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say something nice about the greatest handheld of all time!


I have a pretty small penis.


She's the cutest handheld!


So many enjoyable hours and memories playing Persona 3 Portable on this handheld device. I wish I still had it.


Twintails are cute


Yeah, it's perfect. I have a couple with CFW installed.


Vita was better


I really need to dust mine off and play it again sometime. It's been quite some time since it's even been charged. Hopefully my battery is still okay and functional.


great emulation support


great emulation support


I'm more of a DS guy


My personal favorite is the 3ds
I can play most of my favorite games in it, with a hacked console


My PSP is on her last legs. Is a PS Vita worth it, or should I just get another PSP. They're roughly the same price at this point anyway


Get another PSP, bro the vita sucked like vista!


there's enough good games on vita, more than on psp. Psp games feel dated except very few titles and looks like vita games are where gaming is stopped so they don't feel dated.
I just wish for more nudity and uncersoredness in games. It does suck to play shitty game made shitty because you can't legally sell it to 10 yo.


of course worth it, even fan translations are starting to come out finally.

it also emulates PSP and PSX titles with a little effort involved and its all downloadable through a single app - PKGJ, vita psp psx and even PSMobile games from all countries in 1 fucking app. Its even better than freeshop on 3ds. Which is closed now for years and PKGJ isn't


>I just wish for more nudity and uncersoredness in games.

vita got it too. There's a great port of duke nukem 3d that plays well and has tons of content. I'm replaying it now since there are no more games with mature themes on portable consoles anymore


I still wonder why no one made a fanmade eshop for the 3ds
There's some website to scan qr codes but its weird


Vista didn't suck by the first service pack, but by then no one cared.


Michealsoft Binbows anon here, I secretly liked vista too, mainly for the graphics. But Windows 7 perfected it. Fuck Microsoft for not only killing aero but the classic theme as well. I have never used windows since. If Microsoft really loved "Open-Source" They should have upcvcled Windows 7, or at least contributed to ReactOS to make it as stable as Windows Server 2003. If Microsoft has no use for Windows 7 they should release the source code. That would have appeased all the skeptics from the free software world but really Microsoft is only interested in GNU/Linux as part of it's latest Embrace Extend Extinguish monopolization strategies.


The graphics were amazing to behold for the first time coming from XP. Windows 7 dialed it back and wasn't as nice. Windows 2000 was too Professional for me. The classic theme wasn't graphics accelerated on Windows 7. Windows 8 was the last time Microsoft was ambitious, and it was perfect for touch where 8.1 was a compromise. Microsoft doesn't love open-source, but they're not trying to embrace-extend-extinguish either: they're just trying to survive in the server market. Why would anyone ever take free software skeptics seriously?


Yeah I always preferred the Vista icons to those found in Windows 7, but the task bar buttons were better in Windows 7, but still many of the desktop features like snapping, had been in UNIX desktops way before. Windows 10 only implemented virtual desktops in 2015 while CDE had it when windows 3.1 was around! Even Windows 8 was less ugly than windows 10 (some of the icons remained from windows 7 and some aero gradients still remained, although completely gutted of the chad glossy effects found in Vista/7) But what really kicks ass on a touch screen is Ubuntu's Unity although it was badly implemented since customization required a lot of hacking compared to more modular desktop environments like KDE or GNOME. You couldn't even change the position of the dock until 16.04.


I had this with cfw
Then some fucker stole it


im stilling using windows 7. im not upgrading. fuck them.


I switched to Linux


i discovered a sonic hentai forum as a wee one with it
i was never the same after that