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Pokemon...! No.42

I don't have any pokemon pictures on my hard-drive! How bizarre.


Why didn't you save any? Do you plan on getting some? Who's your favorite Pokémon?


I don't know! I have no ill-will towards the series so I probably will save ones I like. My favorite design is Sableye, but probably my favorite to use is Qwilfish. Gen 2 is my favorite generation and poison type rocks!


I like Sableye's design. But everything Pokémon related I'm into is heavily involved with Generation I.


I'm a Gardefag.


Cute!!! ^_^


Have some Zapdos.


I like the aesthetics of the game boy games, but gen 1 is rough to go back and play these days because of some of the sprite art and the mystifying glitches and mechanics.
I do like special being one stat and the Kanto region's rural vibe though.


I never have a hard time going back and playing them. I easily prefer them over any of the other games. From the music to the sprites, and mechanics along with those glitches; I love it all. I've never grown tired of Generation I despite probably beating the games 500+ times using Doduo/Dodrio modes on the Stadium games. I used to have a box full of VHS tapes where I recorded playthroughs and capturing Mew, etc. Had to switch over to the Super Game Boy for some of them though due to Stadium's autosave feature. I guess aesthetics is something that keeps me around, I never quite grew out of the whole "retro" look even when the GBA came out. I was still simply playing Generation I and II over the rest. I will acknowledge Emerald in being a great game and FireRed/LeafGreen are good games as well. But I'd still prefer to play R/G/B/Y over them.


I have been playing too much pokemon recently, I have no idea why


Which one(s)?


Platinum, Ranger 1, fr, hgss, bw2, that gacha game and ultra sun
I have never played the ranger games until recently but the first one seems a bit simple
I have never finished platinum or ultra sun
I still have to do the frontier in emerald and fight steven
In soulsilver I still have to beat red and the frontier too
Same for the pwt in bw2
I doubt I will ever finish any of the facilities because I only use my favorites and they suck


I do but they're buried beneath thousands of fanart photos and I don't feel like fishing them out. I'll just let everyone know my favorite is Tyranitar.


I love snake pokes


I only like the one whose faces look like snakes
Seviper, arbok...
There aren't many


What’s /v/‘s opinion on the new Pokémon game? Thinking of picking it up


You mean legends? Best (mainline) pokemon game since black and white 2. although theres people calling it the best pokemon game ever and lol not even close but it's fun


Have you ever thought about what pokemon would live near you?


First route shitmons
Cat, dogs and birds
There's a farm nearby so I would think of working there just to interact with those mons that would live there




Anyone here use the fan made gts?
melonds works with it so you can also connect with an emulator


there could be tauros and torchic which are cool mons