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Videogame Genre Taxonomy No.223

I'm trying to come up with a coherent taxonomy for video game genres. I hate how 50% of games are classified by wikipedia as "action-adventure hack-n-slash". That's just lazy.

Of course, there is no money in concoting a better videogame genre taxonomy, which is why no one has created one yet. It's also why solving this problem is a goal perfectly suited for NEETs.

This is what I got so far. There are already problems. For starters, I don't know how to classify a "combat racer" like Twisted Metal. Do you notice any contradictions or confusing terms? I understand most games have some elements of every game in them, but I try to focus on which mechanics the developers put the most effort into developing. You can do pretty much anything in Yakuza games for instance, but I'd still classify them as a "traditional action" game because executing the combat is the primary focus. Dark Souls would fall under this category as well. They both have RPG elements, and you have the option to spend a lot of gametime deliberating on your equipment configuration, but unlike a JRPG that's not really the main draw.

Please ask any questions so this is less unclear. This is just a starting point.


note: 3D, 2D, FPS, TPS, sidescrolling, isometric, or top-down are descriptions of the camera, not really the game mechanics and therefore are not useful names for genres. All 3D games can be converted to a 2D game with enough effort (generate all possible angles of 3D models as pixel art sprites like in Mario Kart), and most 3D games use map layouts that might as well be 2D top-down anyway.

Mobile, console, computer, or VR are descriptions of the hardware the game runs on, not the game itself nor the mechanics. There is no indication of what the appeal to the game would be.


update. anything stand out as incorrect? it's still not finished


I think it's pretty good.

How about the official name is the NEET Videogame Genre Taxonomy?


Post this on wiz /games/ if you haven't already.


I'm banned from wizchan because I talked back to a jannie. You have my blessing to post it wherever you want tho