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Share your favorite tunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya0cHhZaxIs&list=…
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>tfw no neet gf
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happy new year
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if you think about it masturbation is basically homosexual incest
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post itt everytime your neetshamed
got neetshamed today
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how do you spend christmas? i don't want to see my family desu, i'm ashamed …
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help we need more posts... 64ch.net thank you friends
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i was a happy kid with a bright future. i never imagined i would turn into t…
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should i take the hikki pill
should i take the hikki pill? i'm so tired of having to deal with people and…
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kotchan invitational threada
Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there. https://kotchan.org/chat/int
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is this place dead
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Why is socializing so hard???
I don't even feel a need to actively mingle with people, I just make myself …
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What NEET things do you get up to?
I've been playing geimus and posting with my friends. What about you :3?
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i love NEETs
hi who here likes boy pussy
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How long have you been NEET
3 years and going strong
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/neet/ wallpapers
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gonna make a post
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I want to be friends with NEETS
How do I make NEET friends?
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>tfw you'll be a wizard in 5 years
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Creative outlets
what do you NEETS like to do to express yourselves? I've been trying to get…
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How comfy is your neet room?
What does your neet room look like? Is it comfy?
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Would you date a NEET?
I want to date a NEET
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Am I allowed to post here if I am not a NEET?
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you groove you lose
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Welcome to my thread ! Take a look around but don't break anything.
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My thread
This is my thread~
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im lost
is this my new home?
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I don't think the faq works, and where are the rules? Is the admin even here…
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Is there a file size limit?
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who /truNEET/ here