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Why do gamers love saying nigger, mountain dew n doritos, and cunny so much?

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The double G rolls of the tongue quite nicely. Same deal as faggot. There are obviously some racists, but no more than any arbitrary group.
>mountain dew
The caffeine and sugar improves gamerness.
This is actually a myth. I've never met anyone who prefers doritos to other snacks.
Despite popular belief, this is actually short for cute+funny, and most gamers enjoy adorable and humorous things.


nigger is a really fun word to say
not even as being racist its just a good word
ive had black friends who have fun with it
its pretty much just a "fuck" at this point theres no real meaning to it, people like to stick it in sentences cause its fun to do so
people who have a problem with this are just retards


Nigger and faggot are really fun words to say, no kidding


>and most gamers enjoy adorable and humorous things

Like lolis!


>and most gamers enjoy adorable and humorous things
Especially dragon lolis!


Nigger for me is a substitute for "foobar" and "hello world"
>mountain dew
none in my country, wanna export???
I love the nacho cheese ones and plain ones which I eat with dippy sauces like ketchup or mayo
I'm more of a good boy who prefers mommy's oppai!


>Nigger for me is a substitute for "foobar" and "hello world"
*Nigger for me is an edgy substitute for "foobar" and "hello world"


That's just 4chan


What does her fat ass smell like?

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>Dipping Doritos in mayo


Ikr? I'm sick of eurofags saying Americans have shit taste in food. There's a reason our obesity rate is so high! Only good food they make in Europe that is hard to find in America is doner tbh

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Sorry. i don't know how good the food there is, but it's just easy to assume americans have shit taste in everything, because they're a lesser species


I guess Belgianfags have an autistic obsession with Mayonnaise as bad as Britfags have with mint.
>In times of austerity Mayonnaise has become my universal condiment.
Don't worry, Amerimutts at least your don't have an obesity rate as high as a certain Micronesian micro-nation. You may be number one at shitposting, racism, excessive patriotism, retards, prisoners, shitty memes, hating eurofags and butthurt, but at least you can't compete against Nauru when it comes to fat people!
>Stop posting that same shit every day, Nobody thinks the bear cartoon is funny.
I don't want to know, probably as bad as my cat's balloon knot!
>My cat once sat right on my nose while I was asleep, fortunately my other pet is smart enough not to do that!


I just learned about this country, and just the fact that there's this tiny island nation of obese people with their own language is fucking hilarious.


The history is really interesting too. What an odd country.


Yeah, I was recently unaware of it too. That's one of the downsides of being a sovereign island surrounded by sea. I bet more people know about the Principality of Sealand than they do about Nauru.
>Ironically that is how I learned of it's existence since I was searching for the area of the Pirate Radio Principality superimposed on the popeland. I found what I was looking for, The worlds 4 smallest nations along with a few of the worlds largest buildings by area for comparison.
BTW are there any NEETs in Nauru? Does the large fat population mean that Nauru is a NEET/Hikki haven as Sealand is a Data Haven?


*tiny* sovereign island
>I can't fucking type today!

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I like to describe America as the Land of Extremes. On the one hand, we have more puritans. But we also have more hedonists. We have more morbidly obese people. But we also have more steroid-abusing bodybuilders. Our government started the international war on drugs. But we also are the best nation to live in if you like drugs given how cheap and available they are (thanks CIA!).

And yes, we are the originators of fastfood, we put corn syrup in everything (including 40s), and toxic additives like red dye #40 still aren't illegal. But we also have the best food in the world. We're notorious for taking foods from other nations and making them better, like hamburgers and pizza. Then there's southern comfort food and world-class fusion cuisine. Besides, if you're willing to pay a lot you can get authentic food from virtually any country in the world in one of our megacities, though I suppose that applies to you guys as well.


Apparently there was a time when everyone there was rich due to phosphate mining. It used to be the second richest country in the world on per capita wealth. This is part of the reason for the obesity. Everyone was quitting their jobs, and living easy because they all had more money than they know what to do with and got lazy. In that sense, they were a nation of NEET's.

Things seem different now. The nation is poor, and they seem to rely on alot of cheap, processed food, which has contributed to their obesity problem.


>I like to describe America as the Land of Extremes.
It's a pretty good description. Maybe that's why they can be pretty easy to dislike - extremes of any kind can appear obnoxious to people who are lowkey.


Totally based!
Extreme Freedom yet Extreme Paternalism.
Extreme Culture yet Extreme Bigotry.
Extreme Gun Rights yet Extreme Cowardice.
Extreme Drugs yet Extreme Anti-Fun Laws.
Extreme Scientific Feats yet Extreme Religious Retardation!




t. Based 日本人


check 'em!