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What is your goal in life?


Write free software, play video games, live to see a transhumanist future where animegao waifus have replaced 3D and I can live as a shotacon with a giant dragon with daioppai for a dakimakura.


My goal is to die


Find an attractive female who will let me engage in adult breastfeeding with her.


Extremely good taste.

My goal is find a thicc e-girl who will engage in mom son roleplay with me


Based. I need a mommy to be a good boy for so she can give me milky milky warm and tasty.
I prefer 2m+ amazon/basketball type females who can sit me on their lap while i can nosh away they can also give me kisses, It's such a shame these types of females are rare, and finding both a 2m+ giantess who is attracted to fat autistic man-children is rarer than men who obsess about all the roundabouts in their country


Imagine what transhumanism could do for us. not only provide us with a real animegao mommy but her left tit lactates Fristi and her right tit lactates Cecemel!

Fritsi and Cecemel are two very popular milk based drinks in the Benelux, I bet every Dutch/Belgian/Luxembourger who is also a 38 year old baby boy wishes his mommy could feed those treats from the dakimakura of her heart!


If my mommy wife tried to "cure" me from being a hikikomori, it would involve her pushing me around the park in my big boy wheelchair <spoiler>that I don't even need indoors</spoiler> with a stop at MacDonalds for chicky nugs and fries with lakes of dippy sauce.


Web developer brain-fart
I haven't been sleeping enough.


Do NEETs in particular have a mommy kink or is it really just all men? Surely you've all heard the conventional wisdom that we tend to be attracted to women who remind us of our mothers. Mom or mother-Id-like-to-fuck porn is one of the most popular porn genres in America.

For me personally it's not even about wanting to be taken care of. I just straight-up think incest is hot as fuck...probably because it's the most vanilla taboo and I just ain't as freaky as I'd like to be. I've spent many a dark, drunken night trying to figure out if I'd actually be able to fuck my bio mom tho


This is supposed to be a depressing or inspiring thread. Stop typing out your coomer fantasies with one hand.




I had a cynical and uncaring mother, she stopped playing with me when I was 7, I seek to claim what I was denied in my childhood.

Also I would be a better son to my "wife" than to my biological parents.

I think marriage is retarded as fuck, I don't want to be in bed with the state. However I am not opposed to adoption since I can escape my biological family and live a good life of tendies and oppai hugs.

I would even use transhumanism to turn into a child again and live in a cybernetic nirvana with mommy.

Since there are no rental sisters outside of japan, I'm considering hiring a babysitter. She would essentially be paid to play video games eat tendies and watch anime every evening.

Based. and it helps fight depression ever wondered why your meds aren't working?


This might be mere projection of my mommy worship but I think that Elliott Spencer probably married his dad. I doubt he's a manchild like me though.


It wouldn't be just roleplay for me, I would unironically call my gf "mommy" and whine like Cartman when I can't get what I want.
>But Meeeeeeeehm...

If you are looking for a real mommy try someone who is sterile and wants a son, you will be her special boy that will never leave her and she will cook tendies for you and serve your favorite dippy sauce.

btw do you know anyone who does mommy roleplay for severely autistic big boys? I could use a placebo mom right now.


>All digital character depicting in this fiction story are over the legal age of 18 years old.

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How's your quest going to find a mommy, anon.
I wish you the best of success. If you do find a mommy tell me where and how you found her and if her milky milky is warm and tasty.


I want to be free until i die.


Me too, plus the freedom to die.


Not great tbh. I'm not really sure where to search. But the first step is being honest with myself about wanting a mommy gf, which I wasn't able to do until this thread. So thanks for the moral support bro!


I know that feel bro, I haven't found much luck either. I wasn't aware of it because my biological mother was a bitch, but my best friend who is a walking reverse engineer was able to demonstrate that because I had a bad mother I never knew what It was like to have a good one, and through analyzing of my blender renders where romantic relationships were displayed it often showed a child like guy with his head resting on the breast of a much taller girl. I'm glad my support has helped you. together we can both find the mommy we deserve. I can recommend Japanese ladies from what i have heard they like smurfy kawaii bfs and even prefer their men "fun size" too bad I'm a six foot dai-chan and it's rare to find a Japanese or Korean lady taller than 2 meters the tallest. I could find was a basketball player named Park Ji-Su. I would do anything just to have her give me Lucoa style hug stroke my head and kiss my forehead and say
>Lets get some tendies for mommy's special boy!
I would feel a lot less suicidal if I had a mommy to hug me when I go REEEEEEE.


I tried posting on Craigslist once and a stupid bot flagged it, it was as safe for work as you can get. Fuck I hate how the US government ruins everything on a global scale!
This is probably the most retarded thing to ever come out of the Trump administration.
tbh the EU also makes tons of BS laws, we should keep the euro-zone and Schengen aggreement and YEET the politiards from brussels


I hope we see the Libertarian Party as a strong contender when the 7th party system comes along.
The duopoly of the Elephant and Jackass has gone on long enough!
>No steppy on snakey!


Ngl I'm a Trump supporter for the memes, but also FUCK HIM for forcing through FOSTA and raising the tobacco age to 21. At least he gave us federally legal cannabinoids with the 2018 Farm Bill...


Yeah apart from that I ironically support the Trumpalo memelord too, besides it's the assholes in congress who wrote that BS, all Donald did was sign it in to law.
Federally legal weed products is a step in the right direction and he has my support him for that.
I will have genuine respect for a president that admits the war on drugs was and is a huge mistake and gives you the right to put (or refuse to put) in your own body whatever you choose
basically you can take meth but shouldn't be forced to.
like wise you can take risperidone but shouldn't be forced to. why would anyone want to ingest that crap anyway!


Not gonna knock your support, but if you are a supported "for memes" that's just zoomer wording for "i like the propaganda". Propaganda has always and always will be memes, it's the most effective way to spread thoughts, through humor!


At least Trump is a brainlet retard Hillary would have done real damage!


Sadly not all memes are meant to be funny.


Nah, at least that's not the case with me. I'm referring to shit like the mic drop moment of telling Hilary she would be in jail. Trump is a funny guy and I like comedy.

More importantly though, he's not a traditional politician. He is somehow not part of the machine despite him being (or maybe because he is) a billionaire. He's certainly not perfect, but it's been made abundantly clear that he wasn't "supposed" to win. That he threw a wrench into the establishment's plans. That's why they impeached him twice for no reason.