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PSP vs PSVita? No.126

title says it all. been trying to decide which one to purchase, so which is a better handheld and which one has more weeb games?


I don't like how you're using "weeb games" as a metric to determine your purchase. It comes off as attention-whorey. However, if you must know, i'd rather go with a vita since there is a bunch of things you can do on it.


I used to have a PSP, really fun little console. Is had a ton of custom weeb games on it


i guess 'anime centric games' would have been better to use instead but the main reason i even plan on buying either of these consoles is for these kinds of games, so i said weeb games as a tongue-in-cheek remark.


I have a PSP collecting dust it was good as a teen but I don't know how it holds up now, wasn't into anime at the time so idk sorry.


You can emulate psp games on vita