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Since the vtuber boom brought so much variety with it. Are there any vtubers that would be fun to watch for neets or actual otaku? Or are they all the same since they're usually normalfags and women? A neet-oriented vtuber would be pretty interesting, I wonder what such a person would play.


I feel like that probably exists but they're really small so nobody knows about them.


Technically vtubers by default appeals to otaku (the Japanese ones at least), that is why they are doing so well among Japanese otaku culture. On the other hand, I'm not really sure about variety as there is only so many activities that a vtuber could do. With regards to your question, what do you think would appeal to neets in the first place? In my opinion even that alone is a very broad subject as over the years I've seen that neets aren't all unanimous, there are many different individuals with different interests.


50% of EN Vtubers before 2020 have mental or physical issues, its just up to you to find a good one!


I used to watch Ironmouse.
Ever since she's with that CDawgVA dude, she's out of the NEET-sphere, but she was probably the most NEET like of all.
She's a disabled girl, that can never leave the house, she stays in a medical bad 24/7 and has to be hooked up to oxygen supply.
She cannot meet people unless they go through essentially a quarantine process, as one of her conditions is some sort of immune disease, basically any simple germ causes an inflamation, so she has to stay away from pretty much all people.

But like I said, she kinda went out of the NEET sphere now that she's part of VShojo and has all sorts of friends other VTubers, etc.


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