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How ia your Room during the day? How much light tou get? No.9955

Do you use curtains? Prefer it dark or light?

Pic related but not my room


I walk to do all my errands/shopping and I own my house so I do all the yardwork too. Because of this I get far more sun than the average normie, let alone the average NEET. To balance this out I spend the rest of my time indoors. I never use overhead lighting, but at night I do turn on a color changing LED light I'm the corner. I use the rest of the lights in my house so infrequently I haven't had to change any of my bulbs in the past 3 years.


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I layer aluminum foil on the windows and have blackout curtains, and I duct tape the openings in the curtains shut for good measure. I cannot tell what time of the day it is ever.


Great NEETs think alike anon, I am currently in the process of installing my skylab-style parasol
I listen to this song while I install the aluminum sheets.
Inside my dungeon it looks like a world war too era submarine that has been far too long on patrol. It even has a red light hanging from the ceiling in an explosion proof cage. The only light sources come from diodes and a specialized lamp designed to mimic the spectrum produced by the sun minus a few ultraviolent frequencies! (typo intended.)