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Videogame Genre Taxonomy
I'm trying to come up with a coherent taxonomy for video game genres. I …
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Im kinda surprised there is no game night or anything here Would anyone here…
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bideo games?
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anyone else playing legends arceus?
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le orange valve man
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race war
you guys are complete pussies. You said you wanted a race war, well now it&#…
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say something nice about the greatest handheld of all time!
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Since the vtuber boom brought so much variety with it. Are there any vtubers…
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is it?
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What are some good games for making friends?
Back in 2013/14 I played a lot on Minecraft factions servers. I had a group …
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Upcoming Games
So uh... anything anyone lookin' forward to?
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PSP vs PSVita?
title says it all. been trying to decide which one to purchase, so which is …
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Persona thread
Claming Futaba
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Overwhelmed by choice
I have a hard time enjoying video games because of how many I have downloade…
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NEET minecraft server
let's play IP: mostly vanilla and pirate-friendly
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It Lurks Below
Has anyone played this? I've been sinking so much of my time lately into…