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What are some good games for making friends? No.52

Back in 2013/14 I played a lot on Minecraft factions servers. I had a group of people I played and voice chatted with every day that I was really good friends with. Now I have some people I speak to on discord, but it's not the same. The bonds you make with people by chatting about random stuff are not as strong as the ones you make by playing vidya together. I like these people but I want those kinds of friendships again as well. What games can I play to meet people?


I wouldn't know. I found a nice MC server.


Is the old NEETcraft server still around?


might be biased here but I would say fighting games aren't too bad. Most people like to play offline and you could just go over to someones house because people prefer long sets too. As for online, playing a more niche game like the arcsys ones means you run into the same people all the time and everyone uses lobbies instead of ranked. So you basically have to talk to people to get matches and it would be easy to get friend adds I would assume since anyone who adds me I just accept at least.


Mayb games with smaller communities