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Great Pretender No.392

I give this anime a 9/10 but I have a soft spot for anime about the underworld because I used to be a professional criminal myself.

It's has the vibe of Carole & Tuesday mixed with Lupin III, and it has a very unique, colorful art-style. Season 1 is basically 3 movies, one set in Los Angeles, one set in Singapore, and one set in London. Netflix did the dub, but I don't know why you'd be watching that anyway. You guys like it? https://www.wcostream.com/anime/great-pretender-english-subbed


>used to be a professional criminal myself
What happened?

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In my early 20s, I was doing everything from manufacturing to grand larceny to dealing to assault with a deadly weapon to hosting dog fights. Fortunately, I got caught for a stupid mistake during a petty crime (shoplifting) and I decided to stop before I got caught for something more serious. Even more fortunately bitcoin just so happened to spike in value right after that.

One of my friends and business associates had just got his life destroyed because he happened to have a pound of weed on him... while the ATF was doing a "drug bust" on him smuggling dozens of cases of Four Lokos into the state on a goof. I'm not kidding. Another one of my partners-in-crime was busted selling NBOME directly to an undercover cop. Don't worry we all ended up okay because we have rich parents.

I've had to supplement my lifestyle by selling my plasma, but I'm more or less a NEET these days. Now the only kind of crime I commit is consuming drugs.


>rich parents
Speak for yourself. Everyone's a poorfag around me.


I like anime/manga about the police/underworld.
I was tempted to highlight that too, but this isn't that kind of thread. He has to sell his plasma these days anyways - a far cry from a trust fund. This is exactly why nobody likes poorfags even when everybody's a NEET.


Uh, I *was* speaking for myself and my two friends. Anyway did you like the show?

>He has to sell his plasma these days anyways - a far cry from a trust fund.
Thanks for pointing that out. I can't stand these victim olympiads. Got any recommendations for a comedic slice-of-life criminal underworld manga or anime? Those are always the best Lupin III eps.

I tried The Way of the Househusband but I didn't really like it: https://manganelo.com/manga/ya23ux2738298723

Middle Management Blues is much closer to what I am looking for: https://www.wcostream.com/anime/chuukan-kanriroku-tonegawa-english-subbed