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How many of you have NEETpride? No.991

This week's article is a NEET Spotlight on an American artist NEET: https://neetpride.wordpress.com/


I read your post on plebbit linking to this place. Keep it up


lol I tried https://endchan.net/ausneets but I really hate their rules about creating new threads


Jesus Christ. I just read over their long laundry list of board rules.


Thanks for reminding me that blog exists. I wish Reddit hadn't been brought up though.


Based 9 get. Plebbit is a platform for fags


Agreed. That's why I created Meme War, which is like reddit but for people who aren't faggots:


I remember seeing this lol


I’ll buy you a domain anon


Go ahead! I used memewar.io for a few years, but fucking Google domains kept raising the price on it and I don't have any ads on it.

You should be able to buy the domain and point it the IP to the domain name servers without having to exchange any information with me. I can help walk you through the process if you need though. It's stupidly complicated if you haven't done it before.

PS: the problem with cheapo .xyz domains is that no one will click the link because everyone assumes it's a sketchy address. A .net or .org would be fine though


Also if you do this I promise to start working on it again. I'll at least get https working and give anonymous users access to all items from the start.



Enjoy. I'd recommend setting up SSL as soon as possible.


The NEET godfather.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Thank you so so much! You just made my fucking month! I guess there are still good people in this world.

I think I have https working, but I'm trying to fix a few other things before pushing code to the server.


You should be friends with 3dchan. You both take IB culture in very different directions.


You're more than welcome anon. I will keep the domain around indefinitely, and I'm more than glad to transfer the domain to you if you would ever like.


Godspeed with your project!


Whoa thanks for showing me https://3dchan.net/dungeon/ I just emailed the guy and asked if he's interested in collaborating somehow.
Thanks again! I-it only took me a week to get https://memewar.io up and running... Debugging without amphetamine is pretty rough.
At least, your supportive words are a decent substitute for amphetamine.



Proud of you, anon. Great work.


That’s great! The 3dchan guy is pretty alone when it comes to his project. I’m not him I swear.


Reddit is garbage.


Which is why it's such a shame there's no focused alternative for NEET topics.