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Pokemon...! No.42

I don't have any pokemon pictures on my hard-drive! How bizarre.


Why didn't you save any? Do you plan on getting some? Who's your favorite Pokémon?


I don't know! I have no ill-will towards the series so I probably will save ones I like. My favorite design is Sableye, but probably my favorite to use is Qwilfish. Gen 2 is my favorite generation and poison type rocks!


I like Sableye's design. But everything Pokémon related I'm into is heavily involved with Generation I.


I'm a Gardefag.


Cute!!! ^_^


Have some Zapdos.


I like the aesthetics of the game boy games, but gen 1 is rough to go back and play these days because of some of the sprite art and the mystifying glitches and mechanics.
I do like special being one stat and the Kanto region's rural vibe though.


I never have a hard time going back and playing them. I easily prefer them over any of the other games. From the music to the sprites, and mechanics along with those glitches; I love it all. I've never grown tired of Generation I despite probably beating the games 500+ times using Doduo/Dodrio modes on the Stadium games. I used to have a box full of VHS tapes where I recorded playthroughs and capturing Mew, etc. Had to switch over to the Super Game Boy for some of them though due to Stadium's autosave feature. I guess aesthetics is something that keeps me around, I never quite grew out of the whole "retro" look even when the GBA came out. I was still simply playing Generation I and II over the rest. I will acknowledge Emerald in being a great game and FireRed/LeafGreen are good games as well. But I'd still prefer to play R/G/B/Y over them.


I have been playing too much pokemon recently, I have no idea why


Which one(s)?


Platinum, Ranger 1, fr, hgss, bw2, that gacha game and ultra sun
I have never played the ranger games until recently but the first one seems a bit simple
I have never finished platinum or ultra sun
I still have to do the frontier in emerald and fight steven
In soulsilver I still have to beat red and the frontier too
Same for the pwt in bw2
I doubt I will ever finish any of the facilities because I only use my favorites and they suck