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pokemon No.175

anyone else playing legends arceus?


Sadly no anon, I watched a gameplay tho. It's a comfy game imo.


this pic is gae


what did you mean by this kek


Nah I don't have a Switch. Haven't moved on from my DS


Have you played the DS Pokemon games? What's your favourite one?


It doesn't look great tbh. I appreciate them trying to deviate from the formula, but it got old in the few hours I played at my brother's house.


Played all of them. Black 2 is probably my favorite if I had to pick.


I played it for I think 80 hours but it definitely got kind of boring during the second half of that. still i dont regret playing it i think its one of the better pokemon games and i really really like the catching mechanic. Just walking around throwing balls at everything you see is much more fun than getting into battles every 5 seconds. hopefully scarlet/violet will be better though. the environments in legends were super boring with nothing in them. i'd say its maybe 7 or 7.5/10.

gen 5 chads stay winning
(my favourites actually platinum though. i havent played soulsilver yet so that might be better since everyone says it is)


I used to only play with porygon, and other machine-like/non-bio pokemon, but now I kind of like the more "fun" ones. I don't play the games anymore though.
It's too bad the franchise went to shit. Now they poison themselves with virtue-signalling. But of course it doesn't matter, since the nigger golems will buy everything, since it's part of their programming to cave in to peer-pressure, and to try to look "hip".
That's how you know they don't have souls, since someone with a soul can use free-will to avoid faggot shit.
They could've made a multi-platform mmo that removed/replaced/altered the shitty/painful mechanics of the franchise, like random attacks in bushes, etc.
Hopefully there'll be better games in Heaven. Or the ability to remove memories of all the shitty, retarded golems from your brain.


Someone should make a creature-collecting game, where instead of capturing them, you scan them and can transform into them. Taking credit for someone/thing else fighting is gay.