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What do other NEETs do to keep busy and how do they stop themselves from just sleeping all day?


I don't have an easy time falling asleep if I have slept enough in the past 24 hours, especially if it's day. And just laying in bed is boring.
I like to browse imageboards, but I also play games, and watch/read anime/manga/visual novels (as Japanese practice). I would also like to learn drawing, and be part of some otaku project.


Watch youtube videos. Play vidya from when I was a kid. That's pretty much it.


Same except I play more general games and mostly zone out watching videos, I wish I could do cool things like >>18047 but i have no motivation for anything beyond brushing my teeth sometimes


What's wrong with sleeping all day? I mean, stay healthy, but dreams are dope.

No one else can inspire motivation in you btw. That's something you can only truly find for yourself.


Gets tiring to lay in bed all day, i get sore and hungry after a while..


Play with your pet more.
Wander aimlessly through your town.
Learn to play a game with a steep difficulty curve like Rimworld.
Draw hentai.
Learn how to sneak into a gym at a university or YMCA (I've been caught multiple times and no one actually cared).
Start a garden.
Make a fire.


Maybe something like drawing could work out if i could get the motivation, i haven't gone outside in ages though im terrified of the sun, it hurts your skin. I would definitely like to make a fire one day at night though, is this the sort of stuff you do? Your life must be eventful..


Yes, this is exactly the kind of stuff I do. Though ngl I mostly play pirated games and listen to YouTube vids. Sounds like you're just depressed if you can't bring yourself to get out of bed. You have to exercise even if you're a NEET. There's no way around it... maybe other than getting high constantly. Go for a 20 minute jog with no walking periods. Do situps or pushups while watching TV. You have to do it til the point that you're uncomfortably sweaty.


ah i gave up exercising a long time ago, i don't like my body and exercising doesn't really fix it, ive been trying to eat 3 meals a day instead of 1-2 though recently so i stop being underweight if that counts. ive been playing LoL a lot it's not great but at least it's something to waste time on i guess, i havent watched tv in like 10 years though


Draw, play video games, eat, shower


Yeah the true value of exercise really isn't about your body or looking cute, it's about improving your brain function. You have to move your body a minimum amount or else your brain won't work properly.

I mean, maybe you should just get a job if you're so bored of being a NEET.


Im not really bored or anything im just extremely depressed which is partly how i got neetbux.. i have plenty of stuff i want to do i just end up in bed a lot of the time instead


Im gonna draw a circle today


So you're depressed, but you refuse to exercise? Pretty dumb, but there's still a solution: take the antidepressants which were probably already prescribed to you.


Ive always been worried that if i take them and feel a bit better, suddenly ill be sent off to work and be even worse off then if i just had stayed like this..


Ok, then start jogging 30 minutes a day. Do you actually want a solution or are you just here to bitch about your feelings?


i dunno anon, i think your solution kind of sucks is all, i didnt really expect you to try and fix me or something i figured you'd just say "yah i get sore from sleeping too long too" or something. you're just kind of retarded and managed too steer the conversation in a direction you didn't like then complained about it.


I'll concede you didn't ask for help and that's my bad. That said, I didn't steer the convo into something that annoyed me. Your responses annoyed me.



I guess that's fair, but just know that most of the time telling someone to exercise or do some other thing to make them happy probably won't actually make them do it


i listen to music and watch twitch/youtube streams and videos. sometimes i'll even play videogames.


whose streams do you watch anon


i dont really have any specific streamers i watch but i'll watch streams for the division 2, star trek online, helldivers 2, and maybe a few other games


Ah that sounds nice, i only watch like dnsl or somethin


I have the most soul-crushingly depressing dreams imaginable yet after I wake up, I go right back to sleep as the dreams are preferable to my waking life most days


I tend to forget my dreams within a few minutes of waking, so it's generally not a problem.


I kept a dream journal for years, so my recall is amazingly good. If I try hard to forget them its possible but they linger on far too long most of the time. There are so many things in my past I regret and its like my mind is torturing me


I don't tend to remember my dreams unless they're nightmares - eg about tornadoes, or aliens


just dick around on the interwebs, game and occasionally doodle and watch some shit
recently my sleep has been kind of improving i guess so i need shit to do in the early hours of the morning


i started playing runescape a couple days ago, im only 20+ years late


Another Easter with only my computer screen for company. The worst thing is that I'm used to this, it's comfortable.


Is it easter today?




Happy Easter then I guess, maybe I'm a bit late.. sometimes this site feels more empty than it was but I think that's partly just me


This!, start a garden.