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Message to admin thread No.9897

If you have anything you want to communicate with the admin, don't use the contact email, use this thread!

Thank you for paying for and managing this site!


Great board admin!


What do you think about creating a new board for Incels? Essentially a containment board, It would appease both of the rival factions on this board.
Personally I am a mugwump in regards weather /incel/ is created or not.


I would like to help clean this hell but I don't think that's possible


you suck!


This board doesn't need censorship.


They should not be here in the first place.


Make me able to hide threads please!!!!!


Neither should you!


Just write a userscript, bro.


It does, badly


Go back to reddit if you love censorship so much!


Reddit loves w*jaks porn and other trash


Yeah and they also love censorship of anything non-pc and hate incels as much as you do. It is a cancerous place where you belong.
W*jaks and Fr*gs are everywhere: just cope m8;


Containment boards don't work and often have the opposite effect due to bleedover


You have TONS of places in the internet with shizos like you, why do you have to pullute a few good places like

Just go to rk9 or, places where you belong.


having a containment board with the occasional bleedover is better than no containment board at all. if /pol/ didn't exist you would be seeing race war threads and other shit all over 4chan, Yes, you will see the occasional /pol/tard rant about niggers in /a/ but without /pol/ every other thread would be a Hitler shilling, holocaust denial or other alt-right thread. I am certain that given their own board all the NEETcels will be able to blackpill each-other on /incel/ and /neet/ can be dedicated to hobbies and passions that don't belong on /a/ /g/ /v/ or /nihongo/.
Technically any board that isn't modeled on /b/ is a containment board have you seen a programming related thread on /neet/ and I'm not talking about an anon mentioning that he is a programmer in a thread, I'm talking something like:
>/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread
Why is that thread not on /neet/ because /g/ exists and that is where it belongs.
It is not up to you if incels exist or not, if you don't like us, fine don't reply to our posts and we will not reply to yours, just remember this, the blackpill is the truth, we will bury you.


>Incels are all schizos.


You have other websites where you can post, and they are many. No need to post here. is not about incelism, is about neet lifestyle. We are not the same even though we have some things in common.

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A NEETcel is either (1) someone who believes that their status as a NEET is a major contributor to their inceldom, or (2) someone who is an incel and also is a NEET, either because they see no point to working (since they cannot betabuxx), or for other reasons. Many incels are discriminated against in the workplace for their looks or poor social skills, so it becomes a contributing factor in why they become NEETs.

Some incels are NEET for political reasons as they do not wish to contribute taxes to a purse which disproportionately benefits normies, Chads and Stacy's or just sex-havers in general. These incelists argue that a large proportion of single mothers who produced children from their wild hooking-up during their teens and 20s eventually become single mothers on welfare. As such, since incels were not invited to these hooking up parties, incels wonder why they should pay for the after-effect of a party they were excluded from. To incels, this makes about as much sense as paying the rent of a random person you do not know, halfway across the world. Others have chosen the NEETcel path out of misanthropy, and subsequent unwillingness to engage in a society they feel has rejected them.


Most NEETs here hate women anyway so how do you think throwing all the NEETcels out will make the slightest difference?


True, but I still think we should welcome incels with open arms. After all, most NEETs are also incels. Rather than incels making NEETs worse, NEETs should make incels better.

step 1: stop being sad about 3D women
step 2: stop talking about how much you hate 3D women
step 3: start talking about how much you love 2D women
step 4: start talking about how much you love being a NEET


Here here!


Perhaps you've aware of the robowaifu programme at as a contingency against just this sort of thing.

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Admin-sama, please ban every incel poster, every frogposter, every soyjack poster and every redditor. this place is not comfy anymore


Admin kun is dead


Ironically that just makes you a redditor.


Admin literally doesn't care <3

He loves you all, but that doesn't involve empathy on his part.


We love you too admin.


>. if /pol/ didn't exist you would be seeing race war threads and other shit all over 4chan
No, they'd be ban or fuck off to 4chon like when before /pol/ existed and 4chan removed /new/ for being filled with fucking retards.
Eventually feds forced them to replace /new/ with /pol/ so they could control all the incels instead, but it means that instead of leaving 4chan they remained and bleed over to other sites. Had they stuck with their initial decision then 4chan would not be "the /pol/ site" and users who joined during election would not bleed into other boards.
Containment boards make things worse, every fucking time. Everyone already knows this except for newfag revisionist frogtourists who just say things how they want it to be believed out of convenience to their narratives and not how it actually is and how things went down.


>and bleed over to other sites
other boards*


Yeah it's better to be a mugwump in the whole R9K Incel vs Reddit thought police wannabes. Neither party is obviously going anywhere and both get the enjoyment of pissing each-other off so the best thing to do is just leave them both to cry and whine and stomp about while we discuss topics of value.


Here's a blackpill for you:
Face it containment board or no containment board incels are here to stay. Get used to it bro.


oh yeah!!!


link to the neetcord should be on the main page


No. Discord sucks.


t. Freetard Stallman




I actually am an incel and am fully blackpilled. I just don't find it all that interesting to talk about anymore. It's like making a thread about basic arithmetic: yes yes we all know the facts of reality. I especially don't get all the female hatred. Do you hate black widow spiders because they are dangerous too? They'll ruin your life if you get too close, but so long as you know to stay away from them there is really no problem, and there are clear indicators to help you do so. If you're forced to interact with them because of a job or something, then you shouldn't be posting here anyway.


>if /pol/ didn't exist you would be seeing race war threads and other shit all over 4chan
must be embarrassing to be this much of a newfag


I hate black widow (a.k.a. nigger spiders) less than I hate women. Their feminist shit infects everything from movies to video games. In fact the aracho-niglets should be used to perform abortions to control the world's population.


you will never be white!


>Their feminist shit infects everything from movies to video games.
No it doesn't?... Do you exclusively watch capeshit or romcoms or something? I'll concede there is more feminist shit in media than there used to be, but there are also far more movies, TV shows, and video games being made today and at a faster rate too. Plus the old media never went away.

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They put subliminal messages in sci-fi movies and the cunts that make them have become faggotized. I will never forgive the BBC for ruining doctor who! We need to revoke the rights of niggers and women! Go chimp out in Africa you watermelon sucking monkey!


I like birth of a nation best!


Which would you hate more: a w*man doctor or a NIGGER doctor?


Women are evil because they prefer to fuck around with nig-nogs and shit more nig-nogs out of their cunts rather than give their love to supreme white gentlemen.


Gas all the nogs, judes and mud-slime in the world and we have a final solution to the world's overpopulation crisis!


A cis white male doctor


A female nigger doctor.
kys sexually confused alkene faggot


According to Big Black Cock Television they prefer w*men over niggers otherwise the cursed doctor would have been black.


I would have preferred a male black doctor a million times more than a w*man doctor! Instead of being a pathetic troon the doctor would be cool like a reverse Michael Jackson!


>Censoring w*men but not niggers
lolwat. Do I have to make another magic jpg?


Shitposting logic:
>words referring to a member of the female gender
>racist and ethnic slurs
That's A-OK!


Admin-kun, pls come back and make great again! Anon misses you... ;_;


Anons I love this site more than anything I do in my life. I don’t post officially as the “admin” but I check the site daily and very much enjoy contributing anonymously.


I really hope that's true.


Admin do you allow all these CP shills to post here because you are low-key a MAP?


I delete the porn spam as soon as I see it.


False. Back when 420chan was at its peak, the admin there deleted the /pol/ board. It took nearly a year for the pol shitposting on other boards to gradually stop, but once it did it was gone for good.


Anon likes that. But why all the advertising spam with links to other boards? Du you really want to expand the network? We had that in the banner-thread i thought..? Just curious.


I think the image board shilling ultimately benefits us, though I agree when there are too many shill threads it looks unsightly. The best way to solve that isn't increasing censorship of shill threads. It's increasing production of funny interesting and badass threads.


based desu.


I had a dream last night that I did a wget of this place and while looking at the local files I uncovered a hidden /hikki/ board!
This could be a cool feature to add.




I permaban the porn spam bots, but they keep coming with new IP addresses.


>I permaban
sad being u


teacher liu is not cp
girl is 14-16, in some countries its legal


some girls posted previously were shopped with nude pussies
they are 18+ commercially sold japanese "idols"
yadda yadda
its not cp


20 yo discordian "neets" are good
cp bad

gotcha mr orwellian nightmare

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16 is okay but 14 makes me uncomfortable.


Thank you for doing a great job! :)