficult to truly describe. an futuristic simplicity, an minimalistic coziness, an blend in between the organic and the mechanical, an serene perfection. i think that it is likely one of the greatest pieces of art made in the 20th century, and likely one of the best of all time,
truly a pity that it was replaced by what was essentially a weak, corporate, consumerist, minimalism. there is no time in modern japan to conserve any beauty beyond the sellable, no belief in preservation of the great creations of the contemporary artists and no love for the truest form of the post-mishima japanese aesthetic. a truly sad state of things, reflective of the death of beauty in this post-truth world,
likely a bathroom of some sort. an airlock is a thing only used in a spaceship, which this is not. it is, however, likely modeled after the spaceships of the 60s, as the simple curves seem to suggest,
the idea that this is anything similar to a "pod" or somesuch is ridiculous. is it less ornate than gothic architecture? perhaps. is it more sterile than classical? perhaps. but it keeps a certain function over form in it's form over function (if you understand what i mean), rather than the truly only functional death while alive of the pods,


This is the space-age dream home of any Hikikomori!
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A space that small actually forces you to go outside.


Yeah you probably should install a secondary door to keep the wagie suppliers away from the control post, but that aside pretty comfy NEET capsule.


Shame that they are tearing it down. The first time I knew about it around a decade ago, I kept hope that someday I'd be able to spent at least a night in one of those capsules.


Reminds me of stupid urbanists trying to extirpate brutalist architecture, I'll never forgive them!!!


>Shame that they are tearing it down


They think it looks too soviet or that it ages badly. Dumb fucks, Brutalism was a space age movement!