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vidya No.103

Im kinda surprised there is no game night or anything here
Would anyone here be up to killing a little bit of loneliness and playing vidya with their fellow neets?



I'll play TF2 with you.


What are you playing lately OP?


not OP but I've playing Mahjong Soul lately, its a fun, browser based mahjong game with waifus, maybe we can play that?


I've been playing*


man I dont even know the last time ive played tf2, its been a long time
I was playing retro rpgs until depression hit me pretty hard again, so now Im just playing gsg's when im not feeling completely low
I like to play shit like CSS and sven but I dont have a server or anything like that
I like to play anything honestly
How does Mahjong even work? Ive seen footage of it but its so confusing, I prefer chess


just realized I used the word ¨waifus¨, I'm sorry
its really easy, I learned to play like 2 weeks ago and I'm getting my rank up easily. if you make an account they instantly throw you into a tutorial. I still had to look things up after that but this page made everything clear https://gachazone.com/mahjong-soul-beginner-starter-guide/ (there are more guides on the 4/vg/ mahjong general ) A lot of it is based on luck (but you can kind of manipulate your luck if that makes sense), a beginner can win against advanced/intermediate players if they get a good hand. Anyone telling you otherwise is memeing you. in Japan it has a reputation as a game for gamblers and delinquents lol.
>I prefer chess
Ironically, I started playing after I failed to git gud at chess, I always knew how to play chess but never looked into it. Someone told me that the easiest way to do it was to memorize openings,etc. and I was more interested in understanding the game and my choices so I dropped it but we can play that too.

There's also Connect 4, Battleship and Tetris online iirc but I don't remember the websites for them


>just realized I used the word ¨waifus¨
What’s wrong with the word?


Does anyone here play on Fightcade?


I’m dogshit at vidya
Pls someone play Shadowlands with me
I’m Area 52 Horde


waifus are srs business!!! people shouldn't label every character a waifu just because they like her!!!


Yeah, just because you like a girl doesn't mean you want to marry her.