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Do you hate gacha? No.277



no if i can live off it (i.e ninokuni farm)




Some are alright when they're generous


what how?
usual RMT, doing services for retards who are paying something good enough + crypto cashoutt from just playing + crypto market buy cheap at the start of the week/sell for more at the end of the week etc

are you completely retarded to not figure it all out yet?
lmao go play for free moron


you have to be good at:
playing the game in the first place to be able to do everything and being on top and not spending a dollar
planning on crypto market
make enough friends and know enough ppl to help you with those activities both game and sometimes crypto shit, im not wanna go too much detail into that, because well, you are too retarded to do it anyway


there's always welfare and ur own mother tho


oh and i forgot bot farms, you can kinda do it with multiple pcs/wms but it will be inefficient compared to other farmers just like in mining


tbh gachas are one of the more shittier games for RMT, its saving grace is ongoing crypto scam at times.
Prices are sometimes good on those games's freelancer markets BUT its just the games are complete shit and are humiliating to play.

Also in cities its probably not enough money to live off from it, that's why I always laugh at fake big city neets, who are just retarded people on retarded welfare


No need to insult me


I play x dive sometimes


Basically you have to a normalfag
Don't feel too bad - he's a cliquer


they produce so many top-tier waifus that even if i don't like the games themselves i can't help but be very grateful for their existence


I wish there were more non sexual designs