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Overwhelmed by choice No.98

I have a hard time enjoying video games because of how many I have downloaded. I feel like I have so many that I need to play that it becomes hard to enjoy playing one.
Anyone else have this problem?


Who are you quoting?


Yeah my choices are just Clannad and Yume Nikki.... I think i'm gonna finish Yume Nikki first. I'd recommend trying all of the games and stick to the one you find more fun.


I wish there was a program when you could input media e.g. games, websites, series, etc. so it would randomly schedule you some to take care of in bite-sized pieces everyday.




I have that problem in both owning a shit ton of games and having so many downloaded as well. I'm also really bad with websites because of how many I know and have bookmarked. Choices are always such a pain for me. Maybe I'm autistic?


Yeah my backlog is expansive. Just give up on your need to play and finish them all. Make it a point to not acquire new titles though.
I never force myself to continue if I felt like playing something else. It should be fun and not a chore.


>Am I autistic?
Not necessarily. Some people who didn’t get a lot of autonomy/decision-making power during youth have difficulty making choices later on over the simplest things. Maybe some attention deficit issues.


Yeah, I didn't have much choice growing up other than what I was doing at home. I was always alone most of the time as well from a very young age as I lived in a single household where my parent had to work. I never was taught how to do anything or to take care of myself. I'd mostly just sit on my computer, playing games, getting online while I could before the phone line would be taken up whenever they'd get home, and watching random stuff on TV/VHS. Of course back then I didn't have a massive amount of belongings other than my toys. Which I'd even struggle with what toys I'd choose to play with from time to time. I even got to a point where I had a particular toy that I'd play with until it more or less "broke" or started to show some signs of wear before moving to the next one. Toys, games, and other media such as anime or movies was the only freedom of choice I ever had. I never even was able to pick out my own clothes until I turned 18. I struggle terribly when shopping for anything now days. Of course I haven't really went out to and did something like that in a few years now. I can't even pick out a store list for what foods I want. So the same junk garbage is chosen for me each and every time since I'm uncapable of going out in public to do that.


not really I just realized most games suck and I don't even want to play them at all