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videogames aren't art No.349

videogames art just another form of drugs. just like drugs, it's meant to alter your mind and make you addicted and a cultist.

Abandon these evil electronic-gi-joe drugs.






Videogames are just another meaningless hobby or pastime - like most things. Your problem is that you genuinely think it matters how you spend your time, but you're wrong. Nothing you do will ever matter.


Nihilism is a stupid philosophy and no serious philosophers endorse it. What "matters" is interacting with real, conscious human beings in some way. Interacting with them through some artificial matrix like a video game doesn't count.


Well, it's silly to claim that ALL videogames are bad. While I agree that Call of Duty and League of Legends and whatever kids play these days provide little artistic value and just suck all your time and money, there are plenty of games that aren't designed to be addictive or wallet-emptying and provide decent artistic value (elaborate stories, beautiful artwork and music, etc), so it's not much more of a waste of time than reading a book or watching a movie or whatever.


Why does that matter? According to who, and under what framework does it matter?
I am not a nihilist, i'm afraid. I'm a moral realist, in fact, which is diametrically opposed to nihilism.

You're right. Why does anon single out gaming, but not other forms of consumerist media like books or movies? I'd very much like to understand this.


If you're a moral realist, then it's incoherent for you to say that nothing matters. Objective morality is objectively demanding


well i don't think nothing matters as such, i was just speaking out of my ass.

but I might think different things matter than you think.


a form of media is not art, a work CAN become art, cinema is not art, a movie can become art.
with videogames is the same, a lot of them are shit, but maybe there's a few good enough to be able to become art.