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Upcoming Games No.11

So uh...
anything anyone lookin' forward to?


I hope so soon!


I only ever play one or two games any more, and I never really follow any new releases because i dont have the money to buy them anyways


Battlefield V which is taking after BFBC2
Cyberpunk 2077
Skyrim 2 aka Elder Scrolls VI
Ass Creed Odyssey
Anthem which is RPG Titanfall


>Cyberpunk 2077
The only one that maybe worth waiting for. Unlikely but maybe.


arms of telos
bought early access but they will never finish anyway




New Sakura Taisen!


this and maybe the new jedi game


I was looking forward to sekiro but i'm a broke neet


Sell your blood plasma and your hair. If you can handle going out into the world for a bit and getting your blood drawn, then plasma is an easy one. The hair is even easier. Just grow it out to at least 6 inches. Don't treat it chemically at all (No dyeing or bleaching). Then find a seller online. There are other options too, but they're harder. Selling sperm, doing clinical trials, selling poop (apparently this is a new and gross [in my opinion] thing), etc. Food for thought. And you wouldn't even need that much for a few video games here and there.


I need to get around to playing Shenmue 3.




FFVII Remake is looking good.


literally nothing. Maybe FFXVI if I had to pick one but really I just don't see videogames going in a good direction anymore


I was looking forwards to some fangames
Not anymore, my old pc broke, even though it was almost a decade old and slow by today's standards, I will miss it
As a neet I have no money so I won't be getting a new one or anything


man, that sucks. I like old computers, I find them charming in a vintage way. is it completely beyond repair?


I have no idea, it could just be that the power button isn't working anymore but as I'm stupid I prefer not to check


I fixed it eventually, I don't know how, I think it was something with the internal clock's battery, I removed it and then put it back


I was looking forward to Tales of Arise because it has a hot lady knight in it but then I found out the main character is a monkey and there's probably going to be some kind of interracial thing between him and the pink princess love interest. I already wasn't optimistic that the lady knight would be a good character but if she's in a game with interracial shit then all chances of her being any decent are out the window. I'll just watch a playthrough of it if I feel like it.




I've been really behind on vidya news to be honest. Didn't even know Nier Remake came out like 3 months ago. Also found out TWEWY's sequel is coming out later this month so I'm gonna play the demo when the date reaches closer since I just don't feel like I'm in the mood for vidya this past month or so. aaaaaa......