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post itt everytime your neetshamed No.309

got neetshamed today


they don't even bother anymore.

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTNiDty6fNQ&


but i neetshame myself everyday


I haven't been neetshamed in a while actually

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just got shamed like 15 minutes ago

"why don't you go outside instead of siting in front of the computer all day"

fucc you the outside world is garbage





my dad does this to me every other day... even though i go for walks and sorta workout its not enough. its not my fault he raised me poorly to the point where i cant make friends and get gfs and start a family sigh leave me alone


soon enough overpopulation will remove all possibility of going outside and the neets shall rule the earth


until that time comes I'll keep acting like a true revolutionary fighting from the inside


neetshamed today. was at the computer and my dad just glanced and said is that all you do all day



i teach myself several digital trades at a hobbyist level using the computer and parents see it all as just computer time


I get that from my mom every single day, my dad doesn't even bother anymore


cute animu, the neet girl was the best


she turns into a norm fuck her


she's cute


she was but they ruined her


seems like I can't say or do anything without being reminded of how neet I am.

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If you guys liked slow start, try Comic Girls. It's very cute and comfy as well.


Thanks for the reminder anon, I'll watch it eventually


Really recommend checking it out anon!


norm brother has been hard on me these past couple days leave me alone


Parents have been really trying to make me go outside real hard these last couple days


i had to go to the hospital for chronic headaches yesterday; the doctor i was supposed to have wasn't there so i had a replacement doctor instead, he didn't know all of my symptoms since he was just given the diagnosis of recurrent headaches; he started asking me about what i do and what my sleep pattern is like and he starts to preach to me about how i should be going outside and making friends instead of sitting inside and that, along with drinking more water, should cure my headaches.


Lol! "And oh yeah, drink more water"


I've never understood how "doctors" think it's appropriate to lecture people who are essentially strangers about their life choices. Stick to your patient's health, doc. Then shut the fuck up. If your parents haven't persuaded you, what makes him think his unimportant ass will?


He’s just trying to do his *job*.


Lol! True...


>gets completely shit on for being a NEET by family
>they all then praise my younger sister who is a junkie and pregnant while on drugs and smoking while pregnant
>looks at me and says your sister's life has meaning, why can't you do something with your life
What the hell is wrong with people?


That post is depressing


My whole life is depressing.


what did you say back to them? or did you just take it


I just took it. Things get really ugly anytime I ever try to stand up for myself.


Endure, Master Anon. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of the NEET, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.


theyll never figure out that theyre full of shit until you tell them outright


same here


My uncle made a jab at me being a NEET calling me a hibernating loser tonight.


i neetshame myself


got neetshamed today ;_;


I too am a masochist. :<


That is terrible sorry to hear about that.


Got the whole "What are you going to do with yourself" speech again today.


My beloved uncle called me a piece of shit.


Why would he do such a thing?


Because I am still a mooching freeloader years after my breakdown.


Stand up for yourself, anon


Except from my parents, nobody cares about me being a NEET, since I'm severely disabled due to depression and OCD. I sometimes wish I had a more visible disability. I can't stand being called "just too lazy to work". ;__;


I remember which ones neet shame me so when I'm making big money. I wont help them out. Except my mom maybe


i get neetshamed everyday by my parents... i just want them to leave me alone!!!


neetshamed again, always every few weeks
need better headphones......


God I wish I had that sandwich with bars


i get neetshamed every single day ):


Not sure I had ever been NEETshamed as I never really talk to people maybe early in NEETcareer by some welfare worker slags.


I have been neetshamed by one of my high school friends but thats because his parents forces him to work in a dodgy italian cookie factory making $9 an hour 60 hours a week


tell the story NEET fren!!!


>work in a dodgy italian cookie factory making $9 an hour 60 hours a week
Sounds perfectly healthy.


I always laugh like a hyena when someone suggests that I get a job.


Sort of got NEETshamed today a social worker asked me about what I do all day and after saying I like to be alone in my room with music and reading or writing she said "that is not much of a life worth living" so I explained to her that it is what I prefer instead of being social as that is not enjoyable in real life for me.


Legit answer: "I have crippling depression."


Some people don't accept that as an answer


I have 6-7 diagnosed mental disorders and she knew this as has my infromation and was still surprised that this anon spends all his time laying in bed doing limited things lol.

Normals will never understand




I wonder sometimes how much of my isolation is natural and just learnt.
I was always alone when younger for various odd circumstances beyond bullying so ok being alone and do not get lonely but I think all the isolation over the years has fucked my head worse lol.

Thanks this anon appreciates the wojak


>all the isolation over the years has fucked my head worse
It sure did. Same here... Isolation drives everyone crazy to a certain extent. The wojak was for free.


So is there hope because as of now I do not even want to fit in with normalfags as I have alienated myself from them and they seem crazy way too political etc

What do we do?


I'll just stay in my apartment and keep lurking (knowing you'll do the same). <3


Same here just stay inside I guess as normal LOL I had to laugh at that.
I wish I wanted a GF like most losers because it would give me some goal and some hope that something would "fix" me.

It really is nice being a NEET ya know just being able to sleep when you want and stay up when you want it would be much better if I could still enjoy things but as long as you get NEETbux you do not need to work and can even buy your anime merch.
Thanks anon :3 but what are your thoughts on being NEET and everything?


>Thanks anon :3 but what are your thoughts on being NEET and everything?
I'm severely depressed and had to retire at 30. I don't know, guess it's better than being homeless.


Oh, and we're not talking boomer-tier retirement. We're talking welfare level.


NEET shaming is only bad if a NEET wants to be a NEET.


You sure you're not retarded?


Oh I relate to this it is just no fun ya know being this way and sometimes I wish I could work for something to do but not full time.

What do you do with your time? anything productive if not too personal to ask?


I'm a heavy drinker now. Does that count? This world hurts.


cant wait to be able to drink again reeeee it does count a good hobby


Feels like suicide in slow motion tbh.


It knd of is anon but alcoholism helped me heal a bit despite being broken still obviously it was important to have some years away from reality.


That's the plan. But it's 9 years of escape now... Cheers!


People who don’t want to be NEETs should be encouraged to leave. There’s no shame in that.


Helping someone isn't shaming. Helping someone who didn't ask for help is abusive. Oh and it's never okay to shame anyone.


got neetshamed again today. my mother hasn't worked for nearly a year, yet she somehow feels justified to put me down. I just want to stay comfy...


Get on NEETbux so mom can not be so angry at you and let you NEET it up


I'm currently trying to get the sweet sweet neetbux, it's one of the reasons mom is shitting on this anon. Even so I will not stray from the righteous path of NEETdom


Good luck fellow anon!


I want someone to abuse me
I feel like I'm never getting out of this without being forced


Anon wants to help. Are you located in central Europe!


No I'm from s*uth murica


I still love u.


My older sister is a huge neetshamer but she's always been a bitch so whenever she starts going on her little tirade of me "wasting my life", i just turn up the volume on my computer to drown her out.

I don't need advice from someone who thought it was funny to show me One Born Every Minute as a child. Besides, i'm much happier being a NEET anyway.


>whenever she starts going on her little tirade of me "wasting my life", i just turn up the volume on my computer to drown her out.
normies BTFO with this one simple trick

what is this one born every minuet thing? as long as you are happy jojofag you are ok.
maybe sister cares about you though and worries in her own way so it comes from love


Basically, One Born Every Minute is a "documentary" about women giving birth. And by that i mean, "it's literally women giving birth, screaming like banshees, with random commentary over it: the show". My sister thought it'd be funny to show that to me as a little child.


we all make mistakes anon but this anon is not trying to tell you what to feel. <3


Unrelated but a similar thing happened when my mother said i was "wasting money" one time when i bought a voicemail from my favorite VA. Then I thought "I probably shouldn't be getting advice from someone who buys bingo cards." At least with voicemails, I actually get the thing I want.


Adding on to this post.
1. It was my own money.
2. The voicemail was $40. At the time of my purchase, I had $2066. Which I made back very quickly.


lmao almost everyone here hates their mothers. i guess you also identify as incels?


Not really hate, more of a "I don't really understand why you'd care about this since it's my money i'm using to pay for this thing".


No, and stop bringing retarded buzzwords on here. NEET does not mean Incel.
My mother is completely supportive of me in whatever endeavors I like. She agrees with me that work is for the most part slavery and selling ones dignity for money is something that's disgusting. She does push me to do what I like instead of waiting around idly so that's nice.
My dad is the one who "NEETshames". He has the typical normalfag view of life in that you need to work for 2X something years to retire and not really do anything bold or curious. He's kind of trapped in his spot due to parasitic family members so not all of it is his fault, but I'd wish he was more open-minded and willing to turn down people who at one point were malicious to him.


You should be proud of spending your money on something you wanted.
That is really neat anon and this anon thinks you are cool for spending your money how you like.

How did she find out?
Did she call you only to get greeted by cute anime girl voice.

I spend as much of my money as I want on fun things I like !!
NEET does not mean incel I really wish we could go back to before those types became a meme online my gawd


>they bitch about me being a NEET
>they hinder me at every avenue
but hey, its good for now since i can neet away the future is a fools errand, to try and tame it is pointless.


I think there should be some balance that coems without effort tbh.
Sure I am a NEET who god knows the future because even with disability gibs the country could collapse.

ideally we woul have skills we can practice and enjoy but also monetize and use them to make money.. but that is literally just having a job lol


>before those types became a meme online
its easy if you stay away from places normalfags tend to lurk


She just looked at my bank account, noticed money was gone and asked me what I bought. Then when I told her, she whined at me for "wasting money" and said she didn't care as long as it was "physical".

But considering that after that, she constantly borrows money from me, i think i know the real reason why.


christmas in 3 days already. time really does fly by. i got shamed 2-3 months ago and i broke down afterwards. my parents think theyre helping but they arent, why is it that they never realize their own mistakes? anyways.
i hope you guys can find your peace. i'm still looking for mine.


My dad asked me yet again when I will find a job. It's been 7 years. I don't even live with him, why does he care?


Why do we have normals here then?